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Mythic Northlings Species


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Soliciting the sale of products or services on Canterlot.com is not allowed, as per our rules of conduct that you agreed to when joining this site. 

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Hey!  Friendly RP helper and staff here.


Just a heads-up; the Gallery is for users to display their creative work, not to solicit.  We operate slightly differently to, say, deviantArt in this regard.


So, the upshot of it is, Rights-reserved custom species, the use of which is charged for, tend not to be given much respect by our userbase.  Especially when the lore staff already work hard on extended canon species design and lore that are made freely available.

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Actually, this isn't allowed at all. Period. Make sure we're using the "report" button if you see soliciting of art/products on our site. As for this character species: this is a roleplay site, and no species -- user-created or otherwise -- will ever be paywalled or arbitrarily limited from use by others.


I'm going to lock this and edit your original post. Please don't solicit the sale of products on my site again.

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