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  1. I take it back, my dog is scared of thunder. She was relaxing all sleeping on my pillow and then out of no where thunder strikes and makes a loud as **** noise and in response she jumps up and bolted to me.
  3. Discord works to i just found out, thanks. This is my doggy btw.
  4. So, how do you post pictures on here? I only know how to post images off google, idk how to post shit I have saved, or actual pictures.
  5. My dog never barked, Loud noises don't bother her, not even the vacuum. Thunderstorms, fireworks, car alarams, etc. Nothing affects her. She's just like "Eh, **** it" and goes to sleep or walks off to play with her toys.
  6. Pfft, legally do something. What kind of horse shit is that?
  7. Meh, I've see prettier. Like for example, MEEEEEE
  8. I know posting twice in a row is a sin, but I found something amazing. Just Monokuma. Only Monokuma.
  9. I never seen MHA, I've heard of it though, and seen porn of it, and I have looked up and enjoyed the many many NSFW pics of them.
  10. Upupu, hello kids! Welcome to Monokuma's Club house! M O N O K U M A C L U B! Who shall we execute today? Monobears bring me my supplies! Hmm... a noose... a fire truck... some butter... and a giant fist. Which should I use to punish naughty ol' Naegi and Hinata?
  11. Ahem *burp* that'll be all.

  12. I hated it initially to, i eventually just shrugged it off and now i'm neutral on it, but in all honesty, I loved V3, but I hated a majority of the characters. Tenko, Kaito, and Gonta I hated the most. They were annoying as ****. Yes I saw their ENTIRE free time arc, but that didn't help. In fact it made me hate Tenko more, Kaito more, and I was just like "Yeah whatever Gonta you were boring" those three are such an annoyance I wanted them to suffer. I didn't give a flying **** about Maki's character arc either. Honestly the only people I was rallying behind were Himiko, Kiibo, Korekiyo, Miu, Kokichi, and Kaeda. Shuichi was boring, he's hot, and somewhat cool, but overall boring. I really wish Kaeda stayed as the protag, she was a unique and cool character who could've shined a whole new light on V3's story if she stayed as protag, but no we got boring old Shuichi. Also all the victims and murderers were obvious as shit. Nothing surprised me except the massive twist in the last trial, that made me laugh, I loved it the most, but overall, I like V3, but it has a lot of problems with me. I normally don't have this many problems with a DR game. Not even Naegi's sister and her consistent whining of being normal annoyed me as much as Tenko, Kaito, and Gonta.
  13. That's just asking for some really nasty nsfw of horses. I'm not judging, but I like my things human, or me. Mostly me.
  14. You and me baby we're ROBOT mammals, so let's do it like they do on the technology channel.
  15. You, and me baby, we are just mammals, so let's do it like they do, on the discovery channel.
  16. Damn right, baby, who can resist this? Or these
  17. Awh, damn, I was gonna rub my belly button microphone on yours. We were going to make many adorable bastards, and the were all going to be sold to sweat shops.
  18. Holy balls, I'm bored. Anyone want to do literally anything?

    1. DreamySunday


      I typed up this response.

  19. We shall celebrate this reunion. Join me on the seesaw.
  20. I disagree, you know what means? IT'S TIME TO S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-SCRUM DEBATE!!
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