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    hi, its a pleasure to meet you, i hope you have as much fun here as i have
  2. hi, i was just wondering if anyone might maybe wanna chat, it isnt an rp, but feel free to chat as your character if you'd like, and id prefer if we just started chatting about pony stuff, then spread out into other things.
  3. emmyclou


    yay, i finally got my password back, its been so long since i was here, i genuinly missed this place lol
  4. emmyclou

    hi :)

    thanks, i might ask for rp ideas, the rps are very confusing here
  5. i have literal proof that one of the major ships is cannon, and i have no idea how to insert images
  6. emmyclou

    hi :)

    im new here and i would like to introduce myself, i have a changeling oc, but i dont have a name for her yet, i might need help with that, i found this place while looking for info on the lyra x bonbon ship lol, i became a fan of mlp from a freaky dream, which oddly enough kinda resembled the false gen 5 leaks. my favorite mane 6 character is... well all of them. there isnt much else to tell, i hope to make many other friends here, ill see you all in my next post
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