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  1. I live!!!!

    Sorry for the long absence everyone! Life has kind of taken priority over pretty much everything and I've been working a ton as well as focusing on my mental health (ok, that last part's mostly a lie, but kind of a truth...), which leaves a surprisingly small amount of time for Canterlot... I promise I will try to do better though! Thanks for all of the patience and love from you guys!!! <3

  2. You are mistaken, for 'tis I who shan't let you do that.
  3. Welcome welcome!! Always fun to see new faces!!! I hope you enjoy your stay here! It's a pretty great RP site in my opinion! Who is the best villain in your opinion?
  4. Schweet! My tag is in my profile if you ever feel like chatting! : D
  5. Valence struggled to stay awake through the lecture, but managed to survive without slipping off luckily. He had to admit, it was somewhat interesting. Though he'd never been caught up in an impromptu musical number himself, he'd been witness to several and had known several people who had participated in them without seemingly having knowledge of it until after it was over, and sometimes never coming to realize it. But of course, everything that was fascinating came at a cost... It was like a law of some kind. If you thought something was cool in school, it had to be dampened by something not cool, in this case, learning to sing and dance. If Equestrians naturally burst into song, though, why was that necessary?? Oh, whatever. Might as well accept the inevitable. Chipper did not seem annoyed in the least, however. He laughed in his... unsettling way as they left the classroom, and Valence couldn't think of anything to say. A quick stop by Valence's dorm allowed the two colts to compare schedules, and Valence was somewhat relieved to see they were very similar, though not exact. He figured that was best so that he'd have a familiar face in most classes, and a break from the unicorn every now and again just in case. Ponies were draining, especially when you were on the opposite sleep schedule your body was made for. "So I guess it's Defense Against the Dark Hearts next then?" Valence asked as the two walked down the hall.
  6. Cloudy nearly had to shout to be heard over the applause and cries from the audience (which she contributed to as she responded to Windy). "You read my mind!" she replied, and quickly the two were off to the shop, Cloudy taking an enthusiastic lead this time, the whole while raving about the match. "I mean, they were as fast as lightning! One second the flag was up, and then as soon as it was down they were at each other!" "I can't believe he really knocked him out! Can you imagine how hard he had to have hit him?? I mean, I knew Clydesdales were strong, but that was insane!!" "And then the lances exploded!! Like tree branches struck by lighting! I mean, look at the size of this splinter! This was in my hair!!" and so on. As Windy was getting drinks, Cloudy interrogated the shopkeep about a rulebook, refusing to believe there were none in stock. As she started lamenting this to Windy, a handsome stallion strolled up to the pair. "Pardon me, but I couldn't help but overhear your... conversation with the attendant, and I thought perhaps --" he stopped midsentence as he appeared to recognize the other pony. He lowered his voice. "Forgive me, but are my eyes mistaken or are you the Wind Dancer?" he asked.
  7. Reflection did the only logical thing and followed the sound of her friend's voice, calling all the while. "Karakusa?? Kara!?" And then... she saw her. She wasn't sure if what she was seeing was better or worse than what she had imagined, but it certainly wasn't good, regardless. Though considering her mind had automatically imagined something akin to Kara's dead body or a ransom note, she supposed this was probably better. Marginally. But it still was a long way from good. "Oh no..." she muttered as the scene unfolded before her eyes...
  8. Hey guys, super sorry about how long it's been. Feel free to be angry at me. I've recently reawakened a(n) MLP hyperfixation and have decided to try to get back into the RP! I'm not making any promises on consistency, but I do promise I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to post here more often (though technically posting at all would fill that qualification... oh well). Anyway, I hope you have both been doing well! And I hope that life is looking up for you! If it's not, I highly recommend looking into dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)! It's a great self-therapy that works wonders! I can testify of the results myself! Anyway, I'm going to stop plugging for job and get on writing a post xD Please don't judge me if it's low quality! I'm still a little rusty.... :|||
  9. Valence definitely thought Chipper's school supplies were... unfortunate, but he didn't say anything. As Chipper conjectured at which class they could be in, Valence made his decision as to which he preferred. "I hope it's not music. I'm not good at that, plus I don't think it was on my schedule. Defense Against the Dark Hearts sounds cool though. I don't know if I can throw fireballs, though..." he responded.
  10. Reflection wiped her eyes blearily, confused by what had just happened. Then the realization that Kara was not still in the room hit her. "Kara!? Karakusa!??" She frantically searched the room before bolting for the tavern below the inn. She gazed around for a moment looking for her friend.
  11. As the guests began filing in, Udon's nerves climbed. She assisted some of her fellow chefs with anything they needed while periodically checking her second batch of soup, being kept warm until needed. It would be a long night.
  12. It seemed like only hours ago she had received her invitation, and now Udon was here, in the Crystal Palace, assisting the kitchen staff! They had only a few hours for everything to be completely ready for the guests to arrive, which meant it was crunch time. She zipped over to a large pot and sampled its contents, being sure it had a good balance of flavors. Her holiday special was simple enough to make, but too much of any of the spices would send it to ruin. Her husband was supposed to be here with her, but had come down with an unfortunate cold the day before and so was unable to assist her. Now, it appeared the other chefs were carting out their pieces. She tasted it one more time, nodded, and decided it would be good enough. She then proceeded to poor it into a more friendly-looking bowl for serving, topped it with a ladle, and moved out into the ballroom. She felt somewhat out of place, being one of the few non-crystal ponies, but that wasn't a new feeling. She'd been living in the Crystal Empire for years now and hadn't seen another thestral since arriving. The occasional pegasus or unicorn came through, but never areions. They tended to live on the outskirts of Equestria Proper, or even outside of it entirely, so she wasn't surprised. After placing her soup, she retreated back into the kitchen for a moment of rest. It had been a long day already, and now the night was finally on its way. She decided now would be as good a time as any to take a pick-me-up, so she located her bag stashed in a corner, removed a vial of Everwake, and tossed the contents down the hatch. Instantly, she felt rejuvenated and ready to go the rest of the night. Alright, Udon, tonight's your night. Time to shine! she thought to herself. She straightened her hat and uniform and returned to her work.
  13. "For... Me? I don't understand..." she said, gazing at herself. She was beginning to grow both used to and weary of this Discord-like display, but the cat showed no signs of slowing down. "What do I need a crystal fruit for?"
  14. I mean, there is an official MLP TTRPG out there, as well as a MLP for 5E adaption someone made. If we really wanted to, we could.
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