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  1. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Bond. Valence Bond. (Sorry, I had to ;P)Gender: MaleAge: ColtSpecies: AreionEye colour: Blue (#2980b9)Coat: Grey (#555555)Mane/Tail: Quite messy and short, nearly black (#222222)Physique: About CMC, but maleResidence: Formerly an areion colony, but moved to the School of FriendshipOccupation: StudentCutie Mark: Still a blank flank, but has a strong interest in chemistry and potionsUnique Traits: Valence has a knack for following directions on potions sheets, which also gives him a bit of an edge in the kitchen, so long as he has a recipe to follow or an idea of how the ingredients interact when undergoing the cooking process (as in baking) History: Valence was born to two loving parents, one with a strong interest in electricity (Coil) and another with a cutie mark in potion making (Nightshade Bloom, who learned the art from generational teachings). The result was a colt who loved the scientific aspects of the magic of potion making. Both of them were very supportive of him and did all they could to nudge him toward his cutie mark-- in their own field. They competed to try to get Valence to prefer their own talent over the others. Eventually, their desires for their son to be more like one of them created a rift, and his parents separated over a cutie mark he didn't even have yet. It was painful for him, and he closed off, secretly trying to find a potion that would rekindle his parents' love for one another. In the mean time, however, he went back and forth between their houses. His sadness kept him from making any new friends, and his old ones eventually stopped inviting him out to play, tired of the damper he put on the mood. Eventually, his visible misery forced his parents to agree on something: their son needed friends. They also determined that they had probably been a little too avid about trying to persuade him to get a mark in their fields instead of letting him be himself. They needed to take a step back. The most logical decision, then, was to send him to boarding school, where he would be free of their influences. And what better boarding school to make friends at then the School of Friendship itself? So after the enrollment process, off he went. His parents agreed to discuss things while he was gone, but after the way they had treated one another, neither saw much hope for a remarriage. Valence now lives at the School of Friendship, where he is trying to break out of the shell he's created while also not letting his own personal misery get in the way of making friends. Character Personality: Valence blames himself for his parents' separation, and as such has a lot of anxiety over causing problems and making mistakes, as well as a fear of confrontation. As such, he is quiet and shy unless he is in an environment where he feels stable, such as the chemistry lab or potions hut. Whenever he is left to himself, he gives into sadness over the rift he caused between his parents. He is avoidant to friendships, but when he finds someone he trusts, he tries to be as much like them as possible, having learned from his parents that two ponies who aren't the same can't work. Character Summary: Valence Bond is a young areion whose parents split apart because he couldn't be just like either one of them (at least that's how he sees it). As such, he is nervous about making friends and getting his cutie mark, which may have something to do with chemistry or potions. To try to cheer him up and help him overcome his anxieties, his parents agreed on sending him to the School of Friendship, where he currently resides.
  2. All the department had decided it was official: Flow needed a break. They told her it had been because she was working too hard (which was partially true), but in all actuality, it was the department that needed a break, not Flow. Her constant drama had begun to drag on her squad, and so they had politely suggested she take some time off to clear her head. Which was why she was now in Ponyville, home of one of the highest-rated spas in the country. She'd never had spa treatment before, but all of her friends had talked fondly of it, so she thought Why not give it a try? Of course, she had never asked what a spa was... She figured she could learn that when she got there. Which was now. She looked at the doors and took a deep breath before entering. Immediately she felt out of place. Everything here was so... Clean. She looked over her shoulder to see some bits of ash and soot still floating around inside of her from the last fire she had doused. Now she was embarassed she hadn't washed more thoroughly before coming! Well, no turning back now. She walked to the front desk leaving wet hoofprints behind her. "Hi there! My name's Flow. I have an appointment? I'm a little early, though..." She knew she was probably getting stares from some of the other creatures in the waiting room (she always did, even in her home city), but tried not to think too hard about it.
  3. Cubbage


    Only season 3?? Well welcome to the series! You are in for one wild ride! It's only just getting started!!! (Sorry, the series is a bit of a hyperfixation of mine hahaha) Welcome to the website! It's super great here! I can't wait to meet your characters!!! Also, Pinkie Pie is amazing! Definitely my second favorite! Part of me wonders if party ponies are imbued with a bit of chaos magic...
  4. Twinkle Dawn listened as the other unicorn's excitement grew. She could hardly blame her; after all, she had gone into many a rant about astrology. "That's so interesting!" she said as Amber detailed the transmutation spell. Amber then proceeded to allude to a specific spell, but before Twinkle could ask for more information on it, a passerby suddenly injected herself to the conversation. It was clear she'd been eavesdropping, though how much she had heard was not so obvious. "That's alright..." she said, a little caught off guard by the pony's sudden entrance. "Magic is indeed fascinating! Amber and I were discussing ancient forms of transmutation. Magic isn't my talent, per say, but I have been honing my abilities, trying to get the most out of my horn. However, I must agree with Amber that learning about magic, even if I'm unable to channel it personally, is quite captivating."
  5. If anyone could understand wanting access to magic she couldn't achieve, it was Twinkle. Her search for Grogar's bell and the Alicorn Amulet had been going on for years now, and she was still no closer to finding either of them. "I know what that's like. A lot of those artifacts seemed really interesting. I wish I could have tried even one of them out! Magic isn't something that should be put on a shelf. It needs to be used! That's why the artifacts were made in the first place!" Her thoughts were once again drawn to the artifacts she sought herself. Then a thought popped into her head. Perhaps this unicorn would know a thing or two about Grogar's bell! She mentally pinned it as a conversation topic to bring up later, when she could do so without arousing suspicion. "So what kinds of ancient spells interest you the most? And what do you think you would find in Star Striker's journal?"
  6. Twinkle giggled a little at the unicorn's response. "Oh don't worry, I'm not here to sell anything, though I do readings, if you're ever interested. No, the truth is that I saw you in the museum and felt compelled to meet you. Call it fate, if you will." And by fate, Twinkle of course meant the will of the heavens. "I noticed you were one of the few other ponies interested in the artifacts and magical history of Roam. Is magic a special talent of yours?" She made a subtle gesture towards Amber's horn, quietly hoping that the other unicorn's answer would explain the strange feature. Just then she heard a sound, and turned her head quickly to see if somepony was approaching. But no one was there. She must have heard a street cat or something. She turned her attention back to the other unicorn.
  7. Twinkle Dawn stared longingly at the Ancient Roaman amulet behind the glass of the museum's enclosure. It didn't have much power in it, of course (she had yet to come across an artifact that did), but still, it would be nice to have... Self-levitation required extreme mental effort, but having an amulet that would allow her to do it at will without even using her horn would make the task much simpler. She concentrated for a moment, and a slip of paper appeared in front of her. She knew what it said, but read over it again just to be sure. "New friends are in your future. A twisted path may lead the way straight. Some things that at first appear evil may be good. Some things that look broken may be the key to new opportunities." It was a very strange horoscope, especially for Twinkle. She didn't like the sound of it. However, if "the way straight" was pointing straight towards her goal, then it would be worth the risk. This was for the good of Equestria, after all. In the mean time, however, she continued wandering the hall looking for broken or damaged magical artifacts. As she was examining a scepter, an odd pony walked into the room. Unlike most of the ponies she had seen in the museum so far, this one looked like she had a purpose in mind. She knew exactly what she was looking for, and it soon appeared that she found it. As Twinkle watched, fairly certain the pony hadn't noticed her (or if she had, just didn't care), she noticed that the unicorn's horn was... bent. That was odd. The words of her horoscope ran through her mind once more. "New friends are in your future... Some things that look broken may be the key to new opportunities." Perhaps she wasn't supposed to be looking for an artifact, but rather a pony that would appear in some way "broken"! She came to this epiphany and began to trot towards the mare, when all of a sudden the unicorn turned on her heels and strode out of the museum entirely. Twinkle followed carefully, deciding to take this opportunity to watch the mare before formally introducing herself. After nearly losing her in the crowd twice, Twinkle finally watched her sit on a bench for a moment, and decided to take that opportunity to introduce herself. She trotted over, sat down next to her, and offered her hoof. "Hi! I'm Twinkle Dawn! And you are?"
  8. Haha No worries! I have lots of characters and I'm willing to RP with any of them! In particular, I have an astrologer who may be interested in that "curse" of your character's... Check out my character log and let me know if anyone there strikes your interest!
  9. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Udon Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Areion Eye colour: One is green (#009900) and the other is yellow (#f1c40f) (I couldn't choose hahaha) Coat: Off white, like a rice noodle (#ffffcc) Mane/Tail: Brownish (#804200) Physique: Standard Residence: The Crystal Empire Occupation: Noodle cart owner and operator Cutie Mark: A bowl of udon with a pair of chopsticks next to it Unique Traits: Udon specializes in noodle soups, but just like the cakes make all sorts of deserts, she is also gifted with all sorts of soup. She has a very refined tongue and can often tell what ingredients were used in a food by blind taste. History: Udon grew up in a small areion colony on the outskirts of Equestria. Her parents, Rice and Egg Noodle, owned and operated a restaurant serving Neighponese food. Udon's grandparents immigrated from Neighpon when they were young, and their cultural legacy survived through their son and daughter-in-law's desire to stay true to their roots. Though they could barely afford even one, they ended up having three foals: Ramen Noodle, Udon Noodle, and Spaghetti Noodle. In order to support such a family, Rice and Egg would work long hours and go to great lengths to sell their food, including making deliveries two towns over. Their children helped out around the house as much as possible and, when they were old enough, went to work with their parents in the restaurant. Udon's brother Ramen was the first to go to work, and consequently the first to earn his cutie mark. His younger sister was soon to follow, being only a year younger than him. It came to her when she made her first bowl of miso all by herself in he restaurant. When the customer gave a satisfactory grin as he ate it, she beamed with pride and her cutie mark appeared. A couple years after her, Spaghetti earned his cutie mark as well (though, his cooking wasn't what Rice and Egg would call "traditional"...). But alas, there comes a time when every bird must leave the nest. Spaghetti was the first to leave, pursuing new ideas "diverse soups". He flew off to Celestia knows where right after graduating. From what Udon knows, he spends his time traveling Equestria and the nations beyond to gather new recipes and combine flavors, searching for the ultimate dish. Udon was next, but her time came much, much later. (Ramen never left, choosing to stay behind and run the family business) She left for Canterlot shortly after Princess Luna's return, wanting to be closer to the Princess of the Night. Upon arriving in Canterlot, she opened up a food cart. But she found little success. No one in Canterlot was awake at night other than one or two other areions, and they weren't terribly interested in what she was selling. So she flipped her sleep schedule to sell during the day. But ponies weren't too keen to do business with a bat pony. So finally she started wearing a shirt with her cart's logo that covered her wings. Only by hiding her identity was she able to achieve success, and she managed to keep the cart afloat. Even so, Canterlot turned out to not be the place for her. She was only scraping by, and she was sure she would be able to find more success elsewhere. That elsewhere proved not to be Cloudsdale, where the pegasi were instantly able to recognize her true species and avoided her, nor was it Ponyville, where although she was welcomed with open arms, her cart was destroyed by attacking creatures or some kind of disaster twice in one month. It was only after she received a letter from Spaghetti concerning the cuisine of the Crystal Empire that she decided to head that direction. She knew he wouldn't be there by the time she and her cart arrived, but she thought maybe ponies as loving as the Crystalites would accept her business. And she was right! She soon found success, enough of it that she felt confident ditching the shirt and revealing her true wings. Ponies lined up to get a taste of her delicious soup, and before she knew it, she was in need of a second employee. That employee would later become her husband (I'm leaving him undescribed beyond the fact that he is a Crystal Pony because I think it would be fun if someone apped her husband). Now, she and her husband pull their cart around the Crystal Empire, spreading joy and soup to all they meet. Character Personality: Udon is confident, but not overly so. She has a realistic level of confidence in herself and those around her. She is an introvert, but she is by no means shy. She is fine to talk to ponies, attend social gatherings, and serve scores of ponies hot soup. But she prefers those quiet evenings when she can curl upon on the couch and read a nice book. Thus, she rarely speaks unless she is spoken to, not really going out of her way to make conversation. Of course, once engaged, she happily will carry on a conversation. But she will almost never be the one to start it. Character Summary: Udon is an areion married to a Crystal pony. They reside happily in the Crystal Empire making soup in their portable cart. Though they are from two completely different worlds, they have made their cooking styles and flavors blend together in a unique (and delicious!) way. She is introverted, but will still be a good time if you engage her. She loves her family and her husband and her work. Sorry if it's a little weird. I wrote this at 1 AM while I was thinking about it. Also, anyone is free to app Udon's husband or siblings (or parents)! Just shoot me a DM for permission and to work things out! I would love to see more Noodles!
  10. This may just have been the most awkward situation Reflection had ever been in. There were two beds. Why didn't Kara take the other?? Fillies... Magical item? Crystal fair? Did they have those here? The Crystal Empire was in Equestria, but maybe there was a similar kingdom here! Mithril blade... Could that be a substance capable of slaying Cosmos?? She would have to ask the Kara in the morning. For now, she slipped out of the cuddle carefully and then into he other bed. She and Kara may be friends, but they weren't that close just yet. Plus, Reflection wasn't big on physical touch to begin with. She dozed off with her head full of questions...
  11. You sound a lot like me! Hahaha Glad to have you here! Can't wait to meet your character(s)! (Also, I think it's cool that you can do art at all because I can't, so good for you! Hahaha)
  12. At this point, Kara lost Reflection. Reptile? Nettle? Sinister queen?? This filly had to be the most off-the-wall of any creature she'd met in any reality she'd ever travelled to. She rolled her eyes a little and smiled patiently. "Something tells me that's not going to happen..." Her tone grew more serious as they trotted up the stairs to their room. "I think we should leave in the morning. We can check our rations to see how far we can make it before we need to spend bits again. We need to move quickly, though. We don't stand a chance against Cosmos like this. We need more artifacts. And the longer we take, the worse off this world will be." She took a deep breath to calm herself for a moment. "We're this world's only hope right now. We can't let them down." Her manner softened once more as they got to their room. "Now come on, you card shark. Let's get some sleep!"
  13. Cloudy thought about it for a moment, but then remembered that Wind Dancer was very pregnant (how could she forget??), and that going on a roller coaster was probably not the best thing for her at the moment... She decided to sweep the topic under the rug and hope Windy forgot about it. She could go some other time when no one's unborn child would be at risk. "No, let's go to the matches first. I want to see some jousting!!" As they entered the gift shop, Cloudy was impressed by the selection. In particular, she admired the cloudstone statues. Cloudstone was tough to work with, and the machines back at the factory weren't equipped to produce it. It was a wonder they were selling it here in bulk! She perked up and turned away from the merchandise to look at Windy when candy was mentioned. "Oh most definitely! The only thing that can make a show better is a snack!" She joined her new friend to select several different varieties. "Do you think they'll sell popcorn there? If not I think I better get some pretzels to balance the sweetness and the saltiness..." she said contemplatively.
  14. This is a character given to me by a friend < 3 Roleplay Type: WoEName: Frostflake NorthwindGender: FemaleAge: Young mareSpecies: PegasusEye colour: PurpleCoat: White which gradients into a blue-grey towards her hoovesMane/Tail: Silver and unkempt, though she does wear a bowPhysique: Farly average for her ageResidence: Occupation: Snowflake maker (weather chemist and weather pony)Cutie Mark: A handful of snowflakes descending. It appeared during a snowball fight with her friends when she consistently nailed her opponents. At the time, she knew she loved and was good at winter sports, but her success with snowballs made her realize that snow games weren't her talent, it was snow itself. She is exceptional when it comes to making snow in some way, and above average in snow-related games and activities (skiing, sledding, skating, etc.)Unique Traits: She has a unique birthmark: a pattern of snowflakes on her hooves and forelegs History: Frosty was born in Cloudsdale. She is an only child of two successful pegasi. They're business allowed them to take many trips as Frostflake grew up, so she was exposed to the best spots in all of Equestria. Thus, her view on the world is naively optimistic (for instance, when her friend in flight school mentioned that hard times had fallen on her family and that her father was out of work, she suggested the foal's family just "Go to the bank and get more money!" Her friends had to explain to her why it wasn't that simple). Despite this (or perhaps even because of it) she was quite popular as she advanced through primary school, even being named Fall Formal queen in high school. It came as a surprise to all that when she got her cutie mark in something not popularity related. Some thought it made sense; she doodled snowflakes constantly when she was bored in class and loved winter more than anypony. They could see how making snow would be a good fit. But to most it seemed odd. Her parents were visibly disappointed (though she didn't really notice as she was too proud at the time that she had finally gotten her mark), but still loved her nonetheless. When she was old enough, she found a position at the weather factory as an intern in the chemistry lab. Here, she would be helping to make the actual snowflakes that would blanket Equestria in the winters. It was a combination of chemistry and sculpture, but she found herself up to the task. Because of labor laws, she is still working as an intern, but plans to start a full time position as soon as she graduates. Character Personality: Frostflake is fairly naive and gullible. She doesn't get a lot of out-of-house experience. Her parents are rich and so they take her trips sometimes, but other than that, she doesn't have a ton of exposure. Character Summary: Frostflake is a young, spoiled pony, but not a brat. She is cheerful and fun, though tends to be naive and gullible. She loves winter and all its activities. For work, she makes the snowflakes that she plays in in the winter. Snow is just her thing. She has plenty of bits, so long as she stays in her parents' good graces.
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