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  1. Love this episode!! My favorite of the season by far! I've been waiting for a fancy-rich pony episode where they weren't complete jerks. Haha. Rarity! I love this pony.
  2. As the pony listened, observing the napkin, he didn't realize how far forward he had begun to lean. A part of him was stricken with disbelief, and the other part, amazed. "I didn't know you were such an entrepreneur, Sir. What's your doing is going to be astonishing. I'm honored to be a part of it." Bastion smiled and sat up straight in his chair, finishing off the tea with a final sip. "Count on me to get the envelope where you need it to go," he tilted his nose into the air, "Did you say you needed me to present it?"
  3. Another pony from Manehattan was here? It would have been hard to believe at first. They must be crafting some really humble ponies in the big apple recently. He smiled. "You haven't told me the details of your project, sir. You merely hinted at it in a few words, but even with that I couldn't figure it out. So, what does my humble master have up his fine-pressed sleeve?" He continued drinking his tea, leaving a few minutes between each sip.
  4. "A hot citrus tea if you have, two lumps. Also, may I have some honey in that as well," he smiled to the waitress and slipped into his seat. "Coming right up, sirs!" she immediately left to place their order. It was odd indeed to be sitting across from his employer, but this kind of informality was to be expected of the other pony by now. He wasn't going to complain either. It was delightful to be treated like a living, breathing pony for once in this position, not that he never got used to being treated like a doornail. Quite frankly, he expected it. So with all of this coming into view, a pony might be able to understand how boggled he was. Still, he kept his calm demeanor. "You must come here often," he let his eyes wander around the small cafe and made sure to smile at every pony who glanced in their direction. The waitress took only a few moments to gather their hot beverages. She placed the orders in front of their respective pony and stood around a moment longer, "Would you sirs like anything to eat as well?" The white stallion smiled at her and shook his head politely. "I'm fine, thank you." The waitress smiled and looked to Maximillian for his reponse. Bastion turned to his teacup and admired its decoration. This was the last place he'd expect to find anything intricate. Then again, Maximillian Rockefilly lived here. The thought made him chuckle slightly, and he lowered his muzzle to the rim of the cup. The brew was delicious, with just with the right amount of honey and sweetener.
  5. Bastion noted the reaction he got, and was relieved that the Rockefilly didn't get offended by it. This was a relationship that was going to be an interesting one, for sure. A nod later and they were on their way once more. The sky had turned a warm shade of orange since they left, but it was by no means near nightfall. "Coffee does sound wonderful. Though I'm more of a tea pony, myself." As they came closer to their destination, the white stallion trotted ahead and held the door open for Maximillian. He could smell the wonderful things wafting out of the doorway of Madame Bistro's. He could tell this was going to be one of his favorite places.
  6. Was this conversation over yet? It was starting to annoy him. "No questions, sir." Bastion followed after the other pony, walking in stride next to him. His wings were beginning to droop. He corrected it once he caught himself and held those feathery appendages tight against his body. The pony looked ahead at the other buildings and spoke into the air. "You'll get stronger. Then you won't have to be so insecure." His eyes came back to Maximillian's blue eyes. He just gave a gentle smile. That line may have been harsh, but he figured the Rockefilly would be able to handle such comments. "I've talked more honestly with you than I ever have with anyone at the Academy." The pony relaxed. "A steward should be their master's silent second shadow... That's what I was taught. I never cared for that rule, but that's what they wanted. It was the one thing there was no loopholes around, it seemed." He blinked again, and turned to the road ahead of them. "I made it through with few words, and now I am here, using my tongue more than I am accustomed to. However, you asked me to speak my mind. For that I am grateful. If you hadn't told me to, I'd probably be as silent as a, well..., a shadow."
  7. The pony blinked and looked at him squarely. "If circumstances change, I would be honest with you. Giving me the opportunity to pack up my things and leave whenever I want makes it seems like you're trying to get me to second guess my decision." Perhaps he was diving too far into this topic. It wasn't often that he over-analyzed things that shouldn't matter, but it made him think Rockefilly was insecure; that it would be easier for him if Bastion left quietly and never came back. The white stallion shook his head free from those deductions. "But do what you will. I am here to do as you ask."
  8. Bastion slowly shook his head. "I don't think having a ticket in each of my paychecks is fair at all." He huffed and began walking somewhere, anywhere. Maybe towards Madame Bistro's. He stopped and looked back at the Rockefilly. "We have more sight-seeing to do, yes?"
  9. The white stallion listened to his story. "Misfortune can befall a pony that he may not have been able to control, true. " Bastion tilted his head as he spoke intellectually, "The past is already carved in stone, sir. You can only hope that flowers and vines grow over it and cover up what is written beneath. Metaphorically speaking, of course." He offered a small smile. "But as you said, you are attempting to fall off that 'terrible' path, and I will take your word for it. We left an impression on one another, sir, that one evening in Manehattan. I, for one, do not believe that following my gut instinct is fanatic, though pompous ponies might tell you otherwise. Like they told me." With a small sigh, he turned away from the other stallion as he offered the train ticket once again. "I find it odd that you carry around such things, Mister Rockefilly. Do you not enjoy my company," he teased. Bastion followed the rich pony's example by lowering his voice and appearing more stern. He eyed the envelope. "The next train ticket I see wasn't supposed to be a choice, remember? So, does this count? Do you wish for me to leave?" He leaned his head in and held out a hoof. "Let me hold onto that silly piece of paper. It looks much too heavy for you, sir."
  10. I love your wallpapers. They're absolutely wonderful! :3
  11. Yeah, I was thinking that after I made my post, but still. I'd say that it's too early to lose faith in it! We're getting a third season, aren't we?
  12. You think RD would have learned to not be so shallow in "May the Best Pet Win!" but apparently she's forgotten her previous lesson. I don't like how knowledge between episodes doesn't carry over.
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