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  1. SonicRainboomGirl is right, i actually treid to find a mistake but couldn't locate any. I especially like the glow on her lips.
  2. I gotta agree to weesh and conor. I especially like the colouring mainly regarding the title! But i also like to mentiion that the back of her head looks a bit flat.
  3. Nice! Her facial expression is perfectly suiting naghtmare night and the moonlight adds just the right mood.
  4. Well as previously stated i'm busy studying so ... little time for anything else. But thank you for the welcome anyway!
  5. Thanks everypony for the warm welcome, sadly i can't be as active as i want to, since i started studying when the year began. All i can do right now is try to show up at least once in a while ...
  6. Eeyup! Even if didn't had a game the last three years, since I'm out of school I'm just too busy. But I try to keep in touch with the community!
  7. Hi, if you ask me she is the only pony thats knows something about the business ... but nobody is asking me ...
  8. Hi, more new Bronys on the board! And another 40k fan, great!
  9. About myself.: Brony How did you hear about Canterlot.com?: looking for MLP Boards How did you became a fan of FiM?: Memebase My one favourite main cast pony?: AppleJack The name's Chriss, pleased to meet you! The main reason why I joined this site is to see if my english is as good as everyone says it is, maybe I should mention that I'm from Germany to explain this! Hopefully I'll get round to hit the chat, see y'all there!
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