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  1. It was only a couple minutes after Spike vanished that the pair would hear the quiet, yet distinct purr of engines in the sky, and indeed siluetted against the stars and moon a large airship was coming into view. If either cared to speculate, on its origins based on the direction, it had no doubt been in one of the Canterlot skydocks... though it must have already been prepared to leave, given the time it would usually take for such a ship to ready itself and its crew... Of course the first question would likely be if this was simply a coincidence. After all, why would the princess send an entire ship down to ponyville? Though on the other paw, she cared so deeply about the small town that it also was not entirely out of the question... The ship, though, was not slowing down, in fact it was accelerating. If either stallion had a pair of binoculars (or a similar spell) they would see that this was, indeed, just a shipping... er... ship... and given the current time, it was indeed just a coincidence that it was passing them just after spike's teleportation. But, just as it was passing over the town square, a figure leapt from the railings, no doubt causing some shock from any onlookers... at least until they spready their wings and began to circle down. As the figure got closer, they would notice it was a blue and brown griffen, wearing a large red captain's coat with gold trim on it. She also was wearing gold-rimmed goggles that glowed with a pale green light, no doubt night-vision goggles of some sort. If either of the pair kept up with the news, they would no doubt recognize the figure as a formerly infamous Sky Pirate, who's name was cleared (though many question just how innocent she and her crew really were) and most speculated she was now be a Privateer for the princess... The Griffen landed with all the grace expected of her - meaning she stumbled and ended up summersaulting with her captain's coat flipped over her head (which gave the pair a nice look at all the various pouches and weapons on her belt) but she quickly rightened herself, muttering about it being 'too bloody early for this' Despite the lackluster image she had garnered so far, she stood up proudly, quickly removing the now-broken goggles and stashing them in one of her belt-pouches " 'ey yeh Skallywags, Cap'n Harle Blackclaw at yer service" she said with a bow, her strong cockney making it a little difficult to understand her words "Now th' queen's r'port said that hur hatchling said there was a ghost here... ev'ry ghost I've met I've punched so I dont believe in such faff as ghosts, vampires, sin eaters, demons, or aubergines" She looked at the two "alla that out of the way, 'ow can I help unmask this faker or take down this beast? been a time since I had a proper fight" she grinned viciously
  2. While spike appreciated the vote of confidence from copper, he was more than happy to let Twilight send out somecreature else to deal with this. When the suspicious pony claimed to see something, spike jumped slightly. he was NOT cut out for this! but forced himself to remain calm "what your saying doesn't add up" he said "if your in denial you wouldn't be looking for it, and if you only just heard about it and thought it was fake you wouldn't be looking for it... I don't trust you, and being a dragon - a creature pure of heart and unable to tell lies- I can also tell when somepony's lying to me" he said, even though it was complete horsetrots... it still sounded impressive and threatening and most ponies had no clue what 'facts' about dragons were real and which ones were false... he REALLY hoped he was right about this stallion lying now... otherwise it might get spread around that his story was fake... "Hold onto that spellshard, copper, something's not right, I'm going back to Twilight. If things go really bad, use it. If not, just give it to whoever Twilight sends to look into this" he said, even though his voice was wavering a bit as he spoke, it was clear he was scared trot-less and eager to leave this to the professionals. Without another word he leapt into the air and threw his crystal down, vanishing in a flash of purple smoke... Now the question was exactly who Twilight was going to send out to deal with all this...
  3. Spike was about to take the crystal when he heard the other pony's strange comment, he turned towards him, letting copper hold onto the crystal for the moment "You seem oddly resistant..." he said, hoping that nobody would notice his knees starting to shake and smoke starting to trail from his nostrils as he build up a belly full of flame "...maybe we already found the mysterious monster..." he looked lope right in the eye with a predatory draconic glare... something twilight (not to mention a certain other dragon that was a friend of his) insisted he learn... despite the fact in his mind he was screaming 'please don't eat me! please don't eat me! please don't eat me!' having no clue that of the three creatures here, he was possibly the most dangerous between his fire and his dimensional magic....
  4. Spike gave copper a look of 'really?' as he held out his claw and let loose a small green flame, which condensed into another crystal identical to the one that copper was holding, falling into spike's open claw "I have like a dozen of these" he said dryly "Twilight never checks if I use one, and always gives me a new one, so I've saved them up." clearly right now he was more annoyed than angry at the action... but he was still annoyed "Knowing Twilight, she's probably reading something... whether that's some important legal document or a book she got from the royal library is up for debate... and its not like she's be coming here personally - the guards watch her too closely for that, and don't think Princess Celestia is above giving Twilight a good scolding for running off on a whim" spike had never actually see celestia scold twilight for such things, but he assumed it happened... and even if not, it made for a good explanation "Besides, I know for a fact she has both mobile agents who could be nearby as well as one group of agents who actually live part-time here, so its not like it would be interfering with her night, and besides, she'd get her assistant back a lot faster this way" he added, a bit of an awkward look on his face, making it very clear that he didn't want to be here with dangerous monsters roaming about... or even just possibly roaming about!
  5. Spike gulped hard as a visible shiver traveled up his spike "This sounds bad... really bad..." he said "and far more important that Twilight's stupid worries about Trixie" he commented accidentally revealing another part of his secret mission... "I think I better go back and tell Twilight what's going on, she can dispatch some of her agents who are far more qualified to handle this than us... I think one group of them is even local to the town" he explained as he drew out a small glowing crystal from behind his back and raised it to the sky, about to smash it on the ground and no doubt initiate some kind of emergency recall spell... ((I'll let y'all decide: do you want to stop spike and keep him in the plot, do you want to see Sky Pirate Harle show up, or do you want the Trinity to show up (jasper/iggy/cloudy) in any case... this is WAY more interesting than my plot was XD ))
  6. Spike looked copper right in the eye and said "No, I simply wear clothes because I like the way they look" though from the tone in his voice it was unclear if he was being serious or snarky... and with spike it was a fair bet that it was the latter... Once the more serious conversation came up though spike chortled "have you forgotten where you live? there's always something out of the ordinary here, whether its parasprites, long dead gods, or those incompetent members of Team E.V.I.L." he glanced around, as if expecting for the trio to leap out from behind a barrel or off a rooftop and shout their ridiculous mantra... thankfully they didn't seem to be around. Despite his comments though, spike still looked noticeably more nervous hearing that there was yet another possible threat lurking in the dark shadows of this cursed town... he really didn't want to find out what it was... ((for the record, atleast with my OC Dragon, they do get cold... though given what we saw in the series during the Crystal Empire episodes, I doubt spike does...))
  7. "A pony on the edge of town" said Spike, actually trying not to give away his entire mission "though why I was dropped in the middle of town when the pony I'm after is on the edge I don't know... maybe its so late that twilight cant aim her spells well" he laughed a little, not realizing that the more likely answer is that twilight already had a spell setup to sent creatures to the center of town and it was simply more economical to conserve her magic and use that, rather than a perfectly-targeted spell... if she even could manage a perfectly targeted spell... that would always be a question in spike's... Spike jumped when the other pony made himself known, both could see the smoke trailing from his nostrils at the start, but it quickly faded as he recognized one of the town's residence, even if he wasn't well-acquainted with him... and spike was quietly thinking 'please don't ask me what your name is!' over and over as this new pony joined the conversation he looked slightly taken back at the question "Rarity says hooded cloaks are still very chic!" he defended, no doubt having only heard rarity use the word 'chic' and having no clue himself what it meant... "But Twilight chose the color... I wanted to go with green" explained spike, making it clear that neither of them knew the first thing about stealth... well maybe the first thing - do it at night - but that was the limit... it was times like this that the new princess's lack of experience really showed...
  8. Spike chortled "Insomnia? I've got the opposite of that, I had to drink a whole pot of coffee just to make it this far and I have another thermos in case I need it" he explained, even though there was no clear place for him to possibly have it stored since he was only wearing a hooded cape and it was not weighed down in the slightest... He snorted "required? no. you must have moved here after twilight left, imagine the nerdiest pony you can... ok, now make that pony twice as nerdy... that's still not as nerdy as Twilight is" he he laughed quietly "Honestly, it it weren't for all her royal duties and the guards watching her every move, she'd probably be out here herself sneaking around... like I said, all we need to do is ask somepony some questions, but Twi had to make it far more complicated... I have half a mind to just sit down, read some comic books for an hour or two, then go back and tell her I failed and we need to do it the sane way instead" even though spike was being quite critical of Twilight's plan, it was still clear that this was all frustration and at no point did it seem he had any negative feelings towards twilight... well maybe that she was too nerdy for her own good... For the moment spike didn't seem to notice the second pony walking around, but given the fact that the dragon's eyes were still glowing, indicating his darkvision was still on, there was no doubt that he would very quickly notice movement out of the corner of his eye...
  9. Spike was relieved that it was a pony he had bumped into, to be fully honest he felt a little bit less scared with them around... with ANYONE around! Unfortunately, this pony didn't seem to recognize him, then again it was dark and unlike spike, the pony probably didn't have darkvision... "I'm here on royal business" he said, pulling out his medallion from inside his cloak "...or maybe I should say royal insanity..." he muttered "Twilight had a crazy solution to a simple problem... and of course she had to see it through, even though it would be so much easier to come here during the day and just talk, she sends me sneaking around in the middle of the night..." he sighed "how about you? why are you out here in the middle of the night?" asked spike, equal parts curious and suspicious now....
  10. Prelude: Ponyville, 11:00pm Spike The Dragon The small cloaked figure tried to make his way through the town quietly, knowing all its residents were asleep... or at least they were supposed to be... "I don't remember it being so creepy here at night..." he gulped as he darted past a dark alley "don't think about monsters... don't think about monsters..." he quietly repeated to himself until he ran right into somepony who was still out at this hour, knocking his hood back off his head, his cloak flapping open behind him, making it clear to any who had not already guessed it was the little purple dragon "MONST-!" he started to exclaim as he covered his mouth before he woke the town as he looked at the figure in front of him "Oh... hi" he said meekly and rather embarrassed ...
  11. If anyone who had unfinished threads with me and wants to ressurect them, let me know :) if not, I'll probably start some new ones by/on Monday

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  13. Trixie sighed as her horn glowed and she was now in her iconic had and cape "Get back, It is time for the Great and Powerful Trixie to pass judgement on this Spunky Spellbound Spade!" As soon as Copper was clear, Trixie's horn glowed brightly as her... wings? yes! Her wings fanned out "You are now a danger to those around you! You have outlived your usefulness! Ashes to ashes, Dust... to... DUST!" with that a massive blast of energy hit the shovel and there was a loud flash, leaving nothing but a few trailing wisps of smoke behind. Trixie's wings folded back under her cape as her horn glowed again, this time a new shovel appeared, noticeable different from the last as if to assure copper this wasn't a trick "Hopefully this one wont give so much... difficulty" she said as she sat down hard, slumping against the side of the stage to catch her breath, it seems that spell took a lot out of her.
  14. Trixie's wing went to her face in frustration, her normal tactics of dealing with trouble-makers had both failed now.... she lowered her wing and sighed "Scootaloo, why dont you go find your friends, Trixie needs to have a talk with this pony mare-to-mare" Scoots sighed as she placed the bag with the ring down at trixie's hooves "yeah, sure... and here's the treasure I found, its some unicorn ring" Trixie nodded as she floated some bits out of her wagon and into scootaloo's bags "Sorry it wasn't something you or your friends could use, better luck next time. Trixie will be sure to file it away for safe keeping" "Yeah, whatever" said scootaloo as she headed off. After the filly was far enough away, Trixie turned to TT "Look, some mistakes were made, but everything is taken care of now" she said, floating the ring out of the bag and with a flash of her horn the gem was now green and the band silver, she then returned it to its bag and floated it back inside her wagon "Its hard to keep up with demand with those three, you have no idea how many maps I have to draw, every time they do some chores or something scootaloo runs here and buys a map" she sighed "I mean, its good business and it keeps those three out of trouble, but I openly admit there were some bumps early on... I had no idea how dangerous that deck was. Its in my personal collection now, never top be used by any pony except for me"
  15. Trixie giggle "while I'd love to see you fight it, I've heard scary tales of enchanted tools... one of a broom that, after an axe was taken to it to stop its actions, all the splinters turned into more brooms and only made the problem far, far worse" she walked over to the shovel and muttered some arcane incantation... and got another shovel full of snow dumped atop her... Trixie grumbled and shook the show off her and glared at the shovel, this time closing her eyes and focusing as her horn glowed and a jolt of magical energy flew at the shovel. And it stopped shoveling, just hovering in place "There we go, all fix-" Before Trixie could finish her statement it reared up and slammed down, had Trixie not dodged she would have quite a headache "Ack! No! Your supposed to stop! STOP! STOP!" at this point the unicorn was running away from the shovel, which was giving chase, trying to bean her on the head... Clearly enchantments weren't Trixie's strong suit either...
  16. Trixie sighed "Trixie wishes this burden could be shared..." she began "But Trixie knows the high cost of keeping order, and there have already been too many lives lost... The blame sits squarely on Trixie's sholdiers to protect this rock we call home from those who wish to harm it, be they internal, external, or something in-between!" Scootaloo was just standing there staring in awe at trixie, lapping it up like a thirsty puppy
  17. ((Sorry it took me a few days to reply, Fri/Sat/Sun are really busy for me)) Trixie sighed "yeah, it does that a lot..." she admitted as she walked over and kicked it, causing it to dump a load of snow on the showmare, then go back to its previous 'job' of moving the snow from one pile to another and back... The unicorn shook the snow from her body, which was covered in a coat that matched her own, along with fake fur along the edges that also matched her mane and tail. "If your not busy, that would be great, I have a show soon and I need to get on the road as fast as I can" she said with a smile, forcing down the annoyance she was actually feeling from the mess she was in --- not that she was annoyed with the stallion, but rather annoyed that her shovel enchantment was broken... again... and that she had neglected her stage so long that it was needing so many repairs and adjustments (even if they were all minor)
  18. ((welp, I gave frost/cin a time to react, seems she's left the thread.... continue as before I suppose?)) Trixie's smile faded as the pegasus spoke. she shook her head "That is a sad tale" she explained as she looked towards her wagon and floated out a framed picture, setting it down where TT could see. It showed Trixie alongside two griffens, a pegasus, and a unicorn, none of which looked familiar. Trixie sighed "Not long after the current princess took the throne and the heroes all-but disbanded, Trixie began hearing rumors of a... dark... nature. There was a new threat looming before equestria, one that only the most magic-sensitive or raving mad were aware of. Trixie, being a touch of both, began to gather a band of hero's to combat this threat - The griffon siblings Kyle and Kate, the Pegasus Feather Wing, and the unicorn mage Mage Song. Trixie continued to travel with these companions, using the cover of a simple magic act to investigate the rumors. It seemed Trixie's worst fears were confirmed, the dark lord Nizbal, of the 7th under-realm, was gaining power and preparing to overtake the upper realm in a bid to gain strength and destabilize the other under-realms. Trixie will not bore you with the politics of the Under-realms, simply said, it would be bad for all living things if Nizbal were to succeed in this mad grab for power. "Once the group had prepared and gathered enough information, Trixie and Mage Song prepared an elaborate ritual, spanning no less than a week, to open a path through the various under-realms and directly to Nizbal's domain. While there was some difficulty passing through the Fourth Under-realm, its Ruler was not happy with Trixie's intrusion, but when Trixie explained Nizbal's plan, he allowed safe passage. Once we reached the seventh under-realm though things were... messy. Trixie's information had been wrong, Nizbal was not beginning to build power, he had already grown his power to a terrifying state. Trixie would have retreated and gathered more forces, but this kind of sneak-attack would never work a second time. "With a potent strategy of gorilla tactics, Trixie and her team managed to slowly and methodically decimate Nizbal's army, but this unfortunately drew the dark lord's eye. He attacked directly, destroying our cover and instantly... taking out... Feather Wing. The rest of us fought vigilantly, but he was smart and powerful, using the close-quarters to... eliminate... the siblings, and knowing that unicorns could not fly he began splitting the ground, revealing pools of lava, all while still wearing down our magic reserves. Magic Song was the next to fall, as her teleport patterns were too predictable and he was able to lay a trap and..." Trixie shuddered at the memory, hanging her head, sighing, but continuing "Trixie was alone now, fighting Nizbal one-on-one, a hopeles battle. As trixie's body ws broken and bruised more and more, Trixie finally slipped and fell towards the lava, no magic left to teleport away... "All trixie... all I could think about was how I failed... I failed my friends, I failed equestria, I failed myself... I was ready to let go, knowing how utterly I had failed, but I realized... No, I couldn't give up, I couldn't let him win. I was the only pony left that knew his plans and could have a chance of defeating him, or at least delating him. My horn sparked as I prepared another spell... but it fizzle and I heard the deep slow -sploosh- of myself landing in the lava. I felt the heat burning as I continued to fight to gather enough magic to cast a spell, any spell... then... something happened... I felt the others around me, my friends and comrades, I felt them protecting me. Power surged as their desire to protect me and equestria even after their end filled me with a determination - I could not let their sacrifices be in vain, I WOULD not let them! I rose out of the lava as energy surged through me, the hardened rock encasing me exploded as I unfurled my new wings, much to Nizbal's shock. "most of what happened next is a blur to trixie, but the battle ended with trixie focusing all her power into a single blast that managed to cost nizbal his left eye, which distracted the beast long enough for trixzie to make her escape. While Nizbal was not defeated, he had lost much of his power, and now, still using a traveling magic show as a cover, Trixie travels the world, seeking out the places where nizbal's portals may open, and closing them before he can gather any strength. Trixie may be alone in this fight, but she wont give up until the last breath..." she looked at the framed photo "...I cant give up..." she added quietly
  19. Harle continued to watch the stallion with that predatorial eye. All while saying nothing --- she knew she had a habit of sticking her paws in her mouth when she spoke, so it was best to leave this to Ice, who was far more trained in these matters. The griffen though was studying the ice-stallion, watching for even the slightest sign of aggression. She knew how quick unicorns could fire off spells, or set of mechanisms they were concealing (though granted she could do much the same) While the stallion seemed to be relaxing his body language and tone towards mere annoyance, Harle was aware that this could be a ruse to lull them into a false sense of security. She had dealt with those kind before... and she wasn't going to let them get a drop on her and her associates this time....
  20. Harle was no fool, well usually not, even if she certainly spent much of her time being played for one. She gave a warm and polite smile to the newcomer, while quickly and hopefully with none of them noticing, swapped the gauntlet onto her left paw, while her right went inside her coat, gripping her magitech deathray, while the kept the back of the glove away from the new pony, the rest of her party would notice the gem in it shift to a dark crimson red with black protrusions that looked vaguely like tiny wings. The griffon could tell that Ice was concerned about this newcomer, and harle knew it would be best to be ready herself, since she knew nothing about this new... friend? enemy? dinner-guest? she had no clue, but if a fight broke out she had to be ready... ((for those wondering -esp since I hope not to have to use it- Harle's switched to the Nine Hells focus, realizing they're playing Elemental Rock-Paper-Sissors, and knowing either fire or electricity should be his weakness... and even if she's wrong, it would be a good distraction... granted she could be 100% wrong on both counts, but...))
  21. There was the tiniest twitch of a smirk at the corner of Trixie's lips, this mare well understood how these kind of cons worked, though granted this was small peanuts for a con - and really only barely counted as a con since, as TT had realized before, Trixie was less selling the treasure, and more selling the experience. Though one could argue practically everything trixie did was a con since she was a stage magician, but that was a discussion of semantics for the scholars in their ivory towers (arguably something she should be doing at her main job, but she much preferred the stage to a school, so it was more of a 'part-time' gig for her, even if it did account for most of her income...). "Indeed, The Great and Powerful Trixie Never breaks her promises!" said the showmare with a winning grin, hiding the fact that Cin had indeed hit her right in the gut with those words... while anypony else -literally even Princess Twilight herself- could lie to trixie's face and at most it would anger her, the thought of Starlight doing it did cut deep... of course being the seasoned veteran of the stage, trixie didn't so much as flinch "no, she just sometimes bends them into pretzel-shapes" teased scootaloo with a smirk Trixie laughed awkwardly "Er, still not broken, just slightly... reinvisioned!" Scoots still smirked, she enjoyed getting one over on Trixie and forcing her to break character, not that it was hard, but it was still fun to the slightly-troublesome filly "But as for the Dark Lord Nizbal, You need not fear, whatever monstrous deeds he had planned were thwarted by the Great and Powerful Trixie! While other so-called heroes may have abandoned this town, Trixie remains ever-vigilant against any who would harm its citizens" her wings unfurled dramatically as a breeze flapped her cape... no doubt orchestrated by Trixie herself, but then this was the kind of thing she excelled at. ((have a slice of cheese with that excessive ham XD ))
  22. ((er... little confused, frost, your app says your character is a filly, which would make her the same age as scootaloo, so unless she was trying to be rude she wouldn't have referred to scoots that way... so going to just assume scootaloo didn't hear that comment...)) Before trixie could even speak to the newcomer, scootaloo rushed forward to explain everything that had just happened... and more... "You just missed it, it was awesome, there was this big evil portal and this huge monster so big you could only see its eye inside and all this fire that nearly was going to burn down the town and...!" Trixie smiled, letting scootaloo explain what had happened, after all, the younger ones always embellished more than even she did, and it was far more believable to hear scootaloo talk about it, than if she were doing her own bragging. Instead she turned her attention to the other mare, who seemed unhappy with the results of a treasure map Trixie had sold. She shook her head "Unfortunately, Trixie sadly cannot make any promises of what long lost treasure is at the end of any of the maps she finds, no guarantees, no refunds" she explained, her head nodding slightly at scootaloo, trying to convey that she was going to stick to the proverbial script as long as the filly was in earshot, hoping that TT would understand
  23. Trixie was still panting a little as she looked side-eyed at TT "would you prefer Trixie let the dark lord Nizbal take over our home? Trixie can assure you that would not be pleasant" Scootaloo was absolutely bouncing as she ran over to Trixie "That was amazing! You saved us all from some huge monster! Who even was that? Why was he trying to take over equestria? How did you stop him like that?" Trixie smiled at the foal as she pushed herself back up "Trixie does not remember us being introduced" she said to the older mare "Before you stands THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!" she said without the slightest modicum of modesty, magical fireworks going off all around her, creating a breeze that blew her cape back so her wings were visible, no doubt meticulously planned "TRixiiiieeeeee" whined Scotoaloo as she gently tugged on the mage's wing Trixie winced as her wing was pulled awkwardly, there was no doubt those wings were real, which no doubt raised even more questions for poor TT, she smiled at scootaloo thought "Patience, young one, Trixie will answer all your questions, but Trixie would never set aside social etiquette when there is no threat to equestria" Scootaloo sighed but sat down a short distance away, a little annoyed, and clearly having a thousand-and-one questions "She really is a good if, excitable foal" commented trixie as she looked expectantly at TT, waiting for an introduction.
  24. As they neared the wagon, they did not see the figure within observing them..., who moments later vanished from the window. Scootaloo knocked on the door "Trixie!" she called, less than enthusiastic, after a moment, the filly banged on the door again "I found the thing..." she added. After a moment she turned to TT "Maybe she's not ho-" Before Scootaloo could finish her sentence there was a magical explosion over at the large stage as a portal was ripped open in midair, spewing out a sickly green fire that engulfed the whole structure, smelling of sulfur and brimstone the heat forcing anypony back that got too near, from the portal was spat a familiar pale blue mare, as if kicked backwards through a door The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon Trixie's wings flared out to catch her near the edge of the stage "You think that would stop THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE? You shall not take equestria this day, Dark lord Nizbal!" AS she spoke a massive blood-red eye could be seen through the portal, fill with scorn and hatred, the fires around the intensified, turning the snow around the stage to steam, as a bright glow formed around trixie's horn "Now, Go back to those fiery depths from whence you came!" a massive blast of pale blue light flew into the portal, and there was a monstrous scream of agony as the portal suddenly snapped closed and the flames died down. Trixie flapped her wings a few more times to clear the steam from the area before landing, falling to her knees, panting hard, swet dripping from her mane, it seemed like the fight had been intense... Scootaloo just stood slack-jawed, though there was a clear outline of a grin on her face from watching Trixie. The foal's mood was instantly elevated quite high it from the sight, all thought of the trinket she had found was banished from her mind, atleast for now... ((Just fyi: yes, those fires were real! if TT got too close she could have burned herself.))
  25. ((sorry, weekends are very busy for me)) Scoots sighed "They usually are, I mean sweetiebelle kept one of them, but to the rest of us its just junk" it was clear she had been let down by this trinket, though it might also have been due to the prior conversations spilling over and dragging her emotions down... "I suppose we should head back and talk to trixie then, see what she has to say about it" she began walking off, then after a moment turned around and began walking the opposite way, this time back towards town with a look of embarrassment on her face... As they walked, TT would likely notice that they had passed through town entirely and were now heading back towards the outskirts on the other side of ponyville, in the distance she would be able to make out a slightly-run-down-and-patched-up travelers wagon, with a small stage set up in front of it and another larger stage set up a distance away, though both were partially burried under the snow which made the larger stage a lot harder to make out (though the canopy over the small stage kept it mostly clear of the snow). What she likely would not make out was that one of the windows had a pane of glass that seemed more reflective than the rest, and from behind this pane of two-way-mirror, they were being watched... ((so is TT looking angry? Amused? bored? Trixie has a rather impressive 'show' planned if anypony shows up and she feels like they need to be shown her power....... i.e. trying to scare ponies away (or atleast cow them) that might otherwise cause her trouble...))
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