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  1. CurvyPony


    Artwork of my MLP OC, Gravity!
  2. Yay! Can I go ahead and start RPing her, or do I need to wait until an admin puts the app into the proper category?
  3. Also just edited the app to switch "Halloween" to "Nightmare Night"
  4. "Oooowww..." Not immediately noticing the other pony, Gravity struggles to get herself out of the tangle of bent and broken wood and ripped tarp, one of her back legs hung up in a hole that had been torn in the makeshift membrane. She frowns at the broken mess strapped to her back. What a stupid thing to do. How did she ever think that it would work? An angry expression comes over her face as she rolls onto her side, kicking and biting at the mess to untangle herself from it. Good thing she had waited until the Harvest Festival was in full swing, so that most ponies would be out enjoying the festivities instead of wandering across her path. She was certain the embarrassment would lead to a swift death. She gives a sudden jerk and a yell when a voice pipes up out of nowhere, her heart leaping up into her throat as her cumbersome body leaps up and onto all four hooves, ripping the homemade wings even further asunder until little more than the belt strap is left clinging to her midsection. Her yellow eyes had shrunk to practical pinpricks, her mouth tightly shut as if to prevent her heart from flying out of it, and she stares down at the odd looking pony who owned the voice that had startled her onto her feet. Earth pony? She starts to open her mouth to correct him until she catches his eyes looking at the tiny wings folded at her sides, her cheeks immediately burning when it dawns on her that not only did he seem to be insulting her, had witnessed her awful fall, and he was scrutinizing her handicap. "Oh yeah?! Well...w-well..." She fails to retort, feeling the sting of tears in her eyes and the dread of this unpleasant pony seeing them growing in her gut. She sniffs roughly and scowls as she turns her head to bite at the strap on her belly and undo the belt, letting it fall with a thunk into the grass. She shakes her head and willfully banishes the tears from her eyes as she turns away from the stranger to stoop down and start picking up the mess she'd made. She was quivering with embarrassment and humiliation, quietly vowing to herself she would never, ever do this again. No more dreaming of big, beautiful wings, no more hoping for the impossible. No more making a complete fool of herself for anypony passing by to see.
  5. Yeah, I was looking at the application guide and reading the little guideline things, and when I got to "Motivation" it said that cutie mark info should be included in there. Sorry for any confusion!
  6. To quote my app: "But it wasn't until she experienced her very first official Halloween, making her own Halloween costume and passing out themed candies she'd made herself to trick-or-treaters that she discovered this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, and her cutie mark appeared." This was meant to be fairly specific. On the night of her first official Halloween, meaning when she was old enough to make her own costume and candies and really understand the holiday, when she experienced dressing up and handing out Halloween candy and got such joy from it, she knew that's what she wanted to do with her life. I'm basically parot-ing everything now. XD But yes, that's how her cutie mark appeared. As for the skull, with the way ponies are stylized it could pretty easily pass as a pony skull, I think, though I know human-ish skulls appeared on the clothing of one of the CMC members in a canon episode. But either way, the design could be seen as human or pony, so if I need to specify it in the app I'll be happy to if a staffer asks. :}
  7. Name: Sugar Skull Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: Black Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Three-toned orange, yellow, and white mane and tail in a short, scruffy style, and a small scattering of white freckles between her eyes. Eye Color: Yellow-ish orange Cutie Mark: Physique: Well built without being bulky in the least, she's strong from growing up on her parents' farm and helping with all the chores. Origin: Born on Nightmare Night along with her fraternal twin, Punkin Patch (character yet to be submitted by my husband), Sugar Skull is the daughter of a pegasus (mother) and unicorn (father) couple who run a small farm together growing many different types of vegetables in The Heartland. However, when her brother showed great interest in the seasonal pumpkin patch, she followed his lead to help him expand and care for that section of the farm. Roleplay Type: Mane RP Occupation: She currently helps maintain her family's farm, but hopes to one day open her very own Nightmare Night craft and candy shop. Motivation: Ever since she was a little filly, Sugar Skull's greatest interest and talents laid with candy and craft-making. When she was born, her home was decorated with tons of home-made Nightmare Night bits and bobs, and she's sought to surround herself with these types of things ever since. But it wasn't until she experienced her very first official Nightmare Night, making her own costume and passing out themed candies she'd made herself to trick-or-treaters that she discovered this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, and her cutie mark appeared. Likes: Nightmare Night! Duh! Candy, costumes, night-time, pranks, Everfree forest (or at least what she thinks is in the forest, though she's never quite built up the courage to explore it), ghost stories, ghost-hunting, reading, studying supernatural creatures, storms, Princess Luna Dislikes: Greens (any other color/type of vegetable is fine), wearing her glasses, teasing Character Summary: Sugar Skull is a tomboy-ish pony, but has never been the gloomy type despite her interests and love of Nightmare Night. Perky and optimistic, Sugar just wants everypony to love the things she loves as much as she does, but is sometimes let down when others don't show the same amount of exuberance for the holiday as herself, and she can often go overboard trying to convince everypony that Nightmare Night is the best. For Sugar Skull, all things Nightmare Night are what make life worth living, and it beats out every other holiday, ever! She enjoys spending time with her brother Punkin Patch and her parents tending the farm, and hopes to help bring in more financial help for her family by starting her very own year-round Nightmare Night shop somewhere. In the meantime, every time the holiday rolls around she busies herself creating spooky and delightful candies, and making costumes for herself and her family, handing out the ghoulish goodies to anypony that comes by the farm to trick-or-treat, as well as traveling into Ponyville and other surrounding towns to spread her love of Nightmare Night to others with candy gifts. But all the months other than October don't stop her from enjoying all these things. To Sugar Skull, every day is a potential Nightmare Night celebration, even if she winds up being the only pony at the party. (Image created at:http://generalzoi.de...rsion-254295904 and edited in photoshop. Gallow created the cutie mark for me because he's awesome!)
  8. Since staffers haven't said anything about his eyes being unacceptable, I don't think changing them is necessary. I love Gallow's eyes, personally. I think once he does as the staff have already asked, and expands on his history, I don't see any reason his app wouldn't be accepted. People are encouraged to be creative, and I think this character, as far as looks go, is definitely that in a hand basket.
  9. All night, Gravity had tossed and turned in bed, her tiny wings fluttering and stretching as her mind was a swirl of dips and dives, feeling weightless as she climbed high amid the clouds for the first time. In her dream, the little appendages usually tucked idly at her sides had grown and flourished into massive wings several times the size of her body, carrying her higher and higher as cloudy streams trailed behind her. Tears welled in her eyes as her heart was flooded with the purest joy she'd ever known, simple and exuberant, casting all her cares to the wind. She felt as though she could be like this forever, and never land on earth again, until dark storm clouds slowly gathered themselves around her, rumbling with thunder. She climbed higher in an attempt to escape, but the dark clouds gathered faster and blotted out the light of the sun, until she could barely see her hooves in front of her face. The joy drained from her heart to be replaced with panic as it grew darker, and a streak of lightning pierced the blackness to strike the feathers of her wings. The strike sparked tiny glowing embers that climbed the length of her feathers to swiftly singe them away. Though, strangely, she couldn't feel any pain in this dream turned nightmare, the horror was all too real as she began to tumble down through the air, gaining speed as her large body twisted and bucked out of control. She felt her heart slamming in her chest as she screamed, trying desperately to grasp for passing clouds, for any chance of stopping her swift descent, but her heavy hooves only crashed through the grey fluff, as the earth seemed to rush up toward her. "NOOOO!!" Gravity bucked herself straight out of bed and slammed to the floor below with a ragged gasp, her yellow eyes flung wide open as she panted for breath. Quickly realizing it had only been a dream, she sniffs roughly and brings her wrist up to wipe at the wetness on her cheeks. She was lying in a tangled heap of sheets and blankets on the floor, her pale pink hair frizzed and tangled as well from the fitful sleep. She takes a slow, deep breath, and lets it back out again in a husky sigh before carefully squirming herself out of the mess, not bothering to gather her bedcovers off the floor. She strides across the bedroom to the small mirror hanging near the door, looking at herself quietly. She was tired of these awful dreams, and of simply accepting defeat, accepting that flight was impossible. Maybe it was impossible to make her wings grow bigger, but that didn't mean she couldn't look for other ways. She sniffs and wipes what's left of the tears in her eyes away, her face drawing into a look of determination. She spent several days drawing plans and building contraptions, until finally she had something that maybe, just maybe, could work, packing it up and situating it on her back before starting the short journey to the outskirts where some tall hills awaited. Leaping off a mountain was far too dangerous, and she needed somewhere at least a bit more private than the top of her house to jump off of. If she crashed, at least she wouldn't suffer the embarrassment of doing so in front of anypony else. Finally, she reached the top of one of the hills and looked back at her tail to be sure of which direction the wind was blowing. A lump was slowly growing in her throat as she unpacked the mysterious contraption and strapped it on, and with the pull of a cord, two huge wings made of sturdy wood and thin tarp sprang outward at her sides. The wind immediately swept under them, and Gravity could feel the slightest sensation of lift as the wood creaked gently beneath the tight wrap of tarp. Her heart raced; she knew better than to be too hopeful, but if she could even just manage a glide.. No more waiting. With a few deep in-and-out breaths, her heart thundering in her chest with anticipation, she charges forward and leaps off the edge of the hill. She almost seems to hang in the air for a brief moment as the wind gusts beneath her makeshift wings, and for that tiny moment she allows herself to hope, until... CRASH! SMASH! TUMBLE! BANG! Like a boulder, Gravity is true to her name, and goes hurtling down to earth after leaving the edge of the hill, gliding for all of a second or two before simply tumbling head over hooves all the way back down to flat land, her makeshift wings tattered and ruined by the time she reaches the bottom.
  10. LOL, omg I nearly mimicked the image. XD Hello again!
  11. I personally have to agree with Tempest. Discord is pretty much anti-everything Equestria is usually all about, and was able to turn the main cast against each other and make their personalities complete opposites of what they'd normally be. It doesn't seem outlandish to think that if he could do that to the main cast, that the other ponies of Equestria could become downright violent. Let's also not forget that, to this point, no humans exist in this setting, and yet the CMC had clothing with human skulls on them. I think it's safe to say that even human symbolism isn't always something to be considered non-canon.
  12. Hiya huuuun! ^_^ *is the wifey* I really hope you'll enjoy it here. You already know I only just became active here again after a long bout of inactivity, but from before then I know this community is pretty easy to meld into. I'll keep my hooves crossed for your character app!
  13. Well, I've been away for a long time, and only now have seen this new-fandangled layout and feel a little bit lost! So, I just wanted to say hello to all you RP ponies out there, and hopefully I can reintroduce Gravity without too much awkwardness. <:} Many many apologies to those I was involved in RP with, for leaving you hanging!
  14. The clear tension in Big Macintosh's voice didn't help to put her anxiety at ease, but it seemed that the only way she was leaving was to just turn tail and run. Certain the embarrassment and shame would do her in, she stays put, clearing her throat and doing her best to offer a smile. "Well, I...I wouldn't want to leave without helping out. I'm real good with apples...always could crush 'em up pretty well. I mean, as long as I washed my hooves first, heh...Never was one to go tramplin' good food with dirty hooves." She knew she was rambling, but at least maybe now she could be of some use.
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