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  1. who says they know... the villain who obviously goes there might have "donated" it
  2. SHOWS PROMISE SEE.. err... still hesitant confidence
  3. about the same as a boy named Sue im sure
  4. well it is..but angels a guy bunny..and what male...even a bunny wants to be called angel as a name
  5. but that's angel... who as a guy is probably more grumpy at the name angel than her mothering
  6. then she would send a letter to Celestia about it
  7. interesting point..lemme get back to you on that..
  8. SHIPPING..other than that i agree with you..
  9. Spike loves rarity so much ... he must think shes a "gem" of a pony *crickets*
  10. again hesitantly optimistic... or cynically apathetic...or happily pessimistic... something like that.
  11. after some strolling through te internet this morning i found something that may or may not be true cause well internet is best rumor mill but apparently the staff is getting sick of apparent DEATH threats aimed at them over equestria girls.. seriously..has anyone else heard that?
  12. all in all i think the best as a fanbase can do is wait for it and try it out when it comes out then start the hate/love
  13. well to be honest they probably looked at all the drawings of humanized stuff in the fandom and said "HEY this is what they want" and also to be honest its harder to draw humans than ponys
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