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  1. Vintage drew the blade with magic and held it in front of her, prpared for a fight and making sure to stay close to her new friend. "who is it ?" she said quietly, only half expecting an answer
  2. vintage pricked her ears to the sound of the rifle and carefully used her magic to lifeit of him. Her forehead creased a little in concentration, her magic was still pretty weak from exhaustion and hunger, it was old, very old, but despite the damage he good care he had taken of the weapon had ensured all the inner mechanics were intact. If she just got some scrap metal she could easily tighten the loosening trigger and fix up the cracked barrel. "i might be able to fix this. just need a bit of metal and somewhere ht i can work it." she gently lowered the rifle back to Deadeye. "i'm kind of good with weapon crafting, but the blindness keeps me from using them, so i've mainl;y been sticking with defensive weapons, might be nice to give offensive a try " she smiles, it felt strange as a tiny spark of hope sparked inside her for the first time in what felt like forever. she was done with running, she'd found someone to fight with.
  3. "my names vintagevalue, but i'm known as vintage, if you don't mind me asking what happened to you ?" she tilted her head her ear pricking upward and the unseen pony. she was still on her guard, he didn;t see like an enemy, but in a world like this ponies could so desperate things.
  4. As the purple unicorn struggled with her new companion she slipped a little. A thick fresh coat of mud covered her leg, disgusting, this is just what she didn't need. Adjusting the other pony who still la on her back she stuck a hoof into the mud, it was deep and fresh she frowned until a thought hit her. If there was mud, that must mean "Water!" she cried and pushed on through the mud until she found it. using her magic she piked up an orb of it and made sure it was clean before drinking. she used her magic to gently lift the other pony off her back and layed him down gently in the least muddy spot she could., she gently splashed his face with water to wake him up. "Hey wake up, it's water, i found water !"
  5. "Hello" vintage asked again, cautious, edging towards the noise. She didn't hear a thing, maybe she'd imagined it. Or maybe someone was trying to sneak up on her. She couldn't imagine why though, she was in no great shape if she had food or water she wouldn't be as weak. She used her magic again and saw a collapsed form on the ground. 'this could be a trick' the thought to herself, trying to remain on edge, but then again, from what she would see of his shape, he seemed pretty badly beaten up. Edging closer to the collapsed form she ran a hood delicately over his side. He was wearing something, made from a rough hard-wearing fabric, a uniform maybe ? but a uniform for what ? Even with a new war-toughened edge she was still finding it difficult to abandon a fellow pony in need. 'one way though it' she thought to herself. and she sighed, the road here had already been difficult and not with a fallen pony, not knowing if he was friend of foe, it was going to be harder still. She summoned up all the magic she could and tried to lift him onto her back, and slowly she managed. He wasn't as heavy as she thought, starvation had probably seen to that. He was alive, she could feel his breath weakly against her side. as she continued on shaking legs she hoped water wasn't far.
  6. The young mare wheezed painfully as she used her still weakening magic again. Anger flooded the pony as pale sea green magic surrounded her picking out the surroundings to her blind eyes. It was getting weaker, she could only see a foot in front of her. she collapsed on the ground, her brothers and sisters, mother and father all dead, all because of logan. A blind rage the easy going pony would never normally feel pulled her to her feet again. She must keep moving forward. She's find food, water and shelter somewhere and most importantly she'd find the rebellion the rumours had lead her too. It might be foolish to dream on whispers but this was her last hope. The war had made her hungry for revenge as well as food. The skills she'd acquired from crafting pocket watches had not been turned into skills making traps and weapons. but with her magic weakening she was finding it harder everyday to find scrap metal. Suddenly her ears perked to a noise behind her. It had been quiet but in this wasteland even a mouses' rustling stood out. "hello" she called out nervously, turning her blind eyes to the source of the noise.
  7. " I don't know" Blue said honestly " But she can use mine can't she ?" Blue frowned "when can we move her to the hospital ?"
  8. [gah ! sorry didn't noticed you'd updated this] "so she'll need to go to hospital " Blue said worried, looking at Insanity. While he could tell she was a strong pony who could hold her own in a fight, she just looked so small and fragile huddled on his couch like she was. He gulped.
  9. [ BLARG Internet problems !] Scout watched the scene play out in confusion, Another earth pony and a wolf had appeared now. She thew a glance back at the smoke spirals to make sure the dragons were still far enough from them before she joined the others. She walked up to the black earth pony concerned "Wow, You're really hungry aren't you ?" she dropped gave him another peach before turning towards the wolf "uh guys he's a WOLF what is he tries to eat us" she'd never been fond of wolves and this one was going to have to prove himself trustworthy.
  10. SeaSkies hid as she was told, and as she lay there she noticed something. Back on the staring line where their had been a solid plume of smoke there was now 3. As the smoke creep into the sky she watched intently praying for something to show it was a forest fire, a camp, even a camp burning, but no. It was defiantly dragons, and they were gathering. She'd had some experience with dragons before, and could pick out their blind spots to hide from them, but she didn't like it and would rather avoid them all together. She gulped. She huddled alone and hidden in the camp waiting for the others to return so she could tell them. "wahoo ill be eating good tonight" a voice came from somewhere starling her. She stood bolt upright It wasn't Pro or Runner that she'd heard. " hello ? " she called out, half hoping no-pony was out there
  11. SeaSkies flew back to her peach tree kicking it hard to shake off all the weak and dry branches. Once she had finished sh'd got quite a pile of firewood, the tree was old and damaged so the wood gave away easily, she pulled off the rotting fruit and leaves so the fire wouldn't have too much smoke. She'd gathered too much to take back to camp easily. but with a little searching she managed to find an old thick vine that she bound the wood together with and tied the bundle onto her back. She flew, somewhat slowly due to the heavy load, back to camp spotting a large stone quarry about a half mile away to the west. she dumped the branches back at camp and explained about the quarry. "it's just a half mile from here. should have all the rock we'll ever need. Some of these branches are pretty thick too, we could use the knife Runner found to trim them down, and if we use either rope or vine we could binbd rocks on the end of them, make ourselves some weapons !"
  12. SeaSkies followed quickly with her pack filled too, turning to Runner mid-flight "Good luck" she called to him then turned again and pressed herself to go faster after the purple pegasus. After they both landed she turned to him. if we set up inbetween those two rocks we'd only have to build two walls and a roof ! She flew over on top of one of the rocks she was talking about and pushed at it, making sure it was sturdy and wouldn't fall over.
  13. Scout glided back to Runner having finished picking a couple vegetables she found growing wild at random. "got enough food to keep us going for a while. If you found any cooking equipment like a camp stove i could make us a few pretty good meals" She flicked her tail nervously the sky is gonna be pretty clear for us, but there are clouds in the East, and at the rate they're moving I'd say we're gonna be in for some pretty fast winds tonight, no cloud cover for us, so it'll be cold too."
  14. Skies took the canteen and flew off to the well, while she filled it she picked some more herbs that sterilized water and a few for mild injuries and illnesses. She trotted back to find where the boys had gotten to and saw them hard at work. She flew up again and scanned for food. She found a nearby peach tree and pulled off a good few of the fruit, to her dismay alot of the fruit still on the branches was going bad. and she quickly drifted away.
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