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    Hi I am Vegan Leaf I love fashion, but nature is so much more to me. My special talent is I can talk and know what the plants are feeling.As a filly I was teased because of it but now i'm happy and i dont care what other ponys say. To bad I havent found my special some pony though.

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  1. PM me so we can have a 1-1 roleplay

  2. -watches Dusty leave and looks around the store from behind the counter-
  3. yes sir -walks behind the counter smileing-
  4. A-a dragon is it dangers -glances at the place then back at the zebra-
  5. I want to RP more, but in the 18+ way..

  6. -opens eyes from sleeping and shakes my coat and flips my mane out of my face-
  7. -trots to the cave-Hello sir its me
  8. Please call me Vegan and i want to work so bad to repay you
  9. Please tell me when i need to work sir
  10. -smiles happily shakeing your hoof- work me as hard as you can
  11. yes i'm sure and i dont want you to go easy
  12. please i feel like i do -looks up at Black with innocent eyes-
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