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  1. Punky had gotten out of her green room and sneaked behind the curtain to see Octavia practicing. "What's this? You're going to be a tough act for me to follow." she said. "I mean, I'm a punk rocker and you're a classical musician. That's going to be a major clash in styles. No offense." Punky blushed. She was so sure she had said something bad.
  2. Punky got out of the van just in time. It was an hour before the warm-up show. She wondered who it would be. Guess I could just go find out. She thought.
  3. I saw this on TV Tropes's Wild Mass Guessing page for the show. There is speculation that both Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy have Asperger's Disorder. They cited the following examples: Twilight Sparkle: has severe OCD. Best example is in "Lesson Zero", but we also see that she consistently keeps schedules. As a person with Asperger's, I can certainly confess I do this all the time. has difficulty reading other ponies' emotions and misinterprets slang. (in "Look Before You Sleep", there's a scene where she, Applejack, and Rarity are playing a guessing game with Twilight. When Applejack asks if they are hot are cold, Twilight takes it literally and asks if she needs to change the room temperature. Is socially awkward. her high levels of intelligence her refusal to believe in that which cannot be analyzed. (Pinkie sense, anyone?) Fluttershy's symptoms: She's also socially awkward. Notice that she'd rather spend time with animals than ponies. Her inability to express emotions, particularly assertiveness. General naivete. (the "I'd like to be a tree" line) She's also had trouble interpreting social cues with others, particularly with Rainbow Dash. This may explain her inability to be corrupted by Discord. She clearly doesn't understand that the others may have opinions about her cowardice. So, what do you folks think. Are these claims valid? I do know that I read somewhere that Lauren Faust wanted to give Twilight Asperger's, but Hasbro refused to let her because they thought children would have difficulty comprehending it. (but then, Arthur dealt with it once)
  4. Here's something I noticed in a clip of the Find a Pet song. You can see the buzzing buzzard from "The Best Night Ever"
  5. thanks. Oh, I just thought of another one: Johnny Yong Bosch. Maybe he could be a unicorn version of a power ranger.
  6. I remember Mighty Max. The toys were basically the male equivalent of Polly Pocket.
  7. It'd be even more awesome if Dr. Whooves got to say "1.21 Jiggowats!" or "Great Scott!"
  8. I've seen this on other forums I'm on, so I thought why not bring it here? I'll post a song, and then the next person rates the song and posts one for the next person to rate. Let's start with this beautiful song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSNQiStn0wI]"A Long Way from Equestria
  9. Well, you're going to have to settle for the manga version. Toei won't let us Americans have it at all because the dub ruined it so badly.
  10. I was wondering what other girl-themed cartoons people on here have watched. Here's my take: American: Rainbow Brite: ugh, even as a kid, I thought this was dumb. Jem: This actually had catchy songs Japanese: Sailor Moon: I think if you took out the romance, it still would work. Princess Tutu: Just beautiful Spice and Wolf: This is enjoyably funny Honey and Clover: So far, this is a great, honest story. It almost feels like it'd make a good live-action.
  11. Does anyone here watch Dan Vs? If so, what are your thoughts. It looks kinda funny to me.
  12. Denis Leary should so do a villain voice. If anyone needs a dose of the Harmony Beam, it's him.
  13. Back in the 80's, Hasbro did three movies, each for their most popular franchises: My Little Pony, GiJoe, and Transformers (the only one that did any good was the Transformers movie. The GiJoe movie was...okay at best.) Now that they've rebooted all of these, I'm wondering if there's a Friendship is Magic movie on the horizon. What do you folks think? Heck, the second season finale was almost like a Disney movie.
  14. Saw the finale a couple days ago and loved it. Best part: Twilight Sparkle Gatling Gun!
  15. Are there CD's of season 1 and season 2's songs? If not, there should be!
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