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  1. (OOC: Thanks! It's my first start. I didn't even notice it got popularish.) [colour=#40e0d0]"Hmmm. What is with the white? I can't feel my-"[/colour] [colour=#0000ff]"Who are you? Tell me now. I can't have unidentified ponies hopping all over the lab like some sugared-up nut!"[/colour] The light blue pony was shocked. Recordance had no idea where or what this was! [colour=#40e0d0]"Godda- I didn't do anything to deserve this!"[/colour]
  2. (OOC: WOW I reeeaaally need to keep an eye on my threads! You guys are great!!!!!!) [colour=#40e0d0]Uuuuh... That party I DJ'd at last night... What happened? [/colour]Recordance though tto himself. [colour=#0000ff]"What's this? Who in the hoof is this? He isn't in the training records[/colour]?" [colour=#40e0d0]"Awwww, man, I'm not in jail again, am I? Well, I might as well find my out of this dump..."[/colour]
  3. You awake from hyper-sleep with little to no memory as to how or when you got there. The room is walled with glass with the exception of a door-sized wall. A timer above said wall counts down to zero and an orange-rimmed hole appears in the wall. After making sure you don't evaporate your hoof, you cross through the hole. You appear to be In an abandoned facility of sorts. If there is anypony else here, you must find them as soon as you can, and escape with your lives.
  4. Muffins?!? You like muffins? I like muffins! We'll be the bestest of friends!!!!
  5. Oh WhiteFeather! I've never seen anypony so shy and yet friendly before. I think fun and friendship is to ensue with you, my brother and I. I could always use more friends, for mine are not plentiful as you see! You have drawing skills, yes? Skyshot told me. Can't wait to speak with you more! [added as friend]
  6. SO HOOFIN' ADORABLE Hey, welcome to Canterlot! They call me WhirlwindSwift of Muffin. Or just simply, TheMuffinMan. Hope you have great fun.
  7. My team is starting a new project! MLP: Multiplayer is Magic MMO! However, not everyone is a Brony over here at the studio. And that is where you come in! I need Bronies who are willing to *JOIN* my team and make an MMO. However, this isn't a onetime thing! I want people to join my team to make more games, movies, music and more! The company however, isn't quite started yet, there is still plenty of paperwork, myself and the other founding partners need to do! Open-Source games are all we can do right now, and thats all we need! If you would like to join and have some programming or graphics artistry skills or would like to learn some along the way, contact me below! Sincerely. Joseph "TheMuffinMan" H, C.E.O T'si Ma Studios E-Mail: tsimastudios@gmail.com Skype: tsimastudios Or feel free to PM me, here or on the Minecraft Forum or even on the T'si Ma Studios forum! MC Forum: TheMuffinMan_TMS TMS Forum: unavailable at the moment
  8. Thank you everyone for the welcoming, well... welcomes! It's such a pleasures to have found a nice, friendly community to talk to!
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