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  1. It has been a hot minute, hasn't it? XD

    1. Dio


      Symphy-chan lives???

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      Nay. Symphy is...reborn.

  2. Midnight would come to realize that it was no human that stood before her, but a faunus, one she is sure to recognize. Grim was carrying Torchwick's unconscious body and laid him gently on by the side. "Hello my dear, it's nice to see you again" he said, turning his masked face towards her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slash charged at the woman, attempting to keep his movements unpredictable as he didn't know what her skills were. As he goes in for a swing, the woman dodges my cartwheeling over his shoulders and kicking his back, causing him to fall over. He gets back up and tries for a leg sweep, only to see the woman jump and wack his face with her umbrella. So she is the agile type, he's dealt with those all his life. Slash quickly springs back up and got his finger over the trigger for his rope kunai. Since the car tight, he could potentially hurt himself, but if it means that he's limiting her wiggle-room then it'll be a good advantage for him. He raised his arms and shot the kunai past the woman, piercing the walls and pulled himself towards her, upon seeing Slash speed towards her, she jumped into the air over his head. "I've got you now!" he yelled, using his momentum to swing up and drop kick the woman to the floor. She lands hard on her back while Slash is able to land softly on his feet. He was on to something, but it wasn't enough to knock her out as she was able to block his leg with her umbrella. "Alright, let's dance!" he said as he brought his fists up.
  3. Slash watched as Tehengu gave the team some cover as the White Fang came towards him. "You're right, if we don't there will be many casualties...Midnight wait!" Slash replied, but was cut short as Midnight went off on her own again. "Andrea, deal with the White Fangs with the Professor here. Tehengu follow me down with Midnight. We don't know what else is down there, and she might need backup." he said as he went down the hatch and ran after Midnight. How many times did Midnight have to act on her own accord without any consideration about the team? Slash had already lost count. Something needed to be done about it or she'll find herself in a situation she can't handle alone with no one will be there to help her. They would all come to a halt as their path would be blocked by a woman. She looked petite, had a parasol, and wore a lot of pink and black. "I'll take her, you guys need to go ahead" Slash said, charging up his gauntlets.
  4. "Oh dear...Great work Andrea! Slash, get down there and break the coupling!" Oobleck yelled. "I'm on it! Follow Andrea on the other car!" Slash followed his instructions and got between the cars, but as he was about to break the link it decoupled itself. "Um guys? It decoupled itself..." Slash said as he climbed back to the top of the other car, watching the one they were on slow down behind them and explode. "Oh dear...Everyone keep moving forward!" Oobleck finally understood what Torchwich was trying to do, which was much worse than bringing bombs into the city. Slash hopped from car to car but noticed the threat ahead. "We've got company!" Slash yelled as he caught up to Andrea, activating his gauntlets. White Fang members climbed up to the roof of the cars in front of the team and started heading for them.
  5. "I got you." Slash said as he lifted Andrea, tossing her to the top of the train and quickly following her up. Since Professor Oobleck said help isn't coming, it's up to them to stop the train before the situation gets any worse. Judging from what he had seen before, it seems as though Torchwick had stocked the train with weapons and dust. It would make sense if he was going to give it to the White Fang, but there was a dead end ahead of them. Things still don't seem to add up.
  6. Slash hung onto the ledge to help the others up, first grabbing Oobleck's and pulling him up onto the train. "Come on guys! We don't have much time!" he yelled, reaching out for the next person. "We are to far below ground, calling for backup will be difficult" Oobleck said as he looked ahead.
  7. https://discord.gg/77zgxxb Discord link for faster communication
  8. I was referring to how outlandish things got in RWBY, like how helicopter lightsabers are in Star Wars Rebels. @Shadowbolt0Yea, the tournament is quite important. I'll probably rush to that once the train breach scene is continued and finished. What about Dabom and Puzzlebeat? Their characters are still in the RP.
  9. Same. For me it just didn't feel the same anymore, it became too much. Like this silly thing.
  10. Yeah right... Okay I thought about it a little. 1. We could do something like a professional team that has graduated from Beacon and goes on missions, put together because their original team mates died/didn't want to be hunters or huntresses anymore/got a desk job. 2. We could finish what we started up to the part where Pyrrha dies in the show (like I previously planned but rushed XD) and the team split up, rejoins again after idk how long because of Ozpin's new body brings them back together and they battle the White Fang and a villain other than Salem...anything other than Salem... Anyone else have ideas? If not we can vote.
  11. I'll look into it during the weekend. I do have exams though so I probably will be available after Christmas.
  12. We can backpedal if that's what everyone prefers. I'll have to study and try to remember what I planned (or think of a new one) to continue the same plot line.
  13. I hath been summoned. I am interested, but I feel like carrying on where we left off will be hard. It's been a hot minute after all lol.
  14. I'm back from a week of being in the tropics and now I'm back to snow. I just want to stay in bed... I kind of want to do a pokemon Nuzlocke since it looks fun. I think I'll do it on Platinum, haven't really decided yet.
  15. I'm sure they have dog cafes there lol Also, NI NO KUNI REMASTERED! Finally, after 9 years, I can finally play it.
  16. The manga is better than the anime. I still enjoyed the brutality though.
  17. It's almost been a year since I've been basically inactive on this site. I'll start drawing again soon. Just been busy with work and school. Miss all of you very much.
  18. Helloooo! Bye byeeee!

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      Nice to meet you. Nice knowing ya, I guess.....

  19. I'd like to become a wizard/witch. I'll finally be able to go to Hogwarts.
  20. I feel like a stranger on this site already. Yikes, I don't even know what RP is anymore.

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      Welcome to my world, pal. :mad:

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      Well, there's still plenty of us geeks here that wanna RP! Just ask! :20:

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