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  1. He ignored her comment and leapt back. Had she already forgotten that he opened the blades to escape her grip? Did she think of a joke and hoped he hadn't noticed? Whatever the reason, he knew he shouldn't let her distract him. He shook his head and flipped the second switch on the blade causing another handle sprout from the hilt. He gripped the handle with his left hand and the blades separated. He held a long single edged blade in each hand and charged again, slashing at her furiously.
  2. I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I've been procrastinating hard. I've kept up with the rp so I should be able to jump in with Eric Satyr on the train (but maybe minus the blood dust). But if you think that's clog up to much then let me know. I'll post in the duel in a moment
  3. Eric was still trying to regain his balance when she charged him. He took a few hits but was eventually able to regain his balance. He began blocking her attacks but allowing the less damaging blows connect when it dawned on him that maybe a heavy sword was the wrong choice. He took a massive swing with the blunt edge of his blade, hoping to knock her back as he gained some distance. His blade whirred loudly then opened till the blades were perpendicular to each other. A second handle sprouted from the guard pommel. Eric grabbed the other handle, sliding the two blades apart. He took a ready stance then charged Ailsea, unleashing a fury of attacks on her.
  4. Something about the girl's excitement made him smirk, but he was quick to suppress it. 'Show no emotion. Show no pain.' He chanted go himself. He was so distracted by his thoughts he didn't notice Alisea until she was right in front of him. He gasped and stepped back out of the puddle. As his foot left contact all the blood constructs attached to the puddle slashed to the floor.
  5. Silver stood ready to face her wrath as her eyes stared through him. He felt her piercing gaze, something about it disturbed him. She turned away and Silver let out a sigh of relief. "So what are we doing while the students are gone?"
  6. Silver smiled and winked to Aisha as he stepped through the door, only to be scolded by Cinder outside. He followed her looking at his scroll while they walked. "You need to lighten up Cindy." He replied jokingly before realizing he had probably made a mistake.
  7. Eric slid to a stop and crouched down. He stood still, letting a pool of blood form under him. He chuckled and stood up, planting his sword into the ground. "Then maybe I should explain myself." He replied finally saying more than just his name. "My semblance gives me increased strength and endurance." He began explaining to the girl. "but in return I my aura doesn't protect me from anything sharp. So I decided to use that fact to my advantage." Right as he finished his sentence all the blood under his feet lept up at Alisea, forming several spears as flew at her. "My blood is infused with dust."
  8. Silver smiled at Aisha's words but his smile faded as Cinder poked her head into the room. She gave them an order then left again. "Well I guess my question is going to be answered anyway." He said, chuckling a bit. He stretched and picked up one of his dust canisters. He drew from the canister the locked it in place on his belt. "ready to get going?"
  9. Eric continued circling around Alisea, leaving a trail of blood wherever he walked. Then, without warning he charged her but instead of attacking with his blade he leapt over her. He wet his free hand with his blood and flung droplets of it at her when he was directly above her. The blood hung in the air before suddenly forming long needles that flew at her!
  10. Silver sighed, smiling a bit as she hugged him. "I was try to bring out two nevermore. It's a technique called Multi Summon." He explained before standing up. He walked to the window and looked out the curtains. Most of the students were leaving on their trips. "Do you know what Cinder wants us to do while most of the students are gone?"
  11. Eric was shocked the she caught the blade. She was stronger than she looked. He felt himself be pulled towards her. Eric acted fast, pressing the trigger on his blade. His sword suddenly opened like a pair of scissors. He spun and twisted his sword free then jumped back. Eric glared at the girl, she was craftier then he gave credit for. Eric felt something warm trickle down his leg. He looked down to see he was bleeding. She had hit him and it was as though his aura didn't protect him. He chuckled and began to strafe around Alisea, leaving a thin trail of blood as he walked. Glynda watched the battle with a increased amount of concern but was surprised to look at her scroll and see Eric's health bar had very little damage taken.
  12. Eric smirked. He had hoped she was hot headed. He blocked the attack then spun for a round house kick with his right leg. He followed up with a powerful horizontal swing with his sword. He knew he had the reach advantage with his blade. She had no chance as long as he kept her out of punching range.
  13. Fun? She thought that this was for fun? There's people fighting for a cause and she's here for 'fun'? Eric glared at the young girl, but she wouldn't see that from behind his mask. He inspected her spiked gauntlets. Close combat. He adjusted his stance so his sword blocked most of his body. The counter hit zero but Eric didn't move. He stood motionless, watching Alisea's every move.
  14. Eric watched the young girl enter the arena. She looked young and cheerful. He didn't reply to her but gave the girl a simple nod to acknowledge her words. He wasn't here to make conversation, he was here to fight. He looked her over trying to guess her fighting style but saw nothing that gave him a hint. He'd have to fight defensively, at least until he found an opening. He drew his massive blade and stood ready. Glynda watched the girl, recognizing her as one of the members of FWAA who just registered. She fiddled with the scroll then stepped back. The counter appeared on the display screens and began counting down from five.
  15. (My new favorite team is Team FWAA!) Glynda nodded and took the scroll. "Thank you. Please take your seats until it is your turn to fight." She instructed the two team leaders before turning to watch the fight conclude. "And that's the match. Is there anyone who would like to go next?" Without saying a word, yet another student wearing a white and red mask stood. He wore a sleeveless jacket and pair of black denim jeans. He walked silently down to the arena and began stretching. "ummmmm.... What is your name?" "Eric." He replied. "Eric Satyr"
  16. Glynda watched the fight intently, making sure neither student threw a dirty punch. She was approached by two teams who made a request to join the fights. She pressed some buttons on her tablet scroll then handed it to one of the team leaders. "Pleas register each member into the roster." She told the teams before turning back to observing the fight.
  17. "Focusing." Silver replied. He has inhaled deeply and held his breath as he made a face that suggested he was trying to think harder. The glyph in front of him began to split into two separate glyphs but they were blurry. He tried to fully split the glyph but he couldn't complete the Summionning, he let out his breath with a gasp, losing focus and causing the glyphs to fade. "Dammit!"
  18. Silver had been awake for a while when he heard Aisha get up up from her makeshift bed. He heard her walk to the bathroom but he didn't say anything. He was focused on something else. He sat against the wall, his eyes closed as he focused solely on the glyph in front of him. It was a small Summionning glyph but by the sweat on Silver's brow it was obvious that he was struggling to accomplish something.
  19. Forget that! I can teach you how to meow meow like a cow. As for my question... Do you ever get tired of being random?
  20. OK I finished catching up. Is the trip you guys skipped to the mission with obleck?
  21. (Sorry for my recent hiatus. I had some issues with Internet. But if everyone still wants to keep going I'm OK with that.)
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