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  1. Torque Wrench leapt back in surprise as Silt Treble claimed the existence of a fire. She took a moment to regain herself, shaking away the surprise as she zero-ed in her sights and spotted the nearby dragon. Her mouth fell open, but not from fear. No, as she did'nt know of the dangers some dragons posed, she was not overly fearful. Instead, she was utterly shocked that she was seeing a dragon! A REAL dragon! She had heard of them in stories and seen pictures, but never the real thing - unless the time she say outside her Fillydelphia home with her parents to watch the dragon migration, but that was a while back and the dragons had been high in the sky. Now, she was actually staring at a living, breathing dragon near her, her tail flicking about with nervousness. She wanted to speak, but didn't dare for fear of what may be the outcome. And that was when it happened again. Her shock and nervousness converted to shyness, as exhibited by the restarting of her hoof pawing at the ground. It was a thing she'd always done whenever in such a situation, or even just in a situation where she as meeting a new pony. She forced her hoof to stop it's pitiful shuffling, holding it planted against the ground without movement.
  2. Hmmm, some of my favorite bands must be, Theory of a Deadman (I saw them live last month and it was truly amazing), Nickelback, Mindless Self Indulgence, KoRn, Dark Tide, Die Mannequin, Metric, Heart, Jet, Good Charlotte, Metallica, Motley Crue, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Cage the Elephant, The Used, Hollywood Undead, Breaking Benjamin, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mud, My Chemical Romance, and a whole bunch more that I cannot remember at the moment because Celestia has forsaken my memory.
  3. Frankly, Torque Wrench enjoyed the smell of lemongrass. She stopped shuffling her hoof, growing more confident by the second. "That's good to hear." she smiled when he told her how he was quite well. She straightened up when he spoke of her not being seen in Stalliongrad before. "Well, I haven't been here in years." she nodded gently, now constantly thinking over the times when she had lived in her hometown, all of the good memories of her foalhood flashing by. She didn't seem to notice, or maybe just didn't care, about Silt Treble's appearance, for she often didn't care about that in herself, unless she had an important place to be. "You see, this is my hometown. My family moved away a long time ago. It was a really hard move." she couldn't help but glance around again, taking in all of the sights and hoping to see things she remembered. Unfortunately, her memory was never the greatest so by then she had forgotten most of the town's distinctions. She turned back to the Silt, her eyes blinking once again as she felt something was a little... off.
  4. Thank you everyone! I'm quite enjoying the roleplay. As for the music I listen to: -Rock -Nu-metal -Glam Metal -Grunge -Death Metal -Rock and Roll -Alternative -Orchestral (Only some, like the Transformers Scores) -Country (Again, only some, like the fun and upbeat stuff) -Dubstep -Electo -House
  5. It hadn't been long at all before Torque Wrench had heard the hoof-steps of the other pony and re-routed her attention to him. She was a little cautious at first, not trying to mess up anything because of her spontaneous and over-active nature. Eventually she brought herself to speak. "Hi there." she began, eyes blinking gently as she spoke. "How are you?" she was never a good one at starting conversations. She simply had to try her hoof and hope for the best. Her words were the first things that had popped into her mind, as she was quick to begin. Her tail flicked once as she smiled gently, thinking it may be best to act her friendliest. She shuffled her left hoof around - quite insignificantly - on the ground, the slight shyness that she held in her early filly-hood now showing residues every time she met a new pony.
  6. A tall, tan filly trotted through Stalliongrad. She was an older filly, just barely old enough to be traveling on her own. Her tail and mane stood out against her tan coat, as so did her icy-blue eyes. She carried a brown saddle-bag strapped around her back, containing her trusted torque wrench and 33 bits, not much, but hopefully enough to keep her around for the week she would be spending in her hometown. Her family's constant travels had caused her to lose her original frontier accent, though she hoped maybe to gain it back in this time - or at least a little of it. Her hooves made the traditional "trot-trot" sound as she went, her mane bouncing up and down with every trotting step. The hairs of her mane rubbed against her horn gently, though it was also an insignificant factor and made no difference either way. This unicorn filly was named Torque Wrench, a name given to her from the Wrench family's buisness of Carriage repair. At the tip of her red, white and blue tail was a black, dry splatter of oil, her special way of accessorizing herself perminantly. She was very glad to finally be returning home, though she had not seen her hometown since moving to Fillydelphia, and then finally to Canterlot a long time ago. She just hoped no long would think of her as a stuck-up, overly wealthy city pony, as she was definitely not. She also wondered if any pony would remember her. She had had a fair amount of friends back when she was just a little filly, but she bet they probably moved off to get some big-break or something. Nonetheless, she was exctatic to be back in Stalliongrad, even if for just a short week. (Hello everypony! I'm Torque Wrench. I'm quite new to this site, but I love it so far! As I have been roleplaying on other websites for the last 3 years, I'm quite literate, though I do face an issue. As my laptop has decided it does not want to work, I do all of my roleplaying on my IPhone. I miss keys every now and again so I often rely on autocorrect for aid. Though autocorrect isn't as helpful as I'd hoped. So, all in all, I'm glad to be here and if you notice any errors, please let me know so I may fix them. Thank you."
  7. Thank you, everyone! It means a lot. And, Ooohh, I didn't know about any explosions! Sounds fun! XD! Anywho (love that word), regarding other interests. I'm very, very interested in cars. I have a full list of my favorites: -1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS -Hennessey Camaro HP700 -Hennessey Venom GT -Bugatti Veyron SS 16.4 -Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster -2013 Acura NSX -Saleen S7 Twin Turbo -SSC Ultimate Aero -MacLaren Roadster
  8. Thank you! I never really noticed... but that song has a LOT of bass.
  9. Greetings! Well, I was actually playing on Warrior Cats RPG... and the site stopped working. Must have been going into maintenance or something (and still is as I cannot seem to get it to work *sigh*). I got quite bored quite quickly and needed somewhere else to roleplay. I opened google and searched "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Roleplay". This site was the first result, so I clicked it. After checking it out and getting the feel, I joined. THAAAAANK YOOOOU!
  10. Ohhhh, I see. Well, I guess it's all a part of the waiting game nonetheless. Oh well, I can wait. All I need is my headphones (which I have) and some Renard (Supplied by YouTube) and I can wait all night.
  11. Thank you all! I look forward to a good time here! And regarding all of the locations, yes, it is indeed very cool. I adore the organized, clean feel of the site. Though, I am really waiting until I get Torque Wrench's application approved before I do any real exploration. I fear getting delved into a roleplaying area, only to find I'd been to impatient and already posted, haha.
  12. About Myself: Hey there! I'm new around here... Oh well, that can be fixed! But I'm not even close to being new to roleplay! How I found Canterlot.com: As a proud Roleplayer and Pegasister alike, I knew Warrior Cats RPG wasn't enough for me! I needed an all-pony site! So, google solved my problem! How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Simply due to seeing clips of it on YouTube. I got watching so many clips over a year ago, that the suspense of Season 1, episode 1 got to me. I had to know who this Nightmare Moon broad was and how they could stop her. So I watched the episode, and soon became addicted. My favourite main cast pony/s: Rainbow Dash Hey there everypony! I hope for good and fun roleplay from you in the near future!
  13. Hello Everypony! My name's Torque Wrench! I can't wait to roleplay with y'all in the bear future!

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      Welcome to Canterlot! :D

  14. And yes, if you're wondering, I did draw that. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Torque Wrench Sex: Female Age: Older Filly Species: Unicorn Eye colour: An icy blue. Coat colour: Torque Wrench has a light, creamy tan coat. She is sometimes caught wearing a pink baseball cap and sunglasses, but not often anything else, with the exceptions of warming apparel in the winter time. Mane/Tail: Torque Wrench has a long and scruffy, ruffled white, blue and red mane. The white of her mane is placed on the front tip of her mane-bangs and the lower-most stripe of her tail. The blue starts on her mane, right above the white tip and continues down the front of the mane side's and reaches down the tail as the middle stripe. The red finishes the rest of the mane, focusing most on the top of her head, and is the upper-most stripe of the tail. The tip of her tail is stained black due to the time she dipped it in a can fill of oil, completing her personal look with the black, dry oil. Physique: Torque Wrench is a slender, small-built Filly with a tall leg-frame. Despite this, it all works out to let her become about average in size. Residence: Torque Wrench lives in Canterlot, where she finds good business. Occupation: Torque Wrench is a carriage Mechanic. She works and lives in Canterlot, where she finds many ponies in a struggle to get their carriage repaired so they may continue on their travels. She uses her trusty, blacksmith-made torque wrench because she is very keen on not torquing the primitive wooden Lugnuts to breaking point. Cutie Mark: As Torque Wrench's talent of finding the perfect amount of tightening wooden Lugnuts, her cutie mark is ask follows - a big, shiny, silver torque wrench... Simple, but gets the point across. She recieved her cutie mark the day she was in her father's carriage repair shop as a very young filly. Her father had shown her the troubles he faced with the wooden lugnuts breaking whenever turned too far, and knew the issue. They needed a torque wrench, but couldn't afford one due to poor business. Torque Wrench was clever and went deeper into the city. She struck a deal with a scheming stranger, telling him that she could repair his broken carriage, making him bet his torque wrench against every bit she had in her Piggy-bank. Once she'd agreed to the deal, she borrowed his torque wrench, as well as many other required tools, and repaired his carriage, earning her cutie mark and a well needed tool for her family. After that, wooden carriage wheels were then repaired by the Wrench family flawlessly, increasing sales and saving the family from moving again due to bankruptcy. History: Torque Wrench was born into the Wrench family in Stalliongrad, The Frontier. Growing up her and her family dealt with low pay, and constant worries. Her parents were loving and caring. Torque Wrench favored her father, simply because her father was the main fuel for her love of carriage mechanisms, and her real fuel to her Tom-colt personality. She was always quite tough, due to her two brothers that had found it so much fun to ruffle her mane. When Torque Wrenh was a young filly, her family made the long trip V.I.A Equestria's steam locomotive to Fillydelphia in hopes of better living. When they first got there, business boomed, giving the family a small few months of happiness and well-feeding. Unfortunately, buisness began to die down as Torque Wrench grew through her mid-filly years. The wooden lugnuts became an extreme hassle, lowering the family buisness's pay even more. Despite the stress and hard times, Torque Wrench's parents continued their loving ways, teaching Torque Wrench and her two brothers the virtues of life and traits that make a good pony, teaching her how to follow in their hoof-steps. Torque Wrench saved the family buisness when she retrieved the needed-tool and recieved her cutie-mark. When she finished her father's training, she moved to Canterlot where she hoped to start her own buisness. She hopes of one day retiring to - though not for a long time - and moving back to Stalliongrad. Character Summary: Torque Wrench is talented in Carriage repair, as she makes a fine pay off of. Her motivation is her family back in Fillydelphia, who often send her post-cards and gifts through the mail. She one day dreams of finding a nice stallion, one willing to move to Stalliongrad with her when she retires. Torque Wrench likes to see a nice, well taken care of Carriage, as she praises anypony who takes good care of them. Though, she also likes to see an old, broken and abandoned carriage as she thinks of it as a new project to restore. She also quite enjoys traveling, as she spends evey one of her bigger breaks doing so. Her favorite place to travel to is Roughrider Ridge, as she loves the sight of the mountains and cliffs. She dislikes seeing somebody take bad care of a Carriage, as she sees the situation as being someone owning a Carriage and mistreating it whilst a less fortunate pony would be lucky to have one. She also does not much like the Everfree forest or The Saddleviel Plains. She also dislikes tomatoes and Potato Salad (though she likes potatoes). In her spare time, Torque Wrench likes to draw. She draws on a lot of things, often things she shouldn't draw on... such as mail and paperwork. She loves listening to music, and her favorite Genre is Grunge Rock, though she also enjoys Glam-metal and alternative. Torque Wrench is fun and playful, a great pony to be around. But get on her bad side and she's quick to be throwing arguments. As skilled and careful as she is, she's horribly clumsy and forgetful. If you ask her to do something fine and delicate or careful such as a detailed drawing or a perfect torquing job, she finds it to be a piece of cake. Though, if asked to do something of a larger scale, like run an obstacle course of gallop through tires she finds it very difficult. She also has Airachnaphobia - fear of airachnids (spiders, scorpions, etc.).
  15. This is the album where the Reference sheets or even just pictures of my roleplay Characters are displayed! Enjoy! ~TW
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