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  1. Well what I'm trying to do is kinda make it an emotional idea to it. I've read several fanfctions and they ALWAYS include very intense detail. I have written something so far,but I'm still struggling on how to continue it. Plus listening to the song again is really getting some ideas to come (Including one involving the Aftermath of Canterlot Wedding with the album 'The Incident' by Porcupine Tree).
  2. I've been having this problem with this story idea lately. It just came to me a few days ago while on TV Tropes. Basically,I'm attempting to do a sad Story with the Mane Six..but involving this: (I had to remove the song due to some rules I didn't know about.Just look up 'Alcest Le Secret') This song (I dunno if you guys would want to listen to a 13 minute song),but the lyrics say other wise! [colour=#000000]English: Sometimes, the trees sketch out a peculiar ballet, Imitating my little body deceived by the wind, And the ivy whispers familiar words Look at life with the eyes of a child To smell the suave perfumes exhaled By a garden whose secret you filled long ago And at that moment sang the giggling diaphanous girls Of the sparkling, pearly river I do have something planned,but I need more help with this![/colour]
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