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  1. I have been thinking about the question "What happens when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object?" for a while now, and I think I have two answers that still make sense in the realm of science and provide a logical answer. One is where the force wins, and the other is where the object sort of wins. Force wins: If the force hit the immovable object head on, this is what I would think would happen. Assuming the object has mass, an infinite at that, it is just said that the object will not budge. The force, however. is probably pure energy, and an infinite amount of that as well. Also assuming that the immovable object has a set dimension and does not expand forever, I propose that the force bores through the object, much like a friction drill works. The only difference is that the object is not moved, it is removed. The object is converted into energy, furthering the power behind the force. This is with the theory that matter can be turned into energy. Essentially, the matter doesn't move, it just stops being. Object "wins": This is my hypothesis if the force hit from an angle. Energy can not be destroyed. It has been shown that it can take other form or be redirected very easily however. If the object is not convertible to energy, then the energy would simply bounce off, like a tennis ball at a wall. This assumes a lot here, but I feel it is still a possibility. Let me know what you think of the problem, or any answers you may have!
  2. I was looking up pony videos and this was what I had when I found this thread. I need a life.
  3. The Calvinball currently has the negative effect, reversing the time I have to jump, making me gain twenty seconds of no jumping jacks for the future. Sadly the ball also has the slim aura on it, making players have to drop and give me fifty.
  4. No, I'm not talking politics, I'm talking about Calvinball. For those of you unfamiliar, the rules are here. The game will go like this: Player 1 (Me) will make a rule or something similar that effects the next post. The next poster will have to come up with a rule or something else witty to get out of it and make it rebound, such as the boomerang zone. Rules can be as simple or complex as they want, but remember any careful argument you make can be discredited, The most recent post will effect the next poster, regardless of who the last poster was. Bonus points for hitting someone with the calvinball. First Rule: You just entered the forest zone. If you can point north right now, then you can go out. Otherwise you will be hit by the Calvinball.
  5. Softened it and removed static. Hope it helps.
  6. Just simple pencil drawings. Might make more later.
  7. I went digging through a box of my old high school stuff. Found a lot of drawings, but I found one in particular I wanted a public opinion on.
  8. You're gonna go far, kid - The Offspring. I probably listened to it 100 times today.
  9. Just saw your title. You just got highest out of possible score. /)
  10. Halide I give your avatar 2.5/5 because I don't know what is high or low so I'm going middle.
  11. (wuzzles: http://i.imgur.com/86O8uzf.jpg & gygans: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Gigan-Final-Organic-Form-385306349 ) This RP will start in a major city. You can be any species allowed in CC, a gygan, or a wuzzle. Here's the character sheet: Name: Species: Gender: Age: Appearance(Color, Cutie mark, features, etc): Short History: Personality; Strengths: Weaknesses: Occupation: Motivation: Any questions just ask.
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