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    loves day dreaming,writing,hiking,playing with animals, and just hanging out with friends plus I love Pokemon and im married to Loki the Norse god of mischief x3

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  1. I feel so sick even though I feel much better

    1. ScratchAttack99


      That's good! I'm almost better myself! :3

    2. Riverwolf


      I think its cause im awake more than 3 hours this time lol.

  2. "well the crystal empire is under attack.' Rivershine was laughing at starburst who was acting silly and could not concentrate on what was going on
  3. "so maybe the element didn't work but there has to be a spell that must work to help us out of this." Rivershine than looked around all the ponies hoping for a good answer."Sissy what about that one spell that daddy showed you?"." Starburst you know that I cant use it its only for strong alicorns." "your strong sissy."Rivershine gave starburst a glaring burst "​That was an accident and im not going to do that again." Starburst sighed "your so protective."
  4. "pwincess whats wrong?" Asked Starburst."I see well than, starburst stay close I know you hate the dark." starburst ran to rivershine but made sure to stay close to luna.
  5. "May I help I know a spell to find the book your looking for, my father runs a library back at my home island and I love to help out."Starburst looked at rivershine amused."Book worm ha ha."​ Rivershine playfully nudged her little sister than agreed "At least I can read." Both the sisters laughed. than came back to reality.
  6. my internet is down and idk when it will be back so the only time I will be able to do stuff is when im at school

    1. ScratchAttack99


      No worries, I was bout to do that but I got my chores sorted out :3 just post when you can sweetheart

    2. Riverwolf


      lol thats what im doing ;D

  7. "and how might we accomplish that?"​ Rivershine asked. Rivershine beckoned her sister over than headed over to princess celestia
  8. "Starburst over here I wanna show you something.."Rivershine showed starburst the magical map and starburst looked in awe"are you alright joe?" Rivershine walked over to joe who had not done anything.
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