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Need Wubz. Please help!


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So, I've decided to try my hand at a little dubstep and so far things are going well (apart from the fact that it takes me three hours with a keyboard to get seven notes out of my head and onto paper). The biggest problem I'm having is that I have no clue how to make wubs. I'm using a POJ (piece o' junk) audio program for the PC known as Mixcraft, but just general advice on what sort of synth I need and what sort of filters I need to run in through should be fine. I hope to be able to post what I'm working on here once I have a few seconds of audio ready... :)

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Massive's not free though, it'd be better starting with a normal synth. Massive costs $200, so you have to really want it to buy it, plus I don't think you can use massive in Mixcraft.

good point, although it can be free under illegal circumstances, but if you can't use it in mixcraft then it's a dead end from there

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