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What software are you using?


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I've recently made the jump from Reason 4.0 to Reason 6.5 (see attached image to see what Rarity enjoys most!)

Not the cheapest, not the most expensive either but I've been using Reason for a looooooong time and pretty comfortable with it.

The reason I use Reason (no jokes) is because of it's 'completeness' out of the box. People will enjoy complaining that VSTs don't work with it naively (there's always reWire) but, let's be honest, VSTs are flakey as heck and an aging standard. EVERYTHING I need is right there at the finger tips. But now Reason have 'RackExtensions' so we now have Korg and other ledgends in the rack game!

The other thing I enjoy about reason is... there isn't stuff ALL OVER the place (Cubase/FLs users know what I'm talking about). It's beautifully laid out and not cluttered in the slightest even when I have 50+ rack devices hooked up. I love producing but I'm no rocket scientist!

What software do you use?

There isn't a 'best' software (so long it's not a drag-drop dance e-jay type) but tell us what you love about your preferred and most used recording/editors.


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I used cubase5 for a while but I found it to be a little "too easy" to use and so less creative results could be achieved, also it ran like brick in a washing machine, more than 3 or 4 tracks and my CPU would go through the roof. Recently I upgraded to FL studio 10 and i'm already inlove with it, although the interface is much more confuzing and takes a while to get your head around but runs smoother and is more advanced (and I can have fluttershy set as the background)

I also used VSTi plugins such as Sylenth1, lpx1 and TALNoisemaker every now and again :)

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