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Sugar Plum[Final]


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RP Type: World of Equestria RP

Name: Sugar Plum also known as Plum

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: A vibrant yellow. She has white freckles located under her eyes in the form of a triangle.

Coat color: Plum's coat is a actually the same color as a plum!.

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Plum has a rounded “tips” on her mane and tail, complete with various swirls which add to her feminine physique. Her tail and mane are onyx black which is usually in a pony-tail. When with her gang it is usually moderately unkempt and flared out, while working, it is very neat, pimped, and pressed.

Physique: She has a super-model frame and a "boxed" snout. She's rather slender and tall, which she uses to her advantage when doing tricks normal-sized ponies wouldn't be able to do.

Cutie Mark: Plum's cutie mark is pair of pink ballet horse-shoes which she earned after she realized that she loved to mix styles of graffiti and ballet to make a new art form that she could call her own.

Origin/Residence: Originally from Trottingham, Plum moved to the “less favored” of Manehatten. She lives with her

Occupation: Plum is a teacher for a prestigious school in Uptown Manehatten. She teaches her students about self expression and how to live life to its fullest! She is also in the same skating street gang as here friend, Burn.

Motivation: Like most punkies, Plum felt a lot of over bearing stress from different factors in her life which led her to become a punkie. While she wasn't pressured to be a stiff, stuck-up, well-to-do Manehatten elite, she was however pressured by her family to become something of the sort only for their own benefit. She is motivated by her will to be a free spirit.

Likes: Doing what she wants, her friends and the gang, dancing, pulling off new tricks, music.

Dislikes: Her parents (to a degree), impatient ponies, ponies with no rhythm, dancing for recognition or profit.

Character Summary:

(Plum's name is a reference to the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” because the ballet type way she skates and does tricks which involves various ballet type movement.)

History- Plum is the first female member of The Luna's. Further back, she was constantly force into various schools throughout her foalhood. Yet, she would constantly be kicked out because of her low grades (she wasn't great with academics anyway.)

Parents- Plum's parents have never been very successful nor had plenty money and relied on her as a sort of “light” who would make it rich and whisk them away to easy street. They would constantly enroll her in various hoity-toity schools where she would promptly be let go because of her failing academics. Her parents eventually moved to Manehatten where they hoped she would at least be able to make it in the big city. They really don't have a big impact in her life.

Cutie Mark Story- The one thing that Plum's parents actually contributed to her sincerely was letting her take ballet classes. This was a huge step to earning her cutie mark as she loves to dance and incorporates it into her graffiti. Throughout her ballet training she easily out performed many of her peers and was seen as the highlight of many performances.

It was at one of these shows where she was offered quite a large weekly salary to practice her trade in various towns. She eventually turned it down because she would only be used more by her parents, and that she preferred to dance for fun instead of profit or recognition.

Flaws- Despite being a dancer, Plum is crazy clumsy. She's can trip over her two back hooves and it usually turns into problem for ever pony. She's very self conscious of herself and what others think of her, so she has a tenancy to think before she leaps, as to not give others a bad impression of her. She is very friend-orientated. This is a double-edged sword in a sense because she only seeks solace and company with her closest friends and finds it hard to be without them.

Personality- Her friends see her as, “a real cool mare who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes.” Not in the traditional sense of a heart-breaker. Sugar Plum is rather naive, has the thought process of a filly and lives like one. The "broken heart" bit comes from the flirty way she tends to act around males. (Completely habitually and unaware of her actions.) Despite the rough-and-tumble way most punkies act, Plum is a very kind, compassionate, innocent, cheerful, and polite person. She treats others with respect and treasures her friendships dearly and is willing to do anything to keep them stable.

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