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  2. There was no tail on Mare Do Well.
  3. >3> Your only waiting for mediocre art, don't get too excited. I'll try and have then all done by next Thursday, in between school hours and such. Maybe earlier. I'm hoping for some more canon character request.
  4. Well continue this over PM's as not to clutter the thread with an off topic discussion.
  5. They're awesome! Especially if you "hack" them.(I use quotes because each device has a specific term for it). I digress. You didn't specify your OC's name, all you said was "me" so I wasn't sure what to assume. It seems like you either don't want to spend any money or can't. So I suggest using GIMP (its freeware) and going with vector art. There are tons of tutorials that I can link to you them and well as give you some of my own advice as well. I'm not sure how much you know so I'm not sure where to start.
  6. Can do! Yup, I recognize Angie Cakes style anywhere! I have not personally met her though. So in a type of "buddy-buddy" pose. Sure I can do that. I got one in my application too. You might get some inspiration from his personality! DO NOT WATCH THIS! I repeat. DO NOT WATCH! I have made this one myself! ._. I guess that it would be wrong of me to ask for some tips from the master? As you can see; I am trying out the dark paths of drawing and I really suck at it. If there is some small drawing tips that you can give me. You're maybe aware of a nice (free?) software I could use? Maybe there's a video that I should watch? I would gladly accept any advice from the expert! I'll add you to the list, and nonsense, there no such thing as bad art work! I see nothing wrong with your arts. As for tips, I dunno about being a master, but I give you a few protips. Well, depending on what program you use your art will come out differently. I'm not sure if you're using a tablet, but if you are, I suggest Painttool SAI. Its a very good freeware program. Short version, lines are a bit hard to keep to a consistent thickness, because of the pressure sensor in the tablet (at least from my perspective), so I use Photoshop for line art. If you don't have a tablet, but want clean consistent lines, I suggest vectors. GIMP is usual people's free go to program for this. I can give you a more in depth analysis on all these programs if you want as well as what I prefer since I've used all of them. As for videos, I myself have not watched any tutorial videos for arting so I wouldn't be the best person to direct you. I'm more akin to the deviantArt "How-to use/do such and such" tutorials. Hope this helped even in the slightest. I'm always willing to help. Sure, thing. ___________________________________ As for the rest of you, Quicklime, Rakkenhammer, and StarSwirlTheBearder. I apologize, but I'm full up on request. Maybe next time. I'll make ure to push them out post haste so just keep an eye on the thread.
  7. My gallery for commissioned, requested and art traded pictures I drew.
  8. Two I can definitely do. Did you still want the Mane 6 style pose or doing something specific? Also, are there any two you want specifically or am I allowed to pick?
  9. Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to simplify your request a bit. That's simply way to many characters for a request.
  10. Everything looks like it checks out! Sure thing, Phil!
  11. ~Bump~ Request are open again. New rule in he rules section. I've also reached a grand total of 67 drawings! Which means only 33 until 100 (not that I'm going for the gold or anything like that.) Anyway, just make sure you read those rules. I'll even quote them for you if your to lazy or something:
  12. Thanks you! I'm glad you liked it! Tried some new things with it, so it looks majorly different from what I usually do.
  13. [colour=#008080]"Well hey, Nivial! You must be the one who runs the guild?"[/colour] She gave a warm grin, leaving her bangled hoof dangling out in the same place that she moved as she spoke. Licorice was the first to acknowledge Nivial's presence. [colour=#6633FF]"Y-yes, ma'am."[/colour] Nivial said politely to the Earth pony. [colour=#6633FF]"I'm sorry to keep everypony waiting."[/colour] Nivial's eyes gazed over the ponies staring back at her, maybe making herself known in such a manner wasn't exactly the best way to get their attention. She took a deep breath, thinking, [colour=#6633FF]"To late to go back now, I suppose."[/colour] She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the voice of a stallion. [colour=#6666FF]"Not to be rude miss, but you honestly don't seem the type to do something like this. Perhaps a club in a school, but not an open guild. I'd have sworn that Grey Lexis over there was the one who called it, and merely chose Canterlot due to it being the epicenter of magical learning."[/colour] Nivial reeled back a bit on the crate she stood on, slowly sitting down and looking away from Razor's gazing eyes, his words leaving a bit of a sour taste in her mouth. Did she really not look the part of a guild master, or even up to the task of calling all thee ponies together? She squeaked out a few words directed at Razor. "N-no. I'm the one who called you all here. I forgot the punch and pie, but..." Nivial's eyes scanned the stone ground below. She really couldn't understand why it was so easy to discourage her. [colour=#999999]"Ah, so finally we have the one who has gathered us all here today," [/colour]Gray said, nodding to the mare approvingly.[colour=#999999]"It's a step few would think to take. You must have a bold heart, Miss Nivial. Brightness usually shines on ponies like you."[/colour] Nivial's eyes shot over to Gray Lexis, a few tears in the corners of her eyes. [colour=#CC0033]“Hey there girly!”[/colour][colour=#282828] the moon-flanked unicorn happily shouted out as she got up from her seat to wrap a foreleg around Nivial; [/colour][colour=#cc0033]“You’re amazing for setting up this whole thing tonight. Don’t worry about forgetting the snacks; I would've dropped by here anyway-”[/colour] Nivial's eye's widened as Moondancer draped her forehoof around her, wiping her eyes. [colour=#6633FF]"Yeah, I'm the..I'm the one who called you all her. Thank you all for coming."[/colour] It looks like there were ponies who thought she was capable of such a thing despite her gentle appearance. To somepony else this might have seemed like a silly reason to start crying, but to Nivial this was a step in the right direction to becoming a stronger mare. She gave a smile, looking around the room at all the different faces. [colour=#6633FF]"Alright, everypony. Let's get started-" [/colour][colour=#282828]Suddenly, the door opened loudly to reveal the arrival of a new tired-looking mare; a beige middle-aged unicorn with a gray outfit and tie. She conversed with Moondancer a bit then quickly asked about the pie as her stomach grumbled. [/colour][colour=#008080]“Now then, who here has the pie? I'm really hungry, and I haven’t had anything to eat since lunch.....” [/colour][colour=#282828]Nivial gave a quick jolt. [/colour][colour=#6633FF]"Oh...I um...hello. My name is Nivial, I'm the one who put up the flyers about the guild. I...I sort of forgot the pie..."[/colour]
  14. Ah, welcome back. Thanks for that! (Though, I had no doubt that something had happened) I'll et one your request right away.
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