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Professor Ashen "Footnote" Smirk

Earth Pony - Male - Stallion

Mane RP

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The story so far:

Professor Ashen Smirk was a much respected Canterlot historian with a highly volatile temper and a secret; he had come to view Discord as the rightful ruler of Equestria, thinking that order is an unnatural construct put together by ponies as a way of shackling the chaos that is reality. He had even begun research into how to bring about Discord's return. However, his dreams and world-view were both shattered when Discord (who as it turned out, required no assistance) returned, wreaking havoc upon Equestria. Ashen realised that Discord did not share any of his ideals and became thoroughly disillusioned.

After Discord's defeat by the Elements of Harmony, Ashen spent much time trying to figure out what to believe in. He hid his dissatisfaction behind a wide smile, leading his colleagues to believe that Discord's return had brought him perspective and made him realise that stability was fulfilling and worthwhile. He eventually deciding to leave Canterlot and the soured memories it now conjured in his mind, accepting a position on the faculty of Stalliongrad University.

He had barely set out on his journey when fate conspired to bring him face to face with one of the ponies who had vanquished his former idol: Applejack, the avatar of honesty...

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