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EQRG update to Fallout Equestria PNP


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Hello, Some of us over at the EQRG have be playing Fallout PnP, and we make some changes and added some add-ons to some of the rule and items list.

First off I mad a new Character sheet. (The old one is not that bad but this is just slimmed down and more organized.)


Because we use Roll20 and Feet instead of Yards for movement I made slight changes to movement. Basically in brakes down into each 2 points of END or 1 of AGI is equal to 5ft of Sprint.

We also added guns, mods, armor, and cybernetics to items. Basically it everything form Fallout 1,2 tactics, 3, NV, and the Nevada mod.


Made a buy/sell calculator, vary useful


Started creating a Monster Manual it's a big WIP and needs a lot of adjustments but it's a start.


This required me to add some robot perks to the current perks list also a WIP and I'm not sure I'm happy with most of the but hay might as well


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Alas, the 360 version is fairly locked in it's limits...there's not really any way for that to happen. Your best bet is to think of becoming a multiplatform gamer and getting a PC eventually! :3

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