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Can you guys Critique my singing?


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So..i sang Discord and my best ultra friend mixed it..i just need some people to critique it for i know what to improve on ^^

~~~HERE IT IS~~~


please dont be mean in your critique~ :c

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Hello Panda, welcome to Canterlot! I see you're already getting a head start at being an active member, I like that :)

But before I go on with the critique, I just wanted to let you know that there's a sub-forum where users can showcase their creative outlets. For you, I'd suggest going to the Music Showcase forum which you can find at the following link. Don't worry about creating another topic, I'm sure this one will be moved in due time so save yourself the trouble friend



Now with the critique. First I wanted to say that it's a very brave thing for you to be asking for a critique on something that you've worked on. It shows a finesse that truly helps you further improve your works and of yourself by finding flaws that you initially couldn't. Most people are reclusive to saying that they need help via critique, but this is due to the fact of how harsh some critique's can be on the net. But enough of my banter, lets get on with it shall we?

*** Please, DO NOT take this critique personally! There's no voice behind text after all, so please don't read too much into this little chunk of data :oops:

Your timing is spot on throughout most of the song, there's no doubt about it. I've listened to cover songs where the user had a stellar voice, but for the love of them couldn't time themselves close enough with the original (even with editing programs.) Some parts felt a bit rushed or a bit slow, but practicing the song to virtual memorization will help fix this. I must admit though, one of the glaring issues with your cover though is that it feels as though it's being sung off key or without emphasis throughout the song. You may want to practice your vocals and study the way Eurobeat (Or another prominent singer you like) voices their works. Question how they sings, and why. Ask yourself some questions while listening, like the following, "When does their voice get to a high point? Why? When do they seem to stress their voice and for how long? Do they have suggestions on how to practice? Should I practice this way?" These are just a few poor examples, after all I'm no singer.

I'd highly suggesting using Google to assist you in finding how to practice your singing. There's a wealthy amount of information on the net which will help you meet your goals.

Remember: Professionals and experienced individuals didn't get where they were overnight. It took A LOT of time and dedication, practicing and learning from their mistakes. Everyone who's made a career out of singing (or a majority of anything where someone's good at it really) have been where you're at. Some had teachers, others were self taught, but they all had one thing in common with one another. They had a passion for what they were doing and in turn, utilized that energy to dedicate themselves. The journey will be tough, sometimes to the point where it's disheartening to the point where you want to just throw in the towel. But if this is your passion, don't quit. If it's something you enjoy and love to do, don't fall into the currents of dismay. Fight against the current and carve your own path!

Summary: While you have good timing throughout the song, it really sounds like there wasn't enough practice put into the song. A simple fix is obvious, practice the lines and do some studying. It's a long difficult road, but perseverance will reward you!

You've got a lot of work ahead of you Panda, good luck! :)

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Omg thank you!! I will surley practice harder!! I didnt take it personaly -wowfirsttimeididnt- im acully glad that you critique it! It tells me that there is someone willing to critique me out there! I might rerecord tonight after practicing or at least 2 hours. Yeah i kinda rushed it because my friend really wanted to mix it... But ill get him to mix again later tonight! Was the mixing good though? It was his 3rd time i thinking mixing something like this... But im trying my best to become a singer. Because i want that to be a career of mine. Thank you!


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[...][colour=#282828]Omg thank you!! I will surley practice harder!! I didnt take it personaly -wowfirsttimeididnt- im acully glad that you critique it! [/colour][...] [colour=#282828]I might rerecord tonight after practicing or at least 2 hours. [...] Was the mixing good though? It was his 3rd time i thinking mixing something like this... [/colour][...]

I'm glad you liked my critique! :) If I did have a suggestion though, you may want to space it out over the course of several days. Don't want to get burnt ya know? As for the mixing, it was fine. Unless your friend edited the original in some way, I didn't notice anything different.

Also i just got adobe audition so it might be better next time~

You'll get better, believe me. Software helps, but it's the human aspect which truly brings things to life ;) Just put in the time to practice, record, listen and repeat until you're satisfied with your song.

Also: You can edit your posts to cut down on double posting (It's somewhat frowned upon on forums.) It's at the bottom right corner of your posts, wedged between the "Report" and "MultiQuote" buttons. I don't want you to think that you're in trouble, I just wanted to let ya know :razz:

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