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Ask Bluemoon, DreamySunday, and Caralot!

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Too much... ice cream?! There is no such thing!

Puzzle you never ever imply a lady is overweight, it's uncouth and hurtful. Hmph.

Now for a question... What are all of your feelings on hooficures?

Bluemoon : I don't see the point, and with my life style I see even less of a point

Caralot : I love hoofacures. they feel so nice and they leave my hoof looking Gorgeous!

DreamySunday : Like Bluemoon, I don't really see the point. That being said though I do enjoy being pambered every now and again.

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Consider the following: If say you three – Blue Moon, Dreamy Sunday, and Caralot – are always together, your relationship can be compared to the Three Musketeers. It's like looking at contrasting personalities.

doesnt the lack of a question worry you?

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your going to have to fight for the ticket. i cant take 2 ponies with me. you understand right?

DreamySunday : *grabs bowl of ice cream*

Bluemoon : Oh well if that's the case, Caralot I think you should have it.

Caralot : No no no no no. I can't possibly do that. You take it.

Bluemoon : I insist that you take the ticket. The only reason I want to go is because I've never been. You actually care about the event.

Caralot : Yes but going to places and events that you've never been to is your bread and butter. And I couldn't take that opportunity away from you.

Bluemoon : Yes but that oppertunity will come around again. So please take the ticket

Caralot : Well what you just said can easily apply to me.

DreamySunday : Puzzle I don't think they're gonna come to anykind of agreement within the near future.

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