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Princess Luna


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Princess Luna

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Alicorn

Eye color: Teal

Coat: Dark Sapphire blue, has black snowcap pelt pattern on her flanks

Mane/Tail: Cobalt blue with light azure; transparent, glistens, and maintains a constant magical stance

Physique: Tall, but shorter than Celestia; long profile in both body and face, has large wings; wears dark cerulean crown, a peytral around her neck of the same color that features her cutie mark emblem, and light grayish blue hoof guards

Residence: Royal palace in Canterlot

Occupation: Princess of the night by sky (raises and lowers the moon daily), and by dreams (protector in the dreamscape realm)

Cutie Mark: White moon crescent

Luna received her cutie mark after she started taking duties for the nighttime sky, which included raising the moon, phasing it over time, and lifting the stars. But even when she would use her magic to manipulate the sky, she did not obtain her mark immediately. Instead, a dark rash-looking mark appeared on her haunches. After a few nights of the mark being persistent, Luna was afraid it might be a bad omen.

One night, after she had raised the moon and stars, she traveled through dreamscape to find a sailor pony who was dreaming of being lost at sea. When she came to him, she appeared as an entity in the sky, much like the moon. Its shape and glow illuminated the sky and gave wisdom to the pony and he was able to find his way home. When Luna left the dreamscape, her cutie mark was then revealed. It was a bright moon crescent contrasting against the darkened area on her pelt, a pattern on her pelt she has carried ever since. The marking symbolizes not only her controlling of the moon, but also the guidance she can bring to her subjects through dreams and otherwise.

History: Luna's past is trademarked by her resentment that occurred a thousand years ago when the bitterness inside of her transformed her into Nightmare Moon. Her sister used the elements of harmony on her and banished her. After the banishment, Nightmare Moon returned but was defeated by the elements of harmony once again by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. But this time, Nightmare Moon was removed from Luna and she faced a sisterly confrontation with Celestia. After Luna was reunited with her sister and her kingdom, her magical power slowly returned and she started taking up her old responsibilities as Princess of the night again.

Princess Luna's return was not welcomed by everypony, however. Luna's old way of speaking and tradition caused her to come off intimidating to her subjects. But over time, she was able to gain trust from the citizens of Equestria as well as remain a staple for Nightmare Night, a traditional event held during the night that is themed with scary stories and festivities of seasonal fun. Luna has had to adapt to speaking more softly and conform to more friendly-sounding ways of communicating.

When the Crystal Empire returned, Luna held doubt in Twilight Sparkle's ability to contain King Sombra and keep the Crystal Empire from disappearing like it did before. Twice she asked her sister if she would go and help, but it remained to represent a test for the purple unicorn. At the concluding success of the Crystal Empire's safety, Luna agreed with her sister that Twilight would be ready for the next step towards royalty.

Character Summary: Luna is the younger sister of Princess Celestia. Before the events of Nightmare Moon's banishment, the sisters had already established a close relationship, a bond that was able to use the elements of harmony. After Luna came back from banishment, Celestia forgave Luna and offered her a renewed friendship. Today, even though Luna's past has caused a lack of trust among some of her subjects, Luna's sister remains as her primary influence. Luna never takes Celestia's love for granted, and trusts her completely.

As Luna rehabilitated to her Princess roles, she has been known to meet ponies in their dreams, and help protect them from their fears, but more importantly, help them learn ways to live better once they awake. She does not prevent nightmares from happening, but she will aide the experience to her subjects who need the help. Luna has the ability to communicate telepathically to her subjects by way of tiny messages placed in their subconscious while they are sleeping. In this, Princess Luna has found a very surprisingly effective way of connecting with her subjects, as she feared that ponies would only see her in their dreams as a nightmare. Luna normally approaches the dreamers calmly, and tries to give them peace of mind. This is so that she can impart knowledge to them while they are comforted by her presence. This is especially true with foals' dreams, who are more likely to experience nightmares that frighten them after they awake. Her goal is that her interceptions will help ponies become braver, stronger, and happier.

Luna enjoys her service in the dreamscape, but often times is haunted by her past nightmares. When the elements were reignited by Twilight Sparkle, Luna's redemption became the result of Twilight's ability to learn friendship and wield the magic that it creates. Luna owes her this redemption and the chance to return to her sister's side at the throne. Now that Twilight is a princess, Luna is supportive of her. But she lacks confidence in her own status and she occasionally finds herself believing that she owes the Equestrian ponies something more for her past malice, and that her role in the kingdom is not important.

Nightmare Night is a social event in Equestria, in which ponies celebrate the nighttime with scary stories, music, dancing, games, and candy. This event, purely exists based on the legend of Nightmare Moon's return, and the stories ponies told during Luna's banishment. Though there was a time where she was, Luna no longer considers this holiday insulting to her crown and openly invites ponies to celebrate the night. She embraces fun and has the willingness to entertain as a scary monster that, as the fabled story prevails, is coming to gobble them up. Luna especially feels its importance as it allows her to connect with the younger generations of Equestrian ponies, something Luna thinks is extremely important for Equestria in the future.

Princess Luna struggles with having a lack of self-control. Luna has always had a short temper. She is easily angered by things she does not approve of. She is also stubborn in traditions and her roles as a Princess. These two traits cause her to misjudge the best social approach sometimes and, when she is wrong, will make her upset. Because of her stubbornness, she can be easy to deceive using her own wits against her, which helped the Nightmare forces convince her to transform. Though she can be a stick in the mud at times, she also enjoys the exploration of new things. She's often curious about activities she has yet to discover. And though she spends a great deal of time alone, she would rather be with other ponies. Her social skills are less than preferred, unfortunately, as she will occasionally miscommunicate or come across intimidating. Luna always tries to counter this with an extra effort of socializing with the citizens. She will sometimes randomly appear unannounced at events in which there is a social gathering or festival. And now that she realizes that there are several ponies who have fun at night, she is constantly on the lookout for evening activities where her subjects enjoy the moon and stars. There is no telling where she will be on any given day or night.

Luna lives in Canterlot with her sister. She writes letters everyday to her constituents who are faithful to write to her. She plays her role as Princess of the Night, and Celestia's first mare. With the nightmare behind her, and the moon in her power, she hopes to be the best night Princess she has ever been.

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