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[Lore] The Changeling Kingdom


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The Kingdom of the Changelings - A Realm Veiled in Mystery




The changeling kingdom is a remote region north of Aquellia, past the treacherous Forest of Leota. It is home to the changelings, a race of parasitic, shape-shifting equinoid lifeforms known to be hostile to Equestria. Details regarding the region are somewhat scarce given the number of ponies who have successfully ventured in and returned alive remains small, but from what accounts do exist, some of the mysteries at least have begun to unravel.


The kingdom as a whole is best described as being built upon inhospitable terrain. The land is rough, dry and mountainous throughout, and either by the influence of the inhabiting species as a whole or through the misrule of the queen, little vegetation seems to grow anywhere in the kingdom. The majority of the changelings are thought to live in small groups and colonies throughout the realm, building peculiar slimy green pods in the valleys and caves for their shelter. Often these structures are built out of sight, making the region appear even more empty and devoid of life than it is.


At the very heart of the kingdom is the castle of the changeling queen and the changeling settlement that surrounds it. The castle is built atop an isolated platform overlooking a large lake. It is surrounded by steep cliffs with only a deathly narrow and winding path leading up to it. The settlement is nestled down the path, at the foot of the cliff. A gate emblazoned with the queen’s image built on the only pass through the surrounding mountains protects the settlement from unwanted visitors.


The queen’s castle and accompanying settlement are unusual as they do not appear to be typical changeling structures. The elaborate towers of the stone castle and ordinary shape of the settlement’s homes has most researchers suspecting that they were originally constructed by a conquered griffon or pony clan and repurposed for the queen and her changelings’ use. Large portions of the castle and all of the settlement homes are thickly covered in the changelings’ green pod slime.


The castle itself is of immense size, providing abundant space for the queen and her most favored servants and minions. Any bold enough to enter, will find that the interior has been designed with an unconscionable number of doors, staircases and dangerous traps, likely as a last means of defense aimed to confuse would be invaders. The queen herself is thought to reside near the top of the highest castle tower, where she is both protected and able to gaze out upon her entire kingdom.

~Canterlot Research Journal

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Much has changed for the Hive ever since the downfall of Chrysalis and the crowning of King Thorax. The kingdom of the changelings has become a realm of peace; their insatiable hunger changed to feelings forums, their constantly shifting labyrinths to permanent easy-to-remember hive layouts. Life and greenery are slowly returning to what were once wastelands, although with lusher pastures come more dreadful beasts like the voracious maulwurfs. Regardless, the Changeling Kingdom is nowadays an oasis of Harmony within the mostly uncivilized Badlands.

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