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      A demon must have rewritten reality so that I could return, I guess.

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  2. Sorry I kinda dropped off from the Gala toward the end. I was having fun but then some stuff came up and I had a number of projects I was trying to get done and it just got away from me.

    1. Blueblood


      I understand.  Hopefully we'll see you in the After-party threads!

  3. I don't personally get why people are so quick to make distinctions between slice of life and adventure episodes. It really has no bearing on the quality or anything really. There are some truly mediocre adventure episodes (Dragonquest comes to mind) while most of the series best episodes are more slice of life in nature. The fantasy trappings of the world are interesting and I do like it when they are explored, but the main draw of the series is and always has been the wonderful characters. As long as the characters continue to be written well and the situations remain interested and written well, I don't care so much if the action takes place in Ponyville or some exotic locale we haven't seen before. That said, Applejack's Day Off was still terrible.
  4. So I'm gonna be taking part in four threads for the gala. Really hope I can keep up.

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      We believe in you, Might Time wizard!

  5. And just to confirm the "multiple" part of my statement, here's my brilliant second post from the first page
  6. I'm kind of proud of the fact that I posted multiple times on the first page of this thread, before many of you regulars.
  7. Superhero/Supervillain Name: White Windigo (Snowfall). Her identity is a firmly kept secret, known only to a few close confidants. Not even her own mother knows. Powers: She has no actual powers on her own but rather makes extensive use of an assortment of advanced technologies developed by her company, Northern Storm Industries. Chief among these is a magically powered machine inbuilt into her suit which exudes a thick white mist and absorbs all the heat in her surrounding area, quickly creating subzero temperatures. Her distinctive all white suit which covers her from head to tow is resistant to both heat and cold and even protects her from standard attacks. The boots on her forehooves have a temperature reducing device in them as well which can instantly freeze things she touches in solid ice. She also has knowledge of combat and survival acquired from her time spent in the Whitescar wilds. Alias: When not acting at the White Windigo, Snowfall acts instead as the approachable yet dedicated CEO of Northern Storm Industries, a technology firm started by her father, Northern Storm. She is a celebrity within Stalliongrad, and known in several cities across Equestria. Backstory: Snowfall is the only daughter born to celebrated self-made Stalliongrad businesspony Northern Storm and his wife Crystal Snowflake. From an early age she was pruned to succeed her father as head of the company, a fate she was not entirely accepting of due to her free spirit. When her father suddenly disappeared in her youth, the pressure increased for her still. Rather than face the expectations that she was suddenly being prematurely saddled with, she made the decision to fly off in pursuit of her father, following the trail deep into the northern snowlands. In time she lost said trail and the snow closed in on her and she was sure she was to meet her end buried there in the snow. That was when a spectral image, like that of the windigos who populated the Hearth's Warming stories appeared before her accompanied by a long sound. Captivated by what she saw, she found new strength and rushed ahead in the direction of the spectral shape, only for it to dissipate in an instant. Moments later, she was unconscious. When she awoke, it was in the fortress dungeon of a vile wizard in the Southern Wilds of Whitescar. Twisted and evil, the wizard and his followers had been kidnapping whole wandering parties across the north for some time. There in the dungeons, Snowfall was reunited with her father, though he was weak from years spent as a prisoner. As the days passed, he grew weaker still until, on his deathbed, he told Snowfall of the deep pride he had for what he had built in Stalliongrad and how much the city meant to him and made her promise she would do everything to protect it. Her father had always been cold to her in her youth, saddling her with so much expectation that she had always resented him to some extent, but as he went on, telling her not just of his beloved city, but of how proud he was of her, she was overcome with emotion and inspiration. Shortly after he passed, she steeled herself to escape from her situation and return to Stalliongrad so she could make good by her father's wishes. She found her opportunity in manipulating some of the more hapless henchponies of the wizard and made her escape from the fortress. Escaping the wilds would be more difficult still, however. Attempts to fly through the constant blizzard conditions were impossible and there were dangerously beasts intent to eat her beyond every drift. Frustration set in at how despite her ordeal and her escape, nothing had changed. That was until a party of caribou warriors came to her rescue against a ferocious wyrm. As she watched them fight and slay the creature, she was awed by their strength in combat. She asked that they take her under their wing and teach her to fight and become someone stronger. Amused by the idea, the caribou agreed. At first she was a game to them, but in time, she learned how to fight with a warrior's spirit. After three years spent with the caribou, however, Snowfall knew it was time to return home and do what she had to for the city she had sworn to protect. Once there, she was at first unsure what to do aside from reclaiming her title as head of her company. Then it occurred to her that, despite not having any special powers naturally she could still act as a hero like those who did if she made use of her company's technology. So was born the White Windigo, using the motif of the feared creature of legend, Snowfall began to improve her city on two levels as a beacon of progress for her company and as a hero rooting out criminal sorts in the street. Years later, few are more feared by the unlawful in her city than she. Notable Allies: Notable Enemies: The Dark Wizard Cyprianus, a number of criminals, costumed and otherwise in Stalliongrad, including criminal mastermind Slick Noir. General Notability: In Stalliongrad, she is quite esteemed and feared, having been established as a hero for quite some time. Elsewhere in Equestria, she would be more obscure. In general, Snowfall is more well known in her civilian identity than her superhero one.
  8. RP posts will come saturday. Really wanted to do some tonight, but it didn't happen. :/

  9. i prefer it in English personally. They did a good job with it for the most part. Also, Yukiko is pretty low on my list. Naoto is my second pick.
  10. Yep. Got a Vita and don't regret it at all. Persona 4 is the best.
  11. Nope. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Looks really cool, but I'm not buying a new console just for it.
  12. Yeah.. Fun friday things often are annoying and loud. I'd get a Wii-U but I think there's like only one game on the system I'm even remotely interested in, so I think I'll pass and just read instead.
  13. Sir Fartsalot...? Can't say I've ever had the pleasure of reading that one, but it certainly sounds like high literature.
  14. Fawkes is quite the catch I guess... And I'm sure the books your mom recommends are just fine.
  15. That is tempting, but I kind of doubt it's guaranteed, and I don't want to sacrfice the hours it would take to read it all just to see if one somehow materializes.
  16. I think I'd kinda worry for myself if it did start to make sense to me, to be honest.
  17. Yeah. I'm pretty sure even if you read it all they're not gonna make much more sense. Rather this is probably one of those things where it's better you give up on trying to understand it and just take whatever comes.
  18. I may not know what the future holds But hear me when I say That my past does not define me 'Cause my past is not today
  19. That would involve actually sifting through two thousand pages though. I figure most people are too lazy for that. I know i am.
  20. Pfft. The Skype chats make a lot more sense than these people.
  21. Sometimes Rose works in mysterious ways. And nah, thanks, but I think I'm pretty good on memes at the moment.
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