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WoE question: settlements with airship service?


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Which towns and settlements in Greater Equestria have access to airship services?

I'm going to be rewriting my character's bio so that her pegasus parent is working in the airship business, and has met and fell in love with my character's earth pony parent. And that is how my question is reletive to the rp.

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Good question. Looking down our list of roleplay locations, I would say the following would probably be the biggest hotbeds of airship activity in Greater Equestria:

Beakbreak City - probably our most directly airship driven location; not a super nice place to live though.

Stalliongrad - a large, diverse and modern city with a fair amount of focus on airships.

Manehattan - Equestria's biggest economic center. would definitely have airships.

Canterlot - it's the capital and we see an airship leave it in canon, so it could work too.

Other towns and cities might have some minor airship presence too, of course, so if you find a location that better suits your character, don't be afraid to use that instead. ;)

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