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Rusty's log


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((I'm Using tablet so this log will most likely look pretty bland... since I don't have any editing options on here, and using the PC version of this site makes my tablet cry))

Earth ponies met:


-(Message me if I missed you)

Unicorns met:

-Presteza (close friend)



-(Message me if I missed you)

Pegasai met:


-Mechanical Madness (friend)

-(Message me if I missed you)

Threads participated in:

Notable relationships:


Presteza and Rusty Contraption are very close friends, and have something akin to a uncle and niece relationship. This relationship first started when Presteza applied to be Rusty Contraption's assistant in his Invention Shop. The two's personality's immediately complimented each other, and Rusty's usually grumpy anti-social nature broke down to reveal a kind, if not a bit spacey and eccentric, stallion. Now, this is where the story splits into two parts: canon, and off canon.

Canon: The two went on a mysterious adventure that they don't really take about much, or when they do, they just make small referential pokes at it.

Off canon: The two went on a crazy time traveling adventure in an attempt to save Rusty's friend, Scrape.

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