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Canterlot.com provides easy-to-use web blogging software for users to write about anything they wish to blog about. However, we ask that you follow a few guidelines to keep our blogs clean and civil:

  • Canterlot user blogs are subject to the same rules as the rest of the board. You can find a full list of forum rules HERE.
  • Post in English. The primary language of Canterlot.com is English. Please post your blogs in English. Blogs that do not adhere to this rule will be removed.
  • Do not curse excessively. Occasional mild slips will not be actioned, but spamminess or excessive vulgarity (f-bombs, slurs, etc.) will result in removal or censorship.
  • No smut. Pornographic material of any sort will be deleted without warning.
  • This is not a platform for you to attack others. Malicious or mean-spirited posts will be interpreted as bullying and harrassment and dealt with as such. You are welcome to address more serious issues (so long as it is tagged appropriately), but do not take this as license to be toxic.
  • Do not vandalize other people's blogs. Ranting, attacking, or spamming in the comments sections of other people's blogs will be interpreted as bullying and harrassment and dealt with as such.
  • Be respectful! There are many users on Canterlot with the mind for blogging and writing and just as many opinions. It is inevitable that some of these opinions will be at odds with one another. Please keep discussions civil and do not resort to personal attacks because of disagreements in opinion. Opinions are not a game and there is no winner or loser. If you cannot say anything without attacking another person, don't say it!
  • Think about what you are writing before you post it. You have many steps to go through before you hit the "post" button. Think about what you have written before you post it. Is it defamatory, derogatory, or malicious in any way? Don't post. Is it thoughtful, readable, insightful, and discussion-provoking while remaining respectful? Go ahead and post!

Happy blogging, everypony!

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