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Gallery Rules


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Canterlot Gallery Rules

The Canterlot Gallery is a place where members can share original MLP related artwork that they themselves have created and follow the criteria below.

General Rules and Regulations

  • Please try and put as much effort into your work as possible, using plain paper rather than ruled/lined will get more attention and look far better and less tacky.
  • Submissions must be suitable for ALL audiences and must not exceed casual displays of affection or non graphic action scenes.
  • Characters must conform to the creator's original version as possible.
  • Art must contain characters or themes related to My Little Pony (Any Generation). Anthropomorphization and "Humanized Ponies" are acceptable as long as they conform to the guidelines.
  • Photographs of physical items (custom MLP etc) must be your own work and stated as such in the description.
  • Comments must follow the Board Rules.

Examples of Prohibited Items

  • Gore, extreme violence, and criminal acts
  • Sex, sexual situations, or innuendo
  • Illegal drugs, drug references, and/or paraphernalia
  • Screenshots and photographs, with the exception of photos of crafted works such as plushies.
  • Non-original artwork such as that built from traces or bases.
  • Plagiarized artwork in whole or in part
  • Image macros (eg: memes, reaction faces, etc.)
  • Treating the Gallery as a "Photobucket" style host. Canterlot is not to be used to link images off-site or for banners/signature images etc.
  • 'Pony Maker' or other generated images.
  • Costumes / cosplay, photographs that do not feature ORIGINAL MLP artwork, logos, etc.

NOTE: Art created by others of your own original character may be posted where full credit is given to the original artist. Submissions made containing other people's work that do not follow the conditions above will be considered a violation of the Terms of Service and will be removed without warning.

Canterlot Staff reserves the right to remove any material they determine as unacceptable or inappropriate.

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