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Free-for-All (FFA) RP Rules


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Free RP Rules

The Free Roleplay sections of Canterlot.com, by design, have little in the way of set rules. That said, this does not mean these sections have no rules whatsoever. If you intend to partake in the Free Roleplay sections, keep the following in mind:

  • All content must still follow Site Rules and Expectations for Conduct. Make sure you are familiar with the rules listed here before posting anywhere on the forum.
  • Pornographic roleplay of any type is prohibited in all sections of the forum.
  • Sexual roleplay or solicitation of sexual roleplay from minors in forum or private message will be dealt with very harshly.
  • Roleplayers should strive to respect one another. Listen to your roleplay partners and try to treat others fairly. It's more fun for everyone that way.
  • Obey the rule of consent. Players are not required to acknowledge actions that have been forced upon their characters without prior agreement. Players who godmod or otherwise compromise the RP game for others will be reprimanded.
  • If the staff need to interject in a roleplay for any reason, please be understanding and respectful. (Although if you read and follow the rules, this should not happen.)

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