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Flourish [ready]


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Role Play Type: WoE

Name: Flourish

Gender: Female

Age: Older Filly

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Magenta

Coat: Flourish’s coat is light turquoise blue.


Her mane and tail are off white with a streak of magenta running through them. Her tail is average length and she often binds it up in the center when flying. Her mane is soft and flowing. She tends to let it fall down in front of her eyes.


Flourish has an extremely athletic build. Her muscles are toned and she has quite the keen look about her. The filly’s eyes sparkle with a dangerous light that comes from performing various flight maneuvers for her profession. She carries herself lightly, seeming to almost take flight with each step she takes.

Her coat is sleek and well maintained, though her mane and tail can sometimes be in disarray. She tries to keep it under control but they have tendency to be a bit of a mess. She can be spotted with her goggles set on her head behind her ears, and often with her turquoise flight scarf on as well.


Flourish lives in a barrack style dwelling on the edge of the fields of the Saddleveil Plains near Baltimare. She picked this dwelling upon her decision to start a sky writing business. “Home Base”, as she likes to call the dwelling, houses not only Flourish but also the other two members of her team.


Flourish is the owner and director of ‘Cloud Crossers’, a sky writing business. She designs the different forms of writing that will be used along with various simple images that may be chosen. When she began the business she ran every part of it but now since she has two partners, they help to share the load. When she started ‘Cloud Crosser’ she not only designed and tried out all the types of writing that can be used, she was also in charge of public relations, sales, and finances.

Her business is mostly local so far, reaching to Baltimare. She has also been able to branch out to Hoofington and occasionally to Manehatten since taking on two partners. When she was starting up she had to do a lot of advertising but now she finds that she has just enough business to keep herself and her team mates busy and financially stable.


Flourish was born in the City of Cloudsdale to Cloud Dancer and Blue Skies. Cloud Dancer, Flourish’s father worked for the weather patrol and her mother Blue Skies worked in Ponyville’s library. The two met at a Wonderbolts show when they were both fairly young and a few years later they were married. All her young life Flourish grew up in Cloudsdale with not only a love for flight and helping with weather from her father but also a knowledge and understanding of literature and quill work from her mother.

Once she was done in primary school, her father began to teach her the art of weather patrol in earnest. Many days the young filly could be found swooping through the skies, following her father’s air stream, and learning the skills to move the clouds and bring the winds. She was also quite occupied with learning the main interest of her mother. Although she did not love the organizational side of working in the library, Flourish loved reading literature and learning quill work from her mother.

Flourish was able to take the skills learned from her parents and combine them in her own unique way. She was eventually able to found a business out of her sky writing skills. Since ‘Cloud Crossers’ is such a successful business she is also able to take time out for adventures and spending time with her friends and family. She is happy with her life and business and hopes to continue running ‘Cloud Crossers’ for a very long time.

Cutie Mark:

Blue Skies was quite proud of her daughter’s skill with the quill and Cloud Dancer was impressed with Flourish’s budding skills with weather patrol. On one special birthday her parents presented her with a special quill made from a goose feather. Her father had often explained to her that the goose was a noble bird, flying over great distances of Equestria depending on the seasons. It was a bird with respect for the weather brought by the Pegasus patrol, it flew with the seasons.

It was a beautiful quill, made from a chocolate brown primary feather of a goose. She was so excited by the gift that she stepped outside and flew up to the clouds with it. She swooped around with the quill, letting it play on the winds. When she came back down to the porch of her home every pony looked up. She had shaped the clouds into the most wonderful patterns.

“I wonder…” Flourish thought as she looked up at the shaped clouds. She took off and flew back through them a few more times, shaping them into letters! The letters spelled out, FLOURISH! The young filly was amazed! Soon she was up in the clouds putting her skills to use every day. She knew how to move the clouds from her father and she had excellent quill work from her mother! The result was that she could make the clouds into shapes of letters and even simple shapes like a pony’s smiling face!

It was not long before ponies started to notice the cloud writing in the skies near Flourish’s home. A young colt was having a birthday party and his parents offered Flourish two bits to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the skies above their home. She accepted, swooped up into the sky and got to work! When she landed she was shocked to see her cutie mark had appeared! Two white, swirling clouds with a brown goose feather quill in front of them!

Character Summary:

Flourish’s main talent is also what she bases her life and business off of, cloud writing. Her other talents include skills in weather service, quill work, and various athletic endeavors like trick flying. She has a special knack in making other ponies feel safe and happy when they are around her. She has quite the cheery and welcoming nature.

She is motivated by her desire to see her business do well as well as her longing for adventure. She dreams to build a business that will eventually run without her, leaving her free to have fun and see a bit of the world. She would never want to be completely removed from ‘Cloud Crossers’ but she does not wish to be tied to it extremely closely either.

Flourish loves to spend time with other ponies. It works perfectly for her to live with the other ponies that she works with in ‘Home Base’. They are her closest friends and she loves spending time with them. She also likes to go to parties and social gatherings to meet other ponies. She gets energy from being around others. She likes to play competitive type games with other ponies, everything from party games to sporting events.

Her hobbies include going on walks or flights with others, practicing her quill work, and writing stories. She likes to create stories for lots of reasons. It allows her to exercise her imagination, create new adventures, and practice her quill work.

It is hard for Flourish to keep her concentration on only one thing for long periods of time. She didn’t excel quite as well as some ponies through her schooling, mostly due to her active imagination and difficulty with long amounts of concentration. She did try very hard to pay attention and as a result passed all of her classes. She tends to bounce from one activity to the next, sometimes leaving other ponies in the dust, so to speak, on what she is thinking. This is usually not a problem as her energy level and friendly personality make her a very fun pony to spend time with.

Flourish is sometimes fearful of being tied down by her business. Because of her tendency to enjoy moving quickly and her desire for adventures and fun times with friends, ‘Cloud Crossers’ sometimes feels like a hindrance. She goes back and forth on this though as she loves the ponies she works with and knows that she depends on ‘Cloud Crossers’ to earn bits.

Overall, Flourish is a very fun pony. She may not be the very most dependable pony but she makes a good friend because of her energy, fun, and wit. She loves to meet new ponies and is always ready for an adventure!

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