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[Canterlot] Down From the Mountains (closed)


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Moyokijani adjusted the straps on his saddle bags as he trotted down the foothills of the Solstice Heights towards Canterlot. The shining city was bathed in the light of morning as the zebra made his way onto the road that lead into the heart of Canterlot. He had all kinds of remedies and herbs in his bags and was ready to set up shop for the day. He had a list of regular clients he would need to visit. That was always a pleasure. Moyo loved to catch up with the various ponies that used her remedies in Canterlot. They all had such interesting lives and stories. What they did was so different from what he spent his days doing.

After his rounds were done the zebra would settle himself down in a small market area on the edge of Canterlot and see which ponies would like to buy up the extra stock he always brought with him. Who knew, he might even pick up a few more regular clients. Moyo trotted down the street, intent on meeting up with his clients and friends.


A few hours later saw the zebra done with passing out remedies to his regulars. They had all thanked him profusely, stating that their trick fetlock, sore back, and other ailments never felt better than when they were treated with Moyo's natural remedies. The zebra was happy to be of service. A good amount of bits now jingled in the pouch on the side of one of his half empty bags. Perhaps he could use some of them on something nice for his parents. They never ventured out of the Solstice Heights and the zebra was fond of taking them interesting items from Canterlot. He made up his mind to go look for a good present for them once the rest of his wares had sold.

He set up his little shop quickly by laying down a multicolored blanket and placing his herbs and remedies out for other ponies to see. As he was laying down the last bunch of herbs he noticed something a bit odd. There was a pony from the Royal Guard! What was he doing in the market place? One never knew who might show up but Moyo hardly ever say Guard ponies about the market area. He wondered if a strong looking stallion such as the one he saw would ever have need of a natural remedy.

"One never knows..." He mumbled to himself as he watched the Guard pony with interest.

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"About time you're awake." A white mare craned her neck down to nuzzle the stallion sprawled out on the floor. "Good morning, sleeping beauty."

The stallion cracked a smile, forcing open his eyes against the light streaming through the window. He yawned, flicking an ear, "Good morning, Starlight." 

An affectionate kiss was shared between the two before the stallion hauled himself out of his nest of pillows on the floor. 

"I made you tea, Stronghold." Starlight smiled, trotting into the kitchen of their home. "The honey from the market is still good, if you would like some." 

Perking his ears, The handle of the cabinet glowed a soft gold as Stronghold opened it, only to find it empty. Frowning, the old Guardsman turned to see his beloved already putting a spoonful of honey in his glass. 

"Too slow." Starlight winked. "I knew you'd want some."

"You are too good to me, love." Stronghold chuckled, "I never get a chance to make you breakfast." 

"Because you are too busy sleeping, dearest." With a mischievous flick of her tail, Starlight handed the glass off to her mate, settling down on the sofa in the next room. 

Stronghold plodded after her, poking his head around the corner, "Do you have any more of the... The..." 


"The plant... Things." 

"Herbs, love. They're herbs. And no, I do not. Why?" Starlight sipped her own tea, raising a brow, "Are you finally ready to stop being a colt and try them?" 

Stronghold snorted, "I was not being a colt. I didn't expect them to be that bitter." 

"Right." The mare thought for a moment, "I... Believe there should be a Zebra down in the market. I hear he sells herbs as well." 

"A zebra?" Stronghold gave an odd look, "I have never seen a zebra in Canterlot..." 

"Perhaps you should be more observant, my dear. Now, before you are late," Starlight motioned to an armor-clad mannequin, "I adjusted your left brace, so it isn't as loose. Your knee should be fine with the support, but don't overwork yourself." 

"Thank you." Stronghold smiled, his armor a golden hue as he levitated it upon himself, tying the saddle and braces tight. He nuzzled Starlight's cheek before bidding her farewell for the day, trotting out into the soft dawn light...


Stronghold lumbered through the streets of the marketplace shortly after he left his home. Of course, he wasn't expected at the castle until three hours passed from now, and while he planned to be at least thirty minutes early, Stronghold gave himself more than enough time to go about his morning rituals. Only this time, before he helped his daughter open up her gallery, he would be paying a visit to a Zebra. 

A Zebra. 

The fact that there was a Zebra in Canterlot as a regular bothered the old Guardspony. Not the fact that he was a Zebra- Stronghold never held any sort of judgement in that sort- but the fact that he was a regular twisted him in the wrong way. The stallion's pride was in his knowledge of his city. Every street, every store, every day-to-day pony. How could he have missed a Zebra

Stronghold's mulling was interrupted when he spotted the unusual coat of white and off-black stripes. Surely, this was the Zebra Starlight had spoken of. If not, Stronghold seriously considered taking a break just to find out what more he had missed in Canterlot. However, the plants- Herbs, whatever- being laid out on the rug caught his eye, and when he drew nearer, Stronghold's gaze met the vendor's

"Good morning," Stronghold's greeting rumbled in his chest, "I believe you are who I am looking for. A Zebra who sells herbs?" With a dip of his head, the stallion removed his helmet, setting It on the ground with hoof overtop, "Many know me by Stronghold." 

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Moyo looked up from where he had just finished neatly stacking his herb bundles. The plants still held their green hue though a day or so after being plucked they had begun to look a little shriveled. Truth be told they were stronger in their uses once they had dried a little but it did make them look a little less appealing to the untrained eye. The zebra was always sure to explain the benefits of drying one's herbs, should any pony happen to ask.

Many know me by Stronghold.

"You've come to the right place I imagine." The zebra nodded his head and smiled. "I am indeed a zebra who sells herbs." He motioned to his collection. "I am also the zebra that visits Canterlot once or twice a season, the zebra that cultivates and harvests herbs, and also the zebra who is now meeting a member of the Royal Canterlot Guard." Moyo dipped his head in respect. He knew what the Guard stood for and any group with the motives of the Royal Guard had his support.

"Well then Stronghold is it? My name is Moyokijani, though some consider that quite a mouthful. Those who know me, call me Moyo. It is good to meet you." His hoof touched the edge of the blanket on which the herbs rested. "Tell me Stronghold, are you in need of an herbal cure? Sore muscle, headache, or maybe just want a little extra shine in your coat?" The zebra listed off a few remedies his herbs could be used for.

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"Moyokijani," Stronghold said somewhat slowly, but correctly nonetheless.  Years of speaking to ambassadors with off names led his tongue to overcome the awkwardness. "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I see you have quite the job." 

As the zebra went through his list of ailments, the stallion chuckled, "No, no, nothing of that sort," Stronghold remarked with a small smirk. He bent down and untied his left brace with his teeth rather than using his magic. Setting aside the piece, Stronghold slowly bent his knee, stiffening. 

"An old wound has come back to haunt me." He explained, "It was thought to have healed when I first received it, but the strain it puts on me now says otherwise." Stronghold bowed his head, "Some days it is too much for me to bear. I do not trust medicines. My wife suggested I try natural remedies." 

(Sorry for the shortness)

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My wife suggested I try natural remedies.

"Ah, your wife seems to be wise for suggesting such treatment. It is true that natural remedies, when used correctly, can be just what is needed to provide relief." He studied the knee as Stronghold stiffened it. "Tell me friend, how long have you been in pain from this old wound and what caused it in the first place? I do have herbal cures for this type of injury but it helps to have knowledge of what causes the pain."

Moyo waited for Stronghold's response while looking over his herbs again. He wondered if he would have what the stallion needed with him. If not, he would need to go get the right herbs from his home in the mountains. That would take some time.

(short post is short ;))

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