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Slim Chance [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria

Name: Slim Chance

Sex: Female

Age: Early Adulthood

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Magenta

Coat: Lemon Yellow

Mane/Tail: Bright Green. She lets it grow long, tying her mane back to keep it away from her eyes but otherwise ignoring it, except for combing it occasionally when it gets too messy.

Physique: A fairly average build, a little on the tall side.

Residence: She has an apartment in Canterlot, but she only spends time there very occasionally. Most of her time is spent on the road.

Occupation: Currently holds a junior research position in the Canterlot Historical Society.

Cutie Mark: A pair of dice showing boxcars, which ultimately represent a passion for taking risks, and a calm and confident attitude which can carry her through risky situations.


Slim Chance might describe her early years as ‘sheltered’, however in truth her parents were somewhat rightly concerned for her. Even as a foal, she had a noteworthy wanderlust nearly getting her in serious trouble or worse, causing her parents to take a much closer eye on what she was doing. They took special care to ensure she didn’t wander off anywhere on her own, and pushed her toward activities which they hoped would increase her patience.

For a time, it appeared to work. After some resistance, she took to several of their suggested pursuits. She particularly shared in their love of reading, though with a particular fondness for adventure novels. It wasn’t to last however, it wasn’t long before her parents’ close attention began to chafe. After a few attempts of Slim Chance’s to negotiate which ended in failure, she decided to take matters into her own hooves. After spending a few nights planning and waiting, Slim Chance found her opportunity and ran away from home.

Her first day on the road was everything she dreamed it would be. The whole world was open to her to explore, and for once she truly felt like the master of her own life. She spent her time exploring, meandering through the wilderness surrounding her hometown, exploring every nook and cranny she could find and generally investigating anything that caught her attention.

As night fell however, she began to doubt the wisdom of her actions. The chill fall air had her longing for the warmth of home, and her stomach began growling unpleasantly. Initially she pressed on, stubbornly clinging to her newfound independence, there was only so much a filly could take. After a night in the woods, trying to sleep awkwardly on a tree branch and surrounded by the sounds of prowling animals, she finally had to admit that maybe her parents had been right.

Her mind made up, the following morning the following morning she made her way home. It wasn’t hard to tell which direction it was, and the one point at which she finally did become lost she ran into some helpful guardsponies who guided her the rest of the way. She arrived back at her doorstep exhausted but happy, into the hooves of her relieved parents, upon which her cutie mark appeared at the safe conclusion of her little adventure.

Though technically her sojourn ended in failure, as she hadn’t last more than a day on her own, it was her first real taste of adventure and independence. Even simply thinking of what she could take away from this as lessons made her excited, and she hadn’t even home for more than a few minutes before she had started thinking about her next outing.

Over the next couple of days she couldn't help but notice some subtle changes in her parents' demeanor however. It wasn’t that they were angry, quite the opposite: they were overjoyed for her to be back home again, safe and sound. Slim Chance couldn’t help but notice that their happiness seemed somewhat strained however. Though there were few outward signs of it, there was an exhaustion in their eyes and a tiredness in the way they spoke. At first they denied it when Slim Chance brought it up, not wanting to give her unnecessary worries, but she was insistent and soon enough they caved in and told her that they’d been worried sick the entire time she'd been gone, and that half the local guard had been out looking for her all that night. That day she realized just what sort of impact her actions could potentially have on others, and she didn’t like the idea.

Wanting to avoid any chances of hurting her parents again, she tried to live up to their previous intention and threw herself into her studies. Books and stories on their own could only hold her attention for so long however, and soon enough she felt a need for adventure once more. This time she was more willing to talk things out. Her parents, by this point thinking it would be easier to give her a safer outlet than to try and and keep her grounded altogether, and suggested the Canterlot Historical Society and it’s regular expeditions into untamed lands and ancient ruins as a supervised way for her to sate her need for adventure.

With her parent’s blessing, she got herself a small apartment in Canterlot in which she stays when she isn’t on an expedition or otherwise involved in some kind of adventure.

Character Summary:

Slim Chance is, first and foremost, fairly independent and headstrong. While she’s perhaps less aggressive about it than she once was, it is nonetheless very difficult to change her mind once her opinion is set. She’s not immune to reason, but dissuading her will in most cases take more than a simple argument. That she has a history of improvisation doesn’t help, she’s as likely to see a problematic situation as a challenge to be faced rather than a difficulty to be avoided.

Though less intense than it was, she also still has the wanderlust and passion for adventure of her youth.

Slim Chance’s experiences with her parents are the event that made the single greatest change to her attitude. They were the first time she was confronted with the effects of her actions on others, and she decided she did not like it. Independence is a two way street in her mind, and she has no more business controlling others through influence than they do her. She’s certainly not opposed to helping when asked, but she thinks others are better off failing from their own mistakes than succeeding when they didn’t ask for the help.

Finally, Slim Chance generally likes to be helpful, and beyond general good intentions she can be a little protective towards others when it comes to taking risks. She tends to volunteer for dangerous or risky tasks, and while she won’t typically stop others from embarking on them outright she will make efforts to dissuade them if they seem at all uncertain. She feels a little protective of those less confident than her, between this and a belief that she’s better suited to dangerous tasks she tends to volunteer for them so that others don’t have to, as such situations occur. Note that these can be more than physical risks: she’s as likely to take one risks to reputation or the like as she is potential physical harm.

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Hi DerpRavener!

I will be evaluating your character app and I must say, overall, this app is very well written with all of the required fields filled.

However, I think Slim Chance's cutie mark story is a bit off. Usually, when a filly or colt gets their cutie mark, it's a moment of discovery, a sort of 'light bulb above the head' kind of 'Ah-ha!' moment for them. Getting a cutie mark for basically running away from home just doesn't seem to fit that mold. I know this is a pivotal time for Slime Chance's life, but getting a cutie mark for running off just doesn't seen right. Perhaps, when she returned and discovered how much her parents love her and missed him might be a better 'cutie mark moment'. That's just a friendly suggestion, but the bottom line is, that part of her backstory needs to be rewritten.

Aside from that issue, this app looks very promising! Please continue to work on it and if you need help, I'll be here!

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Yeah, the cutie mark story was/is kinda odd. I came up with the special talent and cutie mark before thinking of what lead to them, and I struggled with it a bit. It ended up being a bit of an experiement: my understanding of cutie marks is that they arrive with a deep personal realization, independent of other factors, and I think this turned into a bit of an experiment in creating a cutie mark story which describes less than ideal events as a result.

I've modified it now, with a couple minor edits that try to make it a bit more positive overall.

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I see you're edited the cutie mark story, and this is better. I don't mean to nitpik, but I think the cutie mark moment would look best if she got it after her happy reunion with her parents. The mere act of returning home would probably not be enough of a discovery moment, in my opinion.

Otherwise, this app is very close to being ready for the next stage of the process! Well done!

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Alright, I've completed the next round of edits. I tried to connect it more to seeing her parents and being back in the safety of the house, with the conclusion of the journey essentially being the triggering event.

I hope this works, these are getting harder to work in. If this doesn't work, I think I'll either have to seek outside help or move the character to CC or something.

It's possible that this character concept just doesn't quite work for WoE, and if so I doubt I can both satisfy myself and the WoE requirements.

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I like the changes you've made! My opinion is this will be an acceptable WOE app!

Just need to wait for Senior RP Staff to review this app for approval

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