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  1. Hey there! How have you been?

    1. Mojo


      Been very busy IRL.  Glad to know Canterlot.com is still going!

  2. Mojo

    Just Visiting

    I had avoided watching any of Season 8 because I just didn't care much for the show anymore, well that and I no longer have access to Discover Family. However, I took time today to watch episodes from that season and I must admit, they were pretty good. NOT saying that I have my full enthusiasm for MLP again, but at least I feel good viewing this latest season. Shows are hard to find on YT, guess Hasbro changed their policy on them since last season. Oh well, I'm still around, watching from afar.....
  3. Hi all! I'm not very active on this forum anymore, but I did want to invite those members who still follow the National Football League to join me on the Official NFL Fantasy Pick'm website to play NFL Pick'm this year. For anyone who wishes to join me for a season long game of picking winners for NFL games, first you have to create your own account (if you have one from past years, it should still work) HERE Then to join my group, the group name this year is "Colmaton" and the password is "train1" Good luck, all!
  4. Howdy Mojo! How have you been?

    1. Mojo


      I'm doing fine, you ok?

    2. SteelEagle


      I'm doing just fine, sugarcube. Whatcha been up to?

    3. Mojo


      Just the same old, same old, I suppose

  5. Posted my 'goodbye' in the Planning/Leaving thread earlier.  I may visit here every once in a while, but my 'active' days on this website are done.  

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    2. SteelEagle


      I will miss my wonderful Mojo.

    3. tacobob


      Sorry to see you go. You were best grandmother. :unsure:

    4. Ciraxis
  6. As they say, all good things must come to an end. The fandom has been very good to me. For the most part, I've enjoyed my 7+ years being associated with this website and MLP FiM in general. However, I just don't have any more enthusiasm for the show anymore. Haven't watched a single episode of Season 8 and I probably won't. I've tried to keep myself involved here by joining a few RPs as Granny Smith, but I just can't continue on in them. Bottom line, outside of some occasional lurking, I'm done here. I want to thank all of the friends I've made over the years here. There's just too many of them to list, and I'm grateful for sharing the fandom experience with you all. I just can't deny it any longer, my heart just isn't in the show anymore. So, goodbye Canterlot.com, it's been fun, but now, it's done. Mojo
  7. Leaving Canterlot's Discord App because I hardly ever use or visit it anymore.

  8. Been a fan of MLP FiM since Season 1. When new episodes would premier, I was always excited to view them! Now it is Season 8, and to be honest, the premier weekend came and went without much fanfare for me. Long ago, Canterlot.com was the center of my life, so much so that I became an active Moderator here. But the years have flown by, now I am a retired Moderator and have close to zero interest in the franchise. I lost the Discovery Family channel from by TV package two years ago, and I really don't miss it. I even tried to watch the Season 8 premier on YT, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not interested in viewing the recent movie either. I have no plans to rent the DVD let alone buy it. Outside of "The Perfect Pear", I honestly cannot remember much about any of the Season 7 episodes. No, I'm not completely leaving Canterlot.com, but at the same time, I've lost most of the enthusiasm I once had for the franchise. I have loved my time on this MB, and over the years, I have truly enjoyed the TV show. But y'all have to admit, the activity on Canterlot.com is not what it used to be. Perhaps overall, the fandom is beginning to show it's age. Anyway, just had to share my feelings. Maybe I can rekindle my interest in Season 8 somehow, but until then, got a lot more things IRL I need to tend to. I'll still be around, though not as much as in the past.
  9. Now Granny Smith was a little confused. The elderly mare glanced all around the room, looking for AppleJack, Apple Bloom, or any other familiar pony. There seemed to be a lot of mixing and mingling going on, but there really wasn't anypony here that was even close to her age. Granny thought to herself, "Well, I'm here! But wadda I say to all these here youngin's? And how's come I can't find mah granddaughters? Reckon they're doin' more debutauntin' an' such. SAY! I smell food! I know I shouldn't eat this late in the day, but dang nabbit I'm hungry! I'll jist foller mah nose till.." Granny Smith's train of thought was broken when Boulder Dash walked over to her and introduced himself and his younger brother to the Apple Matriarch. "Boulder Dash.. Boulder Dash.. OH YEAH! I remember ya! Ya got that thar tomater farm down the road a piece from Sweet Apple Acres! And little Rocky! Well, ya ain't so little no more. Yur gittin' ta be a find young colt! I kin remember when ol' Big Mac was that small, but he didn't stay little long neither. I was haven' ta git'm a new horse collar fer'm every few months! That sure were a long time ago. So, Boulder Dash, whatcha doin' here? Did ya git an invite? Well, don't wurry none if'n ya didn't. If them big goomer ponies guardin' the doors give ya any flak, jist tell'm yur with me! You an' little Rocky thar! Any friends of mine deserves ta be here, BY CRACKY!" Granny was so 'worked up,' to emphasize her point, Granny Smith stomped her left front hoof hard on the floor. But soon, her mood lightened again and her confusion returned. "Er.. what was I a-sayin'? Well, don't matter none! How's about you fellers escortin' me to the food table? I smells some mighty yummy stuff an' Rocky's a growin' colt. We all could use some good gruff, ain't that right? Have y'all met AppleJack and Apple Bloom yet? Ya gotta see'm while yur here, they're in their party clothes. At least, I think they are.."
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  11. The Matriarch of the Apple Family, Granny Smith decided to stay up past her bedtime so she could attend this Debutante Ball. After all, seeing her youngest granddaughter at such an important event was a once in a lifetime experience and Granny certainly didn't want to miss out on it! "This here seems ta be a real fancy smancy sorta wingding! Lookie over yonder at the Town Hall! Thar's two big ol' goomers standin' guard at the door! Reckon that thar's the way high society folks is! Oh well, I wanna see mah ganddaughters takin' part in this event, so I best try ta blend in with the crowd." Granny Smith patiently waited in line for her turn to enter the building. When one of the attendants asked for her invitation, Granny Smith gave it to him without argument. Though she was a little confused by why he needed to hold it. "ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF MISS GRANNY SMITH!" "Why are ya yellin' so dang blamed loud, sonny? I know who I am! I ain't as senile as ya think I am! Back in MAH day, when we hadda fancy dance, we held it in a big ol' barn out under the stars and.." Granny stopped speaking when she realized all eyes were now on her. "Err, surry bout all that, folks, y'all git back ta debutantin' stuff, don't ya mind me," the elderly mare said as she began to search the gathered crowd for Applebloom and Applejack.
  12. AppleJack's statement reminded Granny Smith of one essential fact she had forgotten during all the pre-party activities: She still had another batch of apple fritters in the oven! "Land's sakes! Gotta git them fritters out! One side, y'all!" Granny Smith neighed as the elderly mare made a mad dash for the oven, pushing aside many of the ponies who stood in her way with a surprising burst of speed and strength. Granny's race to the fritters toppled both Uncle Apple Strudel and Grand Pear. "Granny!" Grand Pear yelled as he and the bearded Germane stallion got back up on their four hooves. "Herr Pear, mein sister vould run through a vall of timberwolves ta prevent her baked goods from burning in dee oven!" Uncle Apple Strudel laughed. "Whew! Jist made it in time!" Granny announced as she opened the over door and took the freshly baked fritters out. "I wonder if'n I kin find a volunteer who'd wanna taste test this here batcha fritters ta make sure they're done up right!" Granny turned and smiled at Big Mac, giving the burly stallion a wink. Meanwhile, Grand Pear turned to face Rainbow Dash to answer her question. "Indeed I do love cake, young mare," the Patriarch of the Pear family said with a smile, "and I love cake even more when I'm dining, with family!" "Vell said, Herr Pear!" added Uncle Apple Strudel as the bearded stallion turned towards AppleJack, "Ja! I see dee cutie mark Frau Applebloom, und it is vonderba! Und you, Herr Zap Apple, I know you like cake also, ja? In dis family, you vill eat much cake und pies und fritters und.." "That thar's enough speechafy'n, brother!" Granny Smith interrupted, pointing at the birthday cake with the single cake lit on top of it. "Time ta sing Happy Birthday ta our birthday colt! AppleBloom, ya might need ta help yur nephew blow out that thar candle! Ok y'all, commence ta singin'! Here in Equestria, if'n ya sing a good enough song, music'll spring up outta nowhere ta help the song along! Let's see if that works THIS time!"
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