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Lunar Relic's Log of Life


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Lunar Relic new look

Lunar Relic's Log of Life

Middle age Unicorn Stallion

Historian, Magic lover, Archeologist

"Knowledge alone is not power it depends on how you use it."

(Note this is designed like a journal written in Lunar Relic's perspective)

I am Lunar Relic a Unicorn that lives in Ponyville nice to meet you! I run a small shop in town selling historical items or other magical or otherwise valuable items. A lot of time I am away in search of more items to add to the collection. I have always wanted to be a part of the Canterlot Library staff but I am not there yet! I can be a workaholic when I focus on something. I also have a tendency to ramble on on things so if that happens please feel free to knock me upside the head. I love magic dearly and will learn all I can! My Idol is Twilight Sparkle because she represents the Element of Magic my favorite thing to practice! That and she is very interesting and a natural born leader! Slowly I will make my way to the top you'll see! I will update this log book when I can so check back to see what I have done!

Anyways this is my Log of Life where I will Log all of my big life events since I moved to Ponyville so I hope you enjoy it!

May 5, 2014: (Application Accepted) I moved to Ponyville and got my shop set up I hope I can make some quick friends that I can hang with! Maybe I will become friends with Princess Twilight Sparkle! Gah what am I saying start small Lunar, hopefully I will get the chance to talk to her at the very least!

June 24, 2014: (A New Chapter RP thread) I had my first visit to the new Library in Ponyville today. It is a lot larger then the old one was, its a shame we lost it when Tirek was on a rampage! I guess it was a good thing I was stuck underground getting something for my shop when all this happened otherwise I may have done something stupid! Anyways I digress. I met a great Unicorn called Lore Weaver he must be in charge or something but at least I found a place I could get rid of my extra copy of The Dark Woods: The Origins of The Everfree Forest Such a rare book belongs in a Library run by a great Librarian and better yet Twilight Sparkle's I know she will love to read that book! I hope that book I found will help me restore that old pot back to former glory! From the looks of the age it might be worth at the least 500 Bits but that is only if it is an original and not some copied piece of junk.

June 27, 2014:(Looking for new pals RP thread) Today I met a Private investigator named Golden Sky. He is off for a few so I am letting him stay in the extra bed in my house for however long he needs!

Oct. 12, 2014: I am currently in Trottingham in a bar known as The Windingo's Howl having a small celebration with myself over my recent discovery. the folks around here are strange. I haven't been to Trottingham buch but is this what all of them are like? I hope not and this creepy cloaked pony all I can see is this disgusting wart that makes me want to puke just thinking about it!


Oct. 21 2015: (Life in Ponyville FFA thread) I finally took some time to try and get to know some ponies today. I have met a unicorn Aurora, an Alicorn named Cloud and Rainbow Dash! Who knew she would know an alicorn! I got to show off my perfected flight spell that grants the target the wings of a Pegasus for up to a week and introduced my friend Burning Rage to them. Now we are going to race to see who is the fastest! My prediction? Rage will win, he's got that Rainbolt that surpasses even the speed of light! I never thought it was posible until I saw it for myself!

Burning Rage's Log

Young Pegasus Stallion

Stunt Flyer, Pony helper and friend to all

Names Burning Rage but please call me Rage! I am so thankful for Lunar Relic to add me a section in his Log! Anyways I am a Pegasus that loves to fly! I have my own version on the Sonic Rainboom called a Sonic Flare. Althouhg it is not as fast as a Sonic rainboom it works the same way besides how could I make a Sonic Rainboom when I am like a fire over a rainbow? I am not as fast as my idol Rainbow Dash (yet) but I am okay with that and with enough work maybe I can be! I know how life can be rough and some people love to skip through it as fast as they can! I am that way sometimes too but that is where my life quote came from my pal Lunar Relic always says "Live Life to the fullest is great and all but sometimes you just need to slow down life is not a race but and adventure worth slowing down for!" anyways here are some of my life chonicles:

July 4th 2014: (Burning Rage's Flight School for Young Pegasi Canterlot Chronicles thread) Today I opened my new flight school for those younger Pegasus who need help flying! My goal is to get them to a point where hopefully they can make Wonderbolts when they grow up! Something I never took time to do.


Oct. 21 2015: (Life in Ponyville FFA Thread) Today I met up with my old unicorn pal Lunar Relic. Still every single time I see him with that spell he has to give him wings I keep thinking he's an Alicorn. Anyway I met with an Alicorn named Cloud and get this RAINBOW DASH! Finally I can prove that I am the fastest Pegasus! After perfecting my Sonic Flare and Rainbolt Technique I can surpass the speed of light like it is nothing! Best part is they don't even know about it since as of this day I am only the second one ever recorded to perform such a move! The winner of the race we are going to have? I will say it will be between me and the Cloud fella....thing is we don't have an official ref... wheres an honset pony when you need them? Oh well...

-Log Update July 4th 2014 :20:

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