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  1. School is getting into full swing and I am beginning to realize just how much college is. Anyways my active times will be all weird foe the foreseeable future.

  2. I am I was at work for the last few weeks and I had not internet to do much of anything with... Since I lived on site during work it made it that much worse... But I would love to continue!
  3. Finally back! I was out at work for the last couple of weeks and had no interent but I am back and ready to continue!

  4. Happy so far with season 6. I always enjoy looking forward to new episodes. What are your opinions on it?

    1. Rosewind


      Good -- a lot of the stories (like the recent CMC episode) make sense from past canon. I don't think FiM will recapture the magic it saw during the first two seasons, just due to changes in staff, writers, and it functioning as a tool for Hasbro to ultimately push toys. That isn't a bad thing per se, but I can't help but wonder if it would experience a different renaissance this wasn't an express agenda behind its creation.

  5. Lunar was feeling more confident in his position. He was a great researcher and knew a lot about the old threats and his experience from old speeches helped him. Finally he stood up to speak but before he bows his head to the Princess "Princess, and my fellow ponies of Equestria as I have stated I am former guard pony Lunar Relic. I am here on behalf of the citizens and as an old member of the guard I am here with ideas on informing our fellow citizens. As we all know threats have blindsided us in the past and we have relied on The Elements of Harmony one too many times. One thing I propose is keeping citizens informed of threats as they appear. Or some form of early warning system and plan. Finally I wish to suggest a volunteer civilian defense corps to work along with the Guard this way we can have ponies with some skill as an extra line of defense." Lunar then pulls out a stack of scrolls. "I have here some reports that include all expenses that would be included. As well as some research on some things that could cause a problem in the future however I am unsure of the exact probabilities at this time but Princess." Lunar looks to Celestia to address her "I can always continue my studies on this matter after the summit. I am willing to play my part as you see fit Princess." Lunar bows his head as he did before he began to speak "I thank you for your attention." he finishes before taking a seat.
  6. Well thats weird...I guess I'll just have to wait till my turn comes back around.
  7. You have until Sunday to reply to The Changing of the Guards.

  8. So am I the only one who thought Applebloom was going to go complete crazy during the last Season 6 episode? Still yet another good episode.

  9. Well another random question I have. I am a curious sort. Now I was curious as to where your profile image/picture/icon whatever you want to call it comes from? I will start. Mine is actually a drawing of Lunar Relic done on my computer via mouse. So is it the best in the world? No but for using a mouse? I'd say it's pretty good. So how about all of you? Where did your profile picture come from?
  10. I heard what happened. I hope you get to feeling better.

  11. Lyi says you will post next in Changing of the Guard. :)

    1. LunarRelic


      Thanks for letting me know.

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