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  1. School is getting into full swing and I am beginning to realize just how much college is. Anyways my active times will be all weird foe the foreseeable future.

  2. No one has taken the spot so you can have it if you still want it. Just post at your convenience
  3. Well its up to you your the first one to say anything so unless someone shows interest the spot is yours if you want it.
  4. Okay so two things. First shouldnwe have a posting order? Second, I would like to know how the order should go.
  5. Just a request for you three. I would be happy if you could post in the OOC when you make a post on the main RP thread or when you plan to post if at all possible. Thank you!
  6. I am sorry Lyipheoryia I fixed it. Also I have put the next part up so post whenever you can please
  7. Attention: the RP thread is now up and active there is no posting order so please post to your convienence as this is the time a lot activities like school, college ect. Start messing with schedules and active times.
  8. (Please sign up for the thread at in the OOC thread <Link> before posting. I will send a message when you are cleared to post simply because there is a limited number of slots in the RP) Lunar Relic arrived in Canterlot for the "Equestrian Scholar Summit" a rather new convention that was put together for the great minds in Equestria. He was excited as he was not only attending but he was invited by the Canterlot Library as a "Historian and Magic Expert" Though more of the historian part. After all he had spend his whole life learning and researching the history of Equestria. The magic thing was only his secondary study but he had to admit for what little time he put into magic he was pretty talented. He arrived at the building in which it was being held. He was in awe by the sheer size of it. Ponies from all walks of life observing the works of great ponies. He was honored to be there. He walked down and eventually saw a booth with his name on it. The sign was rather fancy. He unpacked his gear and other items. On his table he put some of the more interesting things that he had dug up over the years. On the center was a small paragraph paper in a frame that told a bit more about him. Lunar happy with the set on the right moved to the left and put some more bland items. They were for the demonstration of a spell he had planned to show. While it was not ready for pony testing he hoped it would put on a good show. Finally done with that he took out a small stack of books and put them on the table. Some of his best work, a book about ancient pony civilizations of Equestria he had planned to give out at no cost. Finally done with his set up he looks at the schedule for the events. "Let's see... At 1:00 I have my spell demonstration then at 5:00 there is a gathering for some of the ponies to submit finds. Good I am in that meeting." Lunar said to himself softly. The convention lasted until 5:00 so he wondered what other events there were also who all would show up. Secretly, while unlikely, he hoped that Princess Twilight might be attracted to the summit since this was the kind of stuff that tended to be up her alley. That was if she could find time away from her duties as princess. Either way he was ready for a good hard two days which had the same schedule to avoid confusion for the ponies that were viewing. What other ponies might he meet here?
  9. Thread link: Greatest Minds in Equestria Okay so first of all title is a work in progress. Second the idea here is a grand convention for all of the greatest minds in Equestria. Anyone from researchers to analysis ponies. It's a convention to help promote and announce discoveries made all across Equestria. I am open to discuss and plan more about this. So far this is the list of what I would like to have in and what I need help with; Location Events A grand meeting Princess Twilight's attendance (I would like to see it but it doesn't have to happen) Other ideas that are pitched here The other thing is I am only allowing a limited number of ponies to be in it. So far there are 10 spots (not counting mine). Also if whoever is RPing as Princess Twilight right now wants to join then they get a spot seperate from these other 10. So in total 12 ponies can be in this RP. The official Rp thread will be started when slots 2-5 are taken. Lunar Relic Starlight Glimmer (lyipheoryia) Rabi (Pyro) Wrench Works (FiniteZero) Voronoi Fractal/Java (moonshinetheleocat) Open Open Open Open Open Open
  10. I am I was at work for the last few weeks and I had not internet to do much of anything with... Since I lived on site during work it made it that much worse... But I would love to continue!
  11. Finally back! I was out at work for the last couple of weeks and had no interent but I am back and ready to continue!

  12. Sorry about the delay thank you for telling me I fixed te summery on site some but I still need to work on it. I also went back through and did a new grammar check through MS Word on the chapters. But please if I missed anything in the chapters please let me know. If you read it that is.
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