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Evil Enchantress (Cupcakes Mix)


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Well, kinda; I just want to let other people know there are other forms of musical presentation based on extra-musical elements. Noise music is a statement on how many sounds that are considered "unwanted" are simply shunned, without giving them consideration as a way of expressing emotions in a way conventional sounds can't.


If I want to present the lyrics of Evil Enchantress in a way I'd hear them in a nightmare, why use a guitar when I can use abrasive synthesizer pulses that create the desired mood?

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I actually really enjoyed that :shock: I'm getting all sorts of inspiration from it, especially the parts where you can sort of hear Pinky breathing.

if I wasn't so busy with my current projects and if I wasn't so terrible at making things look creepy/dramatic, I'd defiantly want to make some sort of animation to go with this :)

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