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Pinkie Pie - Gypsy Bard Parody


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i don't have a title for this heck i didn't even make these lyrics but i thought i should share them

this song ever better if you re it along with the song here is a instrumental link

But even if your screen's inverted

Know that we are not deserted

This player might not yet have heard it

so let's play our intro song.

When I was in alpha version, a gamebreaking bug shattered immersion

So they shipped me off on the release date. Said "they'll need root if they wanna install ya."

So I had one thousand patches and cutscenes replaced most of the gameplay now

Memory is full, and CPU's fan a blur, but I still want more power to run.

When you've bundled all your cables, and your firewalls are disabled.

Listen to the morbid rattles, of my elec-tri-ci-ty.

'Cause these chords are burning rubber, and the tech support's a blunder.

So please don't whine on twitter, because there's simply no refunds.

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