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  1. ok and for the record it wasn't nightmare moon castle it is THE CASTLE OF THE ROYAL PONY SISTERS also can you put the link here plz
  2. I was thinking show wise as Trax is the Elements of magic that is why it makes since to me
  3. well the starting idea is to fine the place and we need a leader unless we make NamelessTrax the leader
  4. How would rock paper scissors work and yes thank you if you read her profile you can see she fits kindness pretty well
  5. Well I guess that means I am generosity then i was hoping for kindness or loyalty but I guess that what i get for being late
  6. my timber pony Name =Autumn Quartz Image = Non yet look to get on made age = 26 by pony standards but she is over 1000 years gender = Mare race = Timber Pony (all timber ponies are unicorns) cutiemark = A book with a quill writing in the book occupation = Gypsy Physique: About the normal female mare size. She has small pieces of wood sticking out of her mainly her legs and her horn residence = Everfree Forest but she is also a travelling pony bplace = Everfree Forest bdate = height = Normal weight = Normal coat = Brown like tree bark Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail changes with the seasons eyes = she does not have normal eyes instead of eyes she has orbs that changes depends on her mood but they are normally green mcolor = Luminous vivid yellow talent = Taking care of ponies knowledge = care taking amount other things Unique Traits: she is made out of timber, her magic is nature base and she knows spells that are forbidden and lost to the ages. History: She was born over 1000 years back when the Princesses castle was in everfree forest. She live though a lot of major events in equestria like the small reign of nightmare moon and Discord reign during the discord reign that is when her race went to near extinct, they didn't die but got transform into Timber Wolfs and lost their pony form Character Personality: idk Character Summary: She like to play her ocarina and tells stories about the past.When ever she goes out in public she hides herself under her red cloak so she wound't cause a scene.
  7. sorry for the wait here is my Griffon Name = Lunarclaw Image = https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AF78mx6oDXmhlSA&cid=E885E0D61DECF85E&id=E885E0D61DECF85E!591&parId=E885E0D61DECF85E!558&o=OneUp age = ?? gender = Mare/herm race =Griffon cutiemark =N/A occupation = residence = N/A bplace = Griffonstone bdate = height = Normal weight = Normal coat = White feathers = Green and Blue tail = eyes = Red fcolor = Green and Blue talent = knowledge = Also i wish to know what season this thing is talking place in
  8. i was talking about for this word 1 unicorn/ nerd pony 1 earth/ mud pony 1 crystal/ beautiful pony 1/ Griffon/rude bird
  9. ok and yes i know then give me another word to put next to Griffin
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