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Destiny (The game, not as in 'fate')


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I'm curious if anyone is actually playing it now, despite the mixed reviews (mainly focused on it's highly repetitive nature). Me? I just find it to be a good way to waste time until the University courses start, Civilization: Beyond Earth releases, and I run to my LGS for Khans of Takir (MtG).

For those living under a rock, Destiny is Bungie's (Former Halo devs) new game, based on an new storyline around saving a god-technology-power giving deity/object called the "Traveller". As a "Guardian", you run around the second to third planets + Earth's moon in a bid to stop the darkness. Dungeons, pvp, weekly events, and planned expansions, it's all there.

I play on PS4 though, but here's my PSN anyway incase someone wants to group up sometime. Feel free to list your details.


PSN: Fightyshy

Chars: 20 Exo Warlock, 23 Human Hunter

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