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    Simple mode: I watch too much anime ->(http://hummingbird.me/users/Fightyshy/library), ponies (S5 when?), and mostly sci-fi space stuff for live action TV. Huge Trekie, gamer first, and a player of tabletop roleplaying games, miniature wargames and trading card games. I assemble models, paint models and occasionally draw.

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    Warp "Glyph" Sign
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    Wayward Amethyst
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    Sharp Bolt

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  1. I re-announce my presence due to a lack of work getting in the way! At the same time, my lack of presence for the next 24 hours as I travel home.

  2. It's been a while since I said anything here. How are you guys?

    1. SteelEagle


      I am well! How are you?

    2. Harv0kz


      University life slightly bogged me down abit as I eased back into living alone, so that's my lack of presence explained. Other than that, I'm doing fine for the most part now.

  3. Curse you Bungie, hafta get exotic gear to pass level 20. I'll just play my new char. Anyone's free to join me.

  4. I don't know about you guys, but I wish we had our own pony-based rhythm game.

    1. TheAddictedFangirl


      That would be so freaking awesome.... :D

  5. Where does everybody from here usually hang? Just curious, because Chat is usually so quiet now.

    1. RedCedar


      Honestly, I stay in the forum. I don't usually go to chat.

    2. Blueblood
  6. I spent today going up to Chosen soldiers and saying "Nyanpasu~" Before shooting them with a rifle. Life's good.

  7. You know your taste is questionable when you choose shows, animated or otherwise, based on their openings.

    1. stormchaser1991


      that doesn't mean anything i normal do that and everyone i watch i neat in one-way ot another

    2. tacobob


      I don't like openings..They waste show time. Just throw a title and BOOM! On with the show.

  8. I demand my saturday afternoon livestreamed S5 ponies. Even my current anime season backlog runs dry.

  9. nihon no poni desu: http://imgur.com/bra0cp1 I didn't buy the plushies though, mine are bigger.

    1. PinkiePiedPiper


      You were at Bronycon?

    2. Harv0kz


      Not even same continent, I was hunting stuff in Akihabara when I found this.

    3. PinkiePiedPiper
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