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Whitescar (Outlands)


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Whitescar - The Frozen North, Where Vikings Reign

Northeast of Equestria sits the kingdom of Whitescar, a bitter cold realm that is home to a culture of caribou deer, who sail the Crimsonrine Sea as bold viking warriors. Whitescar is as rugged a place as any you might find in the world, and the same can be said sorts that choose to live there.


Cities of Whitescar

Barn - A busy port city protected by a great seawall, fairly welcoming by Whitescar standards.

Heil - The capital of Whitescar, where the king resides in a great fortress. Built atop a volcano, lava flows through city streets.

Saarvagerg - The cruel city which sits atop the mouth to the Southern Wilds. Known for its arenas, where all go to prove their mettle

Other Features

Spine of the World Serpent - A range of mountains with often repeated legends surrounding them. Unforgiving and desolate, little can survive here.

The Southern Wilds - An area of land south of Saarvagerg. Wicked and evil things are more common here than possibly anywhere else. Just in surviving the lands, one can prove oneself.

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