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A.K. "Daring Do" Yearling[ready]


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Name:A.K. "Daring Do" Yearling

Type of Role Play: World of Equestria

Sex: Mare

Age: Mare in the prime of life.

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Do’s eyes are raspberry red. She frames these with heavy rimmed red eye glasses when needed for keeping her identity a secret.

Coat: Daring Do’s coat is a perfect fit for her lifestyle, a rugged dark khaki boarding on yellow. She is seen on all her adventures sporting olive green fatigues which are covered by a flowing cloak for public appearances.

Mane/Tail: Daring Do keeps her mane and tail under control for the most part, though swinging from vines through temples does take its toll. Both mane and tail consist of a gray scale rainbow in coloration ranging from lighter smoky coloration down to coal black. She sports a tan pith helmet between her ears to protect herself from any nasty bumps swinging through a jungle temple might cause. This helmet is covered by a large floppy hat when she is under the public’s eye.

Physique: Daring Do is the picture of health in the form of a mare. Her body is a finely tuned instrument which she makes great use of. Her senses are keen and her reaction time swift. Though she is not covered with muscle, Daring Do has amazing agility on her side. Her frame is light and lithe, giving her the flexibility and maneuver ability she needs on her worldwide explorations. She stands at about the height of your average pegasus mare.

Residence: Do maintains a modest abode in the Roundbottom Hills south east of the Rissette River. She often retires to this home when working on writings from her recent adventures. She prefers a dwelling separated from others so that she is not distracted from her work. Recounting previous events is a painstaking process for the mare, though she is quite fond of the results are labor rewards her with. The home is comfortable and warm with many places in which to write. She also uses the main rooms of the home to house her collectables from all over the world. To a visiting pony it may even look like small museum. The walls are adorned with pictures and decorations, the floor with carpets from faraway lands, and the shelves full of trinkets and oddities.

When she is not in her home, Do is comfortable with the life of a traveler. Any bed will do fine, though she often finds herself on the jungle floor in a sleeping bag. She has made herself comfortable in all manner of traveling vehicles depending on where her journeys take her.

Occupation: Daring Do, having two ponysonas, finds herself with two occupations as well. The first is her work as Daring Do. Adventurer and explorer extraordinaire, this mare spends her life in pursuit of treasures, secrets, and heart pounding experiences. Though some might argue that all her running about in ancient temples disturbs what remains of the ancient past, Daring Do believes that saving these valuable trinkets from the claws of evil is more important than a few smashed pots and disturbed relics. In her time as a treasure hunter and collector of artifacts Do has even had the chance to save the world!

Being an adventurer by trade lends itself to lots of interesting stories. In public circles she has adopted the name A.K. Yearling, the pen name under which she writes her bestselling novels. She has written numerable books about her escapades such as ‘The Quest for the Sapphire Stone’ and ‘The Ring of Destiny’. Her books are well known in Equestria and read by young and old alike. Any pony looking for an action packed read might find themselves reaching for a chronicle of this pegasus’ amazing adventures!

Cutie Mark: Do’s cutie mark is an eight point compass rose over an olive green circle. The cardinal points are displayed in gold while the ordinal points are in light olive green.

For cutie mark story see history.


Apricot Kicks Yearling grew up in Ponyville not far from the center of town. Apricot was born in a humble abode in Ponyville. Her mother was an assistant bakery, her father a farm pony. As a young filly she was never outgoing and very quiet. Most of the other fillies and colts in her classroom at school hardly even heard her speak. She was a quiet observer of life, easily fascinated with the events going on around her. Her parents had their concerns for their reserved offspring and tried in their own ways to bring her out of her shell. It wasn’t until her history teacher began to unfold the world as she had never seen it before that her demeanor began to change. Through his amazing teaching the filly was able to learn about amazing places and awesome experiences that could be hers for the taking!

One day after class, Apricot burst through the door of her family’s home and began to share with her parents all she was learning from her history classes. It was all so exciting she couldn’t just observe it as she had in the past. It just had to be shared! She just had to experience it for herself! She developed a desire to explore the world and began to read and learn all she could about ancient artifacts, temples, jungles, and adventures.

The thought of being an explorer and treasure hunter began to take over Apricot’s dreams and aspirations. She began to ask her parents constantly to let her go on a trip for summer vacation. Happy that she had found something to bring her to life her parents consented, even allowing Apricot to pick the location herself! In the end after hours of research on Equestria and other lands she settled on Unyasi.

Apricot loved everything about her time in Unyasi. She met so many interesting ponies and saw so many amazing sights. Her parents were with her during her first trip as she was still too young to go on such an adventure all alone. Though it was a bit too much for them at times, being ponies that hardly left their home town, they were very much supportive of their daughter’s enthusiasm. When Apricot asked them to let her go on a safari into the wilds of Unyasi at first they said no. It would be too dangerous for such a young filly. But she persisted in asking and being loving parents who only wanted the best for their daughter, they gave in.

On the way back from their safari adventure Apricot began to feel her flank tingling! Her cutie mark had appeared! If nothing else had convinced her parents, the mark did. They knew their daughter was going to live a life of adventure. Apricot herself knew this to be the case. When speaking to her parents of her heart’s desires to become a treasure hunter her father told her she would live a life full of daring do and adventure.

After her time in the lands of the zebra, Apricot was hooked on traveling and adventure. She even adopted what her father had told her into her name. She would go by Daring Do when traveling the world! She finished up her years of school, working to hone her skills as a writer through crafting her trip to Unyasi into various short stories. It was a long time before she shared her writing with any pony but once she had, she was pleased with the results. As it turned out many ponies were interested in reading about her adventure!

Apricot opted out of going to college in exchange for the life of a treasure seeker! Between her lust for adventure and her ability to write, she hoped to carve out a life for herself. As of yet this life has treated her well. She explores the world and then returns to craft all her tales into wonderful novels that are well loved by ponies far and wide. Her books fund her life of adventure with the trade off being that she has to make public appearances every once in a while as A.K. Yearling. She goes incognito during these times, wishing to keep the public eye away from her. One never knows when keeping her identity secret might come in helpful. Only a small hoof full of ponies including her publisher and a few friends know of her double life.

Character Summary: As Daring Do this pegasus is nothing short of a ball of energy and cool calculation. Though her moves are not always flawless she moves with the easy grace of a pony used to living life on the edge. She is cocky and won’t hesitate to liberate artifacts and treasures from those she deems unworthy of such items. She does speak highly of her capabilities but often follows through with just what she’s said. Many an enemy has been foiled by her daring schemes. She hatches plans quickly and has little problem changing these plans as needed during her quests. One never knows when lava, traps, and rolling boulders may reroute one’s original motives.

When she goes by A.K. Yearling, Do keeps on the reserved side. She retains the ability to act small and quiet from her filly days. Under her disguise, she is virtually unrecognizable as the rough and ready adventurer she really is.

Do often works alone but does not mind the company of others who share her interest in treasures, living life as an adventure, and liberating artifacts from those who would use them for evil. She does spend a large amount of time working on her own both on the field and especially when she is writing. To turn out her works quickly she holes herself in her dwelling. The faster she can get the stories written, the faster she can find her next daring feat!


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