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I will accept up to a maximum of 5 or 6 people in this, I feel good about this RP.


It was a beautiful sunny day like any other all was calm the fresh wind rushing through the branches of cherry blossom trees and lovely oaks and the great pines of the Everfree Forest, the wind buffeted harder against trees and brances fell to the forest floor as Pyrianin Blitz touched down on a bed of ivy and vines with an echoing thump this was the meeting place Infernus the elder Dragon had specified that Blitz would need to gather a small party so the first phase of plan Alpha would commence soon.

Blitz was very bored of standing around and waiting but it was necessary for victory can only be attained by victory or death and that is often what the Elder dragons always say.

And what seemed like eons passed but he sat there and waited sitting comfortably on his haunches waiting for the others.

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16 hours ago, Flame said:

Can I join?  My guy may be a pony but he's against Equestrian. Plus look at the character sheet.

Way to go Thread Necromancer!  


But in complete seriousness, this thread is over a year old.  ParrySlice hasn't been seen in a long time, and Dragonlover has been banned.

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