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(LOL So I met this guy on Omegle and I think this RP we've begun out of NOWHERE is just Amazing. Now. It has a very feudal setting. Take it at face value.)





(We'll use the Castle of the Two Sisters and assume it's in one piece. With a settlement around it and Walls. Think King's Landing kinda.)


It were a wonderful day to make a royal decree; the sun was out in force, shining hot across the land with nothing but a few clouds in the sky to dapper the warm, partially humid air. Golden light swathed over the floors down every corridor partial to the exterior of the grand castle.

Servants of many shapes, sizes, birthrights and blood were adrum with activity. Primarily suited to the dining hall and Ball room. Outside they would be preparing the celebratory banners; in far better condition that the usual flags and sigils that hung down on less special occasions. Guards marched the grounds in force more regularly to ensure nothing would muddle today's experience.

Bathtubs were filled with sparkling hot, bubbly water and kept heated for if ever the royal pair would need to wash themselves in preparation for the day at hoof. And not to mention the sheer chaos rummaging about inside! Food was to be laid out and done so to perfection. Chairs were alligned with every table. Flowers and their bouquets made up their own invading army.

New candles placed into the chandeliers to be lit by Pegasi butlers later that night. Carpets rebuffed and dusted. Windows cleaned! Cake test-tasted! Wines selected! Music attuned! Paintings readjusted or swapped with new, more punctual designs!

It were as modern a medieval setting could become at least with the application of ponies who just HAD to know what they were doing to have their Princesses' castle looking superior to any and ALL across the land.

And after all. So many houses would be joining the festivities today. To what circumstance? They had no idea. Just that one of the most powerful houses would be hosting today... and that many if not all but the least trusted would attend.

The reason being kept a secret until the wine was poured at the start of the Feast and Buffet!...

Maids scurried along, carrying or wearing very fanciful dresses... Every room had some sort of flare added to bring out the colors... It was disgusting how much effort everypony was putting into this one occasion. But... If BOTH Sisters emphasized it.. and then Twilight Sparkle emphasized it... and then Lady Rarity emphasized it.. then it must be a pretty big announcement.

"Now this is what I call insanity.", A rough and tumble orange mare huffed; her southern accent now non-existant as she lived in a more Feudal time. Wearing her family's more traditional battle armor/dress that did do well to bring out SOME of the feminine mystique found in a family of Free Ponies. Lands that belonged to them and not the nobles. This brought them under constant danger... but they were stubborn. The Apple Family was known for being prime fighters.

Those who loyaly served Princess Celestia.

"Oh Applejack darling you simply must understand~ Twilight has NEVER gone on such a tirade when she informed me that this occasion absolutely NEEDED to be perfection incarnate. This is not insanity!... This is almost feeing rushed!", the mare feigns in place, her mane done up in a wonderful bun while many, silky strands hung down over her lovely sapphire eyes, "I hardly EVER manage this much work in one day! Let alone in my dressings!..."



The pompous nature of one of her non-family born friends got quite the extensive eye roll out of AJ. Rarity were a dear companion and faithful ally to her house and the Sisters... but gosh could she be a ludicrous fashionista at times, "I'm quite certain YOU aint the one doin much of anything, My Lady."

"Directing all of this movement builds up quite a sweat, darling. Surely you know how it feels! The stress of commanding so many ponies at once?"

"Uh.. yeah. Though usually some of mine don't come back. And they sure as hay aint settin up a Buffet.", she huffed, "What's the big deal about this festivity anyway? Ya'll never go this far off your rockers."

"Thats what I'm fairly in the dark about myself now that I think about it!...", the soft white mare haltd in place, gazing up at a banner before gasping, "WHO DID THIS?!"

Everypony in a servantry uniform stopped dead and looked the Ladies' way.

Rarity grabbed the bottom of the long fabric.. and turned to show them a small teastain, "THIS... IS... UNACCEPTABLE!... Quickly! You You and YOU... Fetch us another! And YOU will wash this one!"

They all in sloppy unison nod and say, "Yes Lady Rarity!...", grining sheepishly or frowning full of dread as they took the banner and quickly hurried off to fix the 'grievous' err.

"... Really? Ah didn't even notice that!"

"Oh Applejack you were FAR too busy noticing what I wanted you to notice!... Everything else is for me to spy and eliminate before somepony else does <3"



There were sudden yelps and servants were hurrying quickly in the other direction as shouts and angry stomping could be heard approaching the two important ponies. Captain Nacht of the Night Guard and Captain Gleaming of the Day Guard respectively, suddenly stepped into the hall, their armour shining in and their postures radiating that of power and also an elegance only a knight could possess. 

Whilst there were houses that held the titles of defenders of respective parts of the Kingdom there still had to be a dedicated Royal Guard and this is where they came in. Small in number, maybe 500 men between them or so they made up for their lack of an army by being worth 10 stallions to one of them and every Royal Guard was considered a grand fighter and probably a veteran.

Captain Gleaming, a tall, white Unicorn stallion with a silver mane was in charge of the personal guard that were tasked with laying down their lives for Princess Celestia and managing the general security of the palace during the day, if not specifically the city whilst Captain Nacht, a Unicorn as well with a jet black coat and a pearly white mane was tasked with the exact same job but for Luna… to say the two got on very well would be a total lie and they were currently in a heated argument.

“You’re a ****ing idiot if you think that your guards are going to be manning the exits Gleaming, this ceremony takes place mainly in the night and so MY GUARD will man them. You can stick by your Princess and I shall stick by mine and that is all I will say about the matter” Nacht spat, his thick Germanic accent obvious as Gleaming, a more… Equestrian stallion in both features and tongue retaliated “The celebration was ordered by both sisters and they tell that they will both make a grand decree and so we should BOTH show presence, not just your ****ing mangey lot!”

They looked as if they were about to pull swords on one another and their separate entourages looked no better as they eyed each other with suspicion their honour bound to two separate sides of the crown. “My men are the finest Unicorns and Earth ponies in the land and my Thestrals are an ancient race that easily outfly your scraggly pegasi!” he yelled, his face turning red as he locked horns with his ‘colleague’ the situation obviously going to escalate lest something was done to stop it.




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Both Applejack and Rarity had their difference but they often never got this heated. Leaving both mares to exchange the most subtle of eyerolls. Granted.. in this day in age it wasn't uncommon for stallions to fight amongst themselves. In fact it wasn't uncommon for mares to do the same but this were ridiculous. AJ particularly being the more war-savy of the two smaller females looked most displeased as both she and Rarity exchanged brief glances and began the approach.

"Boys! Booyyys!", Rarity begins, her horn glowing so mystically as two ribbons, one red one blue drift beside her. AJ saunters behind Gleaming while Rarity behind Nacht... both stallion found their necks playfully bound in rbbons before yanking them back, "Cant you find the time to be friendly for one day without spoiling such a glamorous occasion? Why you're practically getting spit ALL over the hallways I just had everypony polish clean!"

"Whats the fuss all about?", Applejack asked more punctually, her eyes mellow and a little irritant looking, "Ya'll look about ready to draw and shank one another to pieces. Now as epic a fight as that might be... Ahm pretty sure it would take too long ta clean up!." As she did promptly plop her hoof on the hilt of her own ceremonial sword... still an ample weapon. But she had the ****-eating grin of somepony who just really wanted to pull chains.



Nacht looked furiously behind him as did Gleaming when they were pulled back, but seeing that these were two representatives of the houses loyal to the crown and of such prestige they quickly coughed, Gleaming replying “Tis nothing but a simple argument ladies, think nothing of it, I’m afraid that Captain Nacht here doesn’t understand the meaning of sharing.”

Nacht grit his teeth and was about to yell again when he felt the ribbon tighten and he calmly explained “I was simply informing the dear Captain that my men will not tolerate standing next to his day guard, he’s either going to have keep them in their barracks or maybe my own men shall have to help enforce the rule of the Night…. oh wait they do as it’s THEIR JOB!”

Both stallions once again leant forwards, teeth barred at one another, neither backing down as their hooves went to their swords and Gleaming shouted “Try it you funny speaking Wurste!” Nacht retaliating with “I’ll cleave your head in two and stick it on the castle battlements for all the guests to see!” Their own Guard reared up, spreads being brandished as officers became colts fighting little scuffles instead of advising on matters of security that would befit them much better.



Applejack gawked a little at how petty the arguement actually was turning out to be. Looking mighty unimpressed for the most part and moreso bewildered. And right as the two began to butt heads both she and Rarity reeled back a bit...

A simple, knowing exchange was cast to one another before Rarity this time released both ribbons.. and instead snagged them each tightly around the 'valiant' knights' ears. Pulling them both along, "Gentlecolts this will simply NOT do! Honestly to the two of you intend to RUIN Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's occassion? We've gone to such trouble to make this festivity absolutely PERFECT... and you attitude is comparable to barbarians!... Why Captain Gleaming I thoguht Princess Celestia encouraged a bright, shining Utopia. Surely theres no room for barbarians there."

"And Princess Luna would be mighty dissapointed in her nightguard if either of em had anythin ta do with ruinin' this party. And don't even get me STARTED on how they'll resort ta death threats 'tween the two uh ya.", Applejack was a mare.. but she was a mare with a stallion's touch. She hiked onto her hind legs and while the two were yoinked along by the ears she did clonk them both on the heads a bit, "Now Cut it the hay out! And show some compromise fer once!..."



They both grunted as they felt their helmets being pushed over their eyes, their ears tugging as their Officers looked at them bewilderedly. They went to try and argue again but they pronounced only short mutterings and eventually although it took some stares, Captain Nacht gave in and pronounced “Half and Half…. your guards can take half the chamber and mine the other…. the rest of the castle falls under the domain of Night protection however!” he reinforced as his face turned red.

Gleaming, being a white stallion turned much redder and replied “Fine, twill do I suppose… don’t think we will not talk later however, after the Princesses have revealed…. their news” he said looking away from Nacht as Rarity let them go and they brushed themselves down, their entourage also stepping down, looking slightly relieved although some had been ready to spill blood in the name of who got to guard what.

“I believe I am needed on the battlements to oversee the organization of setting the boundaries around the castle… I shall meet with you at a later time Nacht” Gleaming said, Nacht simply nodding as Gleaming corrected his helmet and trudged away, not looking back and trying to save face as his Officers scowled at Nacht’s Officers and marched behind him. “That stallion is going to be the death of me someday… thank you ladies but I had that under control” The Night Captain said, his accent sticking out like a sore thumb as his color died down a little.

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Both mares joined alongide one another, watching Captain Gleaming storm away with what bit of pride he had left. Funny how two mares had to diffuse such a dangerous and slightly immature situation. They both exchanged glances before smiles to Nacht. Oh the nightly guard weren't quite out of the woods yet.

"Yeah. Sure. We'll go with that.", Applejack winks before rolling her eyes, turning around, "Alright everypony back ta work!... We got a lot a business to tend to!"

Rarity merely scoffed in a playful manner, "Yes well next time would you be a dear and take your arguement outside while we manage the intricate and somewhat volatile situation regarding our beloved royalty? We HARDLY need the damnable conflict InSIDE the castle, Captain.", her eyelashes fluttered before she spun around, "Now gentlecolts if you will~ I and Lady Applejack have much work to be done! And you're hoof armor has already dirtied the carpets!... They'll need to be washed again!...", her ears slip back and the mare pretends to feign a bit..... "Eh that means leave. Now."

It weren't even that much of a *****y tone. It was just clear neither she nor AJ wanted to deal with this squabble while they made everything perfect for tonights party.



Captain Nacht bowed and tried to not retort, he was from the Eastern Kingdom of Germaneigh and although he had not fought many a battle in Equestria he had been in plenty in his homeland, known for it’s mighty and ferociousness and he could see that he would clearly not win against such a force that was before him. “I will see you ladies tonight, I believe that you shall be… interested to say the least in the fine news of our Princesses.”

With that he turned and left, his guard tottering behind him as servants began to potter around again. So time went on, it was… surprisingly quick how the day seemed to travel and soon the finishing touches were being applied to everything, from the few creases that remaining in the curtains to the waxing of the floors for the 6th time that day until they were practically used for sliding by all around.

The Princesses themselves were getting ready, having bathed and dressed until they were presentable, their fine gowns woven from the best silk and their crowns adorned respectively with brightly coloured jewels for Celestia and darker, bluer jewels for Luna. Although both radiated power as they stepped down the grand staircase, empty as the guests were yet to be let in it was obviously how very… young they all seemed to be, with Luna looking by far the youngest and although Celestia seemed to try and take on the stature of oldest and wise, she still looked like she was wet behind the ears.



Despite the foreshadowing tone in Nacht's voice neither AJ or Rarity goaded for more information. And through the blood sweat and tear that were completely fictional to the story while everypony worked round the clock to prepare the final touches it all ended when Rarity and Applejack strolled out into the main dining hall...

Applejack huffed. It was exhausting to her.. being surrounded by all this pompousness, "Are we done?-"

"PERFEECTIOOON!!", Rarity squealed with a loud, joyous giggle.


A full slew of guards and the head of the butlery awaited their beautiful orders. Standing firm and at attention. The city outside had changed much in the last 48 hours. Despite the hosts preparing the heaviest these last day it had actually been a WEEK in advance that many of the noble houses from across the land had come and encamped inside or outside the city's walls.

The sound of hundreds of voices beyond the doors whether they be humorous or aggressive flood even into the halls of the castle. Outside was already alight with pre-party festivites such as court jesters from across the lands, mages giving their best magic shows, strange beasts showcased as gifts and treasures of all kinds being cast around or demonstrated. It was all for them... the Royal Sisters.

Rarity and Applejack stood side by side at the great doors, "Well. Crowning moment.", AJ murmurs into Rarity's ear. For once the white mare looking uneasy.

"I just hope those houses from the North haven't come.. they tend to make the worst of messes."



The word was send and in a matter of moments the heavy doors were opened and almost immediately a swarm of ponies came in. Dressed in ceremonial armour, some in dresses and others in fine cloths they were all the best and worst of Equestria.

Proud knights who knew of glory and or honour, fine ladies who knew of vanity and of the heart and of course sleazy ponies who crawled like beetles over their families lands, ponies who greedily snatched at any opportunity to undermine their neighbours and others who would spit at you if you were no higher than a duke. They were all however of a different class, a class that had been bred through centuries, during the times of the tribes and had been refined to this point.

The Princesses themselves had taken seating in Throne Room, turned into a banquet hall for the seating of the hundreds of very important ponies that now flooded in. They looked regal and elegant and their faces showed no trace of what news they had as both their Captain’s stood beside them, the room split with Celestia’s guard on one side and Luna’s on the others.

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This huge blend of social class amidst the super rich and royal was just a festering pot for scandals and foul play. But it was all gilded in gold, silver and jewels alike! Quite literally as soon as the Princess sat down they were adorned with gifts ranging from valuble to priceless over the course of... wel... It wuld panner out but continue until the end of the week most likely.

Heads of households would do so well to demonstrate their children whom neither sister would likekly ever meet again in their lifetime.. Some of them would wave or some would just shy away... occasionally wink if they were old enough but it was just apart of the vast performance that was being uppity and full of pride.

Outside however.. was a different story.

One of the main Households was actually running a tad late.


"This is going to become a redundant week, I'm positive of that.", grouched a strong yet shorter gray unicorn dressed in light silversteel armor. His eyes a gem red while his mane a long, groomed black, "Whats the occasion?"

"Mmn I believe it has something to do with the Princesses."

"No.. really? I'd ave have guessed that."

"Haha.. well.. I mean it's been kept quite a secret until now. Whatever the issue might be. Eh.. it could be a declaration of war for all we know. Pray it not.", Beside the grumbling young knight strode a less armored and more groomed stallion of an unusual height. Taller but not as broad as his counterpart.. olive brown with a long black mane. A unicorn all the same.

"If we were going to war I'm certain we wouldn't be attending a party now, would we?", the red-eyed stallion cocks a brow, "Hm. You think Lady Twilight will be here?"

"Think? I know so.", the older stallion know as Lancaster retorts, "Oooh still have a fancy for her?"

"Only as fancy as a 4th born can-"

"Oh don't give me any of that. She's not like the other ladies you know.. I've met her."

"Yeah? What?... Twice now, Lord~ Lancaster?", Sombra curls his lips into a grin, standing taller now as he trots alongside his good friend and essentially adopted elder sibling, "Each time ending somewhere along the lines of 'Ew a boy' ?"

"Ahaha!.. She is Shy! She'll come out of it I'm sure.. And with that set of armor coupled with your.. gentle ways are sure to woo her this time!.."

"... I'm beginning to think I've met her more than you have."

"Ah she's never really interested me much to be honest with ye. She calls me a two-bit sorcerer just because of that prank in the gardens during Lady tia's 17th birthday. Heh.. Remember?"

"Well.. It was kind of funny. And remember how I so valiantly-"

"Yes yes. Defended her by hoofing me in the gut? Oh I recall PERFECTLY that day.", Lancaster even giving a fake wheeze to show he was in good taste, grinning widely down on his companion.

But Lady Mareyan interupts, glancing back from the front of the carraige.. dressed to sheer regality. A true noble Mare. With few but the PRincesses to rival even as she had aged so greatly, "Oh you boys. While I'd love to giggle like I were 20 again I ask that you please be on your best behavior this time?", note how she referred them as equal.

Prince Sombra were an exile of his own family.. adopted unto their own.

"Yes my Lady.", Sombra bows his head before grinning nastily up at Lancaster.

"Oof. You're conjuring something, I've no doubt?"

"Well.. did Bowlin bring his bow?"

"Does he ever not?" he coughs with a foreboding smile.

"Then perhaps we'll make this celebration worth our while yet, brother!.."



The inside of the Castle hadn’t been so filled with nobility for years, since the Princesses coronation only 5 years ago when they had been but teens. Now of course so much had changed, Equestria was a stable Kingdom that could easily Rival her neighbours and defend herself from attack and the Princesses were loved by their populace.

However all was not well as they sat at their thrones, tightlipped as they waved on gift after annoying gift and the odd annoying noble who thought they could have a private word with them. “I hate this” Princess Luna eventually caved, giving into the feeling of utter and total boredom that was too effecting her sister, though Celestia was far superior at hiding it than her sister.

“Be nice Luna or else the nobles might think us pompous and stuck up” she joked, knowing that they were likely some of the least stuck up ponies in the room. “Can we not do this tonight Tia? Surely we can wait another few years, I… I don’t feel that I am ready to take on…” her sister shushed her and muttered “You’re turning 18 soon sister, many families have already broken out the wedding vintage when their daughters and sons turn 16 and besides if we don’t start integrating with what formed after the tribes then we risk alienating ourselves from the major families in a few years time.”

It was something they had discussed, argued about but eventually agreed on and they both looked upon it with some apprehension and in Luna’s case a mixture of dread and intense hate whilst Celestia was simply seen as… a duty to the Kingdom.

Getting married was supposed to be about love had the noble stories and pony tales been woven of truth and not lies. Luna leant on her hoof and muttered “I swear sister I don’t think this is going to go down well at all but I fear that it would be absurd to not and try… integrate with the folk before us…. I assume Twilight invited just about every noble, duke, count and knight imaginable?”

“Yes Sparkle is very good at seeming to get everything down to the detail… she would make a fine ruler herself, her family is the shield of our nation and our Vanguard, an honourable thing and if we die they will ward over the Kingdom” she said, though Luna knew very well that besides getting married for stability, it was also to make sure something like that never… ever happened.

If both Princesses dropped dead, no heir to their names then they knew that their constitution would be discarded and bloody civil war would cause the houses to attack one another for control and a piece of paper would not stop that no matter who wrote it.

“Just stick to the plan, let them eat and drink and dance and in an hour or so we shall call that everypony be silenced… just try and look interested” Celestia begged as Luna took a hoof from her muzzle and waved on the latest embroidered golden goblet she had received. “I promise nothing sister” she muttered to herself as she wondered what constellations were out tonight.



A minor discretion at the door did bring about both positive vibes and some harsh negative ones.

"Lady Mareyan! Lord Lodin!", Twilight squealed ever so politely as she did greet them both with a huge. With the Lady of house Emperhall kissing her gingerly upon the cheek.

"Dear Twilight! Oh you look absolutely lovely in that dress of yours. And how are you and our leading ladies?"

The purple mare could only blush, fixing her own family crown upon her head whilst puffing out her chest with a gingery delight on her face. For years her father and Lord Lodin both served as banner stallions to Celestia's deceased father.. making Lodin and his family something of an Uncle and her many cousins. Of course she sorely believed her cousins were a wad of ... censorship here. "We've been trying our hardest to make it all work. But you can bet your flank that we've kept order! Are you going to see Princess Celestia? I'm sure she'll be so happy to see you.."

Mareyan laid a hoof on her husbands shoulder... Lodin was partially deaf.. and now almost entirely blind as he grunts in place.

"Only if you would be so kind as to join us, Lady Twilight.", he broad, barrelsome voice projects; wearing his long, furred cloak and bleak iron armor coupled with his preferred ******* sword hitched to his belt, "Caution seems to have been thrown to the wind I see... why theres practically 4000 banner soldiers inside the city walls.. And another 2000 beyond."

"It's a risk we have to take, Lord Emperhall.", the young, purple mage says, asing that they move along, "I'll catch up with you! Promise!", Mareyan places a darling kiss on the young mare's cheek, "Hehe.. Promise!..", Twilight repeats.

Now... from sweet to salty. She turns and puffs up her chest; meeting a duo of certain someponies face to face. Growling almost like a leopard.

"Ah we were wondering when we'd catch you about!", Lancaster grins very widely, ears erect while both he and Prince Sombra tuck agaisnt one another side by side as well.. sheepish looks on their face. One cocky.. one blushed.

"You two better not be up to something!"

"Ahh we may be getting older but theres no sense in losing EVERY ounce of fun in our bodies, Twily."

Sombra lowered his head with a flustered smirk, "We'll behave. We swear on it, Twilight."

"Hi Twilight!", hopped in a much younger stallion; not even 2/3 Sombra's size was a small, tanyellow earth body with a fanciful bow nd arrow wrapped around his chest and slung along his back.. with his own small quiver.

"Oh. H-Hi Bowlin!.. Are your brothers up to anything?", she lowers her head with a verrrry protective look in her eyes.

"... Nnnnnope! They're too stupid to do anything clever here!", he states proudly, puffing out his chest.

Both Sombra and Lancaster give bright, ****-eating grins.. Trying their best not to appear guilty.

"... I wish I could believe that.", but the purple mare just sighs, and steps out of their way, "You look good, Sombra.", a subtle smile crossing her lips, "Have you spoken to your family at all?"

This however doesn't get too positive a response in fact he sort of looks away, stopping and laying a hoof on the hilt of his sword, "W-Well..... No. No I haven't. Lord Lodin insists it would be a waste of my time and.. Frakly I think he might be right."

"Hey now. Why do we have to spoil the night with that kind of talk?", Lancaster rests a hoof on the shorter knight's plated shoulder, "I say you owe him a dance for that, Twily~ Hmhmhmm."

"Oh!.. Like Tartauros!.. I'm sorry!..", she bit her lip and looked away.. her eyes darting to and fro before her magic shoved them along, "Lord Ramseys!... Hai!... Hehe! Great to see you!"

"YAH!..", both stallion stumbled forward before rolling their eyes and casually brushing themselves off, "Mares.", Lancaster nsights with a chuckle.

"She blushed... did you see that?", Sombra coes.

"Like a Rose in a Patch of Dandelions~"

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As everypony had finally arrived, even if some were more fashionably late than others and taken their seats Royal trumpets began to blare into life and everypony in the foreground of the Princesses was heralded back as they made to stand their, looks made of steel and their lips tucked into neither a frown nor a smile but something in-between.

“Loyal subjects of the realm… we are all honoured that you have all gathered for this formal occasion and we simply must give credit to our dear Twilight Sparkle, a mare whose logistical skills know no bounds, she is bound to make somepony  very happy stallion oneway…” Celestia smiled as Twilight, tucked in the corner behind a scroll, blushed as applause echoed through the chambers and Luna cleared her throat, everypony going silent.

“On the subject of marriage you were all not gathered here today for a simple celebration. No as you know my sister and I for some years now, especially in my sister’s case have been eligible to begin courting, something we have put off, what with the death of our Father years ago and the building of our fair nation…”

“However we can no longer deny that it is time for us to integrate and… expand the Royal line. We are both ready to accept courtship applications and requests from any and every house. Be you a duke, a count or a Lord, you are entitled to ask our hooves… do not think however that we will simply fall at your beck and call, to win our affections will require more than petty trinkets of gold and sweet poems of love” Celestia finished as the sisters stared at the astonished gathering, ponies in various seats already sceaming and some ones placing bets with others.



The rousing pair of stallions had actually separated themselves from their family and bannerponies' table to pick wine from one of the vast banquet tables.. Both Lancaster and Sombra of course erect nice and taller like every pony else through they DID host super quiet conversation in between... The gathering too big to really pick them out however.

Both of them somewhat gawked when it was Celestia of all mares who decreed she would be marrying one day. And Luna just as surprising. Lancaster honestly choked on his wine while Sombra sniffed his glass with a wide eyed look.

"Oh ****." The taller of the two coughs.

"Oh! Are you alright?" The crystal stallion shook his head clear and turned to his friend, "Was it really that shocking?"

"It was shocking alright!... But this wine is! Agh! It's something else! Phew! Egh.. What is that? The hardest liquor?" He sniffs it and wretches, "Oass me a glass of that red wine. This is foul!"

Sombra snorts a grin before offering a second glass, "Try to keep on subject, My Lord."

"Right right.. Mmn. So much better- yes! Anyway... Wow. Must say wow." He leans back and stares through the crowd. The two fillies he had honestly played with as a child.. Two of the DRYEST mares in all Equestrian.. We're going be wedded, "Do you have any idea what this means?"

"That every pony here is literally going to go bloody insane over this?"

"Oh yes of course but... This means mother and father are going to... Make ME propose!"

"Oh you poor thing..."

"Well you know how I feel about them! And for that matter even you should feel odd! They said any pony! And that means you KNIGHT." Lancaster grins, "But... Well.. We used to play tag with those two.."

"Is that really grounds for not wanting to court them?"

"Egh.. I believe the fact it will be a mandatory task is what I'm most afraid of." The 1st born son starts to spin his glass as the two unicorns watch the entirety of the dining hall quite literally prepare to go ballistic.



Any other mares would have been blushing red by now, but the Princesses had trained day and night in holding fast when it came to matters such as these and before anypony could rise or start dropping to their knees, Princess Luna barked “HOLD YOUR PLACES AND QUITEN YOURSELVES” her voice commanding, her voice piercing through the crowd, obviously boosted by some sort of magic, and true her horrn was glowing, the voice enhancement spell doing the trick.

“Know that this is something we do not hold lightly, we dislike the idea of marriage so soon, we believe it a waste of time when there is a Kingdom to rule but mine sister has argued and given me the benefit of the doubt, so before you all fawn over us we would have you return to your chambers in the city and your tents outside of it and beyond, Twilight Sparkle is arranging for one on one meetings with us for the next few weeks, you shall be presented before us and say your piece and if either myself or my sister find you worthy then one of us shall say it, if not you get NO OTHER OPPORTUNITY!” Luna finished, sitting back down, the entire event become more than distasteful as she imagined what it would be like to send half of the room to the Moon.

Celestia was more tactful and decreed “It is the only way we can fairly see every noble stallion in the land, we know that it is not the traditional way of courtship but everypony requires a chance in this. In those 4 minutes you should speak of yourself, your family and demonstrate talents and traits of yours. Who knows myself of mine sister might fight you in good taste, that is all we shall say on it now… please continue to dine and enjoy that night, but tomorrow check in with the registry office and your name shalt be added to the list, check back in a few more days and see where your name goes and when your slot is, also don’t be late… it is imperative that you don’t be.”

Celestia took her own seat next to her sister and sighed. When she was younger she could remember playing many a game with the other children of the major families, she could remember having a crush on a few of them. She was once excited about the prospect of taking a husband but after her Father had been slain, the rest of her family save her sister and she killed, her heart, as well as the heart of her sister had hardened considerably.

She had stood side by side her sister as they faced down armies of shadow, led the charges into numerous a battles against those who had betrayed them, even if she was only in her twenties she had seen it all up close and none could not call her brave when it came to the ferocity she displayed with protecting her Kingdom.

Luna on the other hoof, although ferocious also had a gleam of sadness in her heart, being three years younger than her sister she had barely turned 16 when her life was overtaken by war. She held a much colder view of everything than Tia. Long gone was the filly who would frolic in the moon lilies, only a Princess who would do anything to protect the Kingdom… including sacrificing whatever lives, even hers if needs be.

Both mares were considered somewhat as stone hearted but you had to be tough to pull a Kingdom back from the brink of destruction and having done it at such a young age they had, had to postpone many things that youth would do and now the only true friends they could count would be themselves, their bond running deeper than any other ponies, even if they could at times be the opposite of one another.

For alike the fact that they both had their blades dipped in blood, Celestia had the benefit of hope. Hope that oneday Equestria would be considered the most peaceful Kingdom in the entire world and strove towards it. Luna naturally believed that there was no hope and that the only way to survive was to be strict and to make sure nopony got the drop on them in anything and thus different policies sometimes clashed with one another.

It could not be called a house divided however, maybe simply a house with.. differing opinions and that was always a healthy house… until swords were drawn of course.

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[8:49:28 AM | Edited 9:02:02 AM] The Finest Sorcerer: Lancaster almost fell back into the table with an incredibly bemused laughter, "Ahaha!~... why am I not surprised?", he asks both himself and his gleaming armored companion, pressing a hoof over his forehead just beneath his horn to cover his eyes and then wipe his tears, "I suppose Twilight spent quite a while gathering up all the potential names; conjured out the math to find we all get a whopping 4 minutes to display our soundest affections."

"Oh correction there brother; we must speak of ourselves! And allow the Princesses to find us in good taste.", both stallions clinked their glasses together with a laugh, "For who knows what evil bodes from a stallion who CANNOT speak kindly of his family!", joking in part to himself but also the land as an entirety. HE could joke about his heritage.. few others permitted.

"Seeds of the deepest usurpture I'd say.", Lancaster muses, sipping his illustrious wine as he leans back onto the table; his other hoof nestled on his rather simple iron sword hilt.

"Do we bore of the festivities yet? I should say the lighting is... insufficient."

Almost snorting up his drink, Lancaster lists forward with a decadent grin.. shutting his eyes before checking the time, "I'd say it's been a solid.. 2 hours in. You know what, my friend? You're right! This party does need to liven up a bit. It's far too stuffy! Needs more celebratory things!.. Why!... Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are seeking bed-stuffers!"

"Sha'll I commence with the signal? Aha.. permitting you still wish to use the quick method, Brother?", Sombra asks, narrowing one eye rather skeptically.. but you could tell he were eager.

The older stallion took a very looong drink before setting down the empty wine glass, "Make sure Bowlin is watching first."

"He's looking right at me, Lord Lancaster. Hehe.. He's very anticipant on watching me do this."

"Pssh...", the olive brown male lulls his eyes so full of amusement, "Well the other signal is bound to get us caught. Very well.. Commence.", he grins leaning back somewhat but almost immediately did his partner-in-crime lift a full glass of red wine and pour it down onto Lancaster Emperhall... drenching his mane, face, clothing.. and likely staining into the armor, ".... Hm. Cherry."


Sometime into the celebrations (about 5 minutes later after needing sneak away from a watching eye of Lady Mareyan) an unknown shooter has climbed into the rafter of the hall. Using the stairways and some secret passageways accessible more more colt-sized ponies...

Amidst the hustle and bustle there was suddenly a loud screech.

Both Sombra and Lancaster watch from the open doors near the exit of the dining hall before-


Everypony drops, screaming in either terror or brief fright as a bright red light slaps in all directions. Beads of seering red matter bounce off the walls, the windows, the curtains.. Nothing catching aflame but it was the noise, the flash.. and everyone DUCKING or leaping for cover. It practically put the entire throne room in dissarray when a 15lbs Firework(tied to several other little firecrackers) had been launched into the center of the room's atmosphere.

From whom?! Nopony knew!

But it was in this very moment that two sons of house Emperhall scurried off JUST in time to be excempt from the happening. When they were stopped they merely insisted there had been an accident regarding the wine!
[8:50:39 AM] The Finest Sorcerer: Though there were a few ponies, such as Lord Lodin of house Emperhall who were still sitting up; feeling his wife and Lady grab ahold before his nearly deaf ears and nearly blind eyes glanced around every which way and that, "I say.. Did you hear something?"



The Guards acted in vain to contain the panic that seemed to offset in the room as many ponies still thought that they were under attack. The Princesses were leapt upon by their respective Captain’s to shield them from what they considered some sort of bomb, each one shouting orders and profanities as swords were drawn and smoke filled the halls.

“Get off of me Gleaming!” Celestia yelled, pushing the stallion off as Luna did the same and the Princesses rose from their seats, inspecting the hall and the mayhem as ponies began to angrily shout at each other and accusations were already starting to spread. “Tis some kind of joke sister” Luna spat in disgust, finding the whole thing in poor taste, she looked over at her sister who simply nodded and shouted “EVERYPONY SILENCE” her voice the only thing cutting through the crowds who all went into a mild shock/silence as they stared at her, the throne room still filled with smoke and several tables upturned.

“Nopony is to leave this room, whoever thinks that this is a FUNNY joke will have their head cleaved in two!” she yelled, relishing the opportunity to get angry. Her sister, being more diplomatic decided it best to take over and ordered “Guards seal the castle and this room, anypony outside those doors are to be brought in here, we do not intend be made fools with and the punishment for this little trick will be dire… Twilight Sparkle!” she yelled.

Twilight came careering through the crowds, something obviously on her mind as she fretted over the entire affair. “Princess” she bid as Celestia, scowling at one of her trusted servants ordered “Make sure that nopony, not even the servants get’s out of this castle, this is a complete disrespect for the crown and my sister and I plan on doing the investigation right now.”

Twilight was unsure how they intended to find the culprit in such a haystack of ponies but she nodded and the Princesses remained standing, almost as if they were about to leap down and start accusations.



"Hehe. Did you hear how loud everything just got?" Sombra asked, scrubbing relentlessly at one of the leather plates Lancaster was wearing. His adopted elder sibling only a meter or so away scrubbing out the wine stains as well. Their plan.. Equal work to clean up the mess.

"Of course. I like to. Are my fireworks nice, loud and harmless... It's perhaps one of my best self-constructed tools for the best reactions. Haha.." He kicks back, rinsing out his thin shoulder cape, "Now do you really think Celestia or Luna might hang some pony?"

"Is that what she said?.." Sombra paled a little, "?... No. No Celestia wouldn't do it if no pony got hurt. No pony got hurt right?"

"It's mostly an illusion. Nothing can catch fire, no pony can be hurt by the 'shrapnel' it's just condensed light and sound.. On the end of a stick."

"You think Bowlin will be alright?"

Lancaster chuckles, "Please. If our little brother is good for anything... It's playing innocent and being suspected of absolutely nothing." The taller, slimmer male lulls his eyes, "Besides. I'm not about to court Tia or Luna for a whopping 4 minutes of my life without a little gag in-between... Though I wonder what our punishment might be. You know what... Let's not ask that and keep up this act."

"What act? We're actually washing out your armor!"



Twilight Sparkle pretty much knew who the culprit was almost immediately after the first firework went off and to say that she was both embarrassed and enraged would be an understatement. I mean it wasn’t like she had spent over a month organising invitations, three months before that finding eligible bachelors and the past week organising Canterlot to make sure it was spic and span and this little event had really gotten the Princesses deeper into the mood they were in.

Twilight had known them for many years and Celestia especially trusted her to perform her duties to the letter and serve the Kingdom with honour and it was something hard when those two nutters went around blowing up flashy fireworks. Saying that though she did think that SOmbra was kind of cute… but only because she had, had to kiss him that one time at that party on a dare and… well it didn’t matter she supposed.

Meanwhile, two guards presently came to meet the two troublemakers, looking about as furious as the two sisters did and bearing down on the two of them with the little authority they could possess. “Everypony has been ordered into the Throne Room my Lords, the Princesses are intending to find the culprit to the terrible crime that was perpetrated in there but five minutes ago.”

They weren’t exactly tougher looking than Lancaster and Sombra but they were gruffer and obviously were not to be messed with.

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